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You are taking too much showers


Hi my Readers 🙂

I am writing this to raise awareness that weakened immune system is the cause for many problems and diseases. Exposing your body to outdoor things (grass, trees, dirt) works in the same manner as vaccines. It is not the other way around (like too much antibacterial soaps and gels). Kids and people grown outside the house with all the natural dirt surrounding them are far more immune to health problems than kids and adults that barely leave their homes.

Taking too much showers. Yes, that is a thing. We are all aware of people sometimes taking too little showers, but hardly anyone dares to state the opposite because is afraid to be bombarded with negativity. But in fact, people judge nevertheless and the people who judge the most, are the exact same people that know the least and have done the opposite.

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. That being said, we are applying so much things on it. Imagine taking daily or 2 times a day shower. That means that you are applying so much chemicals to your skin. So much shower gels and so much body lotion.

By using so much chemicals, you are stripping your skin from the natural oils. Just like it is for the hair and every single hairdresser tells you to wash it less often – same goes for the body, if not more important because that is a lot of skin. On top of that, washed clothes (especially with those amazing smelling fabric softeners) goes directly on your skin. I learned that just this week when I was told by a close family member and thought nothing of it. But then I saw some beauty persons and influencers sharing how bad fabric softeners and even worse: some of the detergents are. That all goes directly on the skin and even worse: downthere area!

Exposing yourself to good bacteria. A while ago, kids used to play outside all the time. With that, their immune system grows by touching grass, trees and dirt all the time.  Vaccines work in the same manner. But people don’t realize that and they are forbidding their kids to play with dirt. Nowadays, kids play on the phones and the pc’s and don’t go out that much. Their immune system weakens and that can cause many problems. Same goes for the skin. And it is same for adults.

face lotion ziaja


Some notes: 

You are not that dirty. Especially if you stayed at home and did some simple tasks.

Spending so much water. Had to go there. So much water goes in 2 times a day showering.

New era thing. If people hadn’t had warm bathrooms, I seriously doubt that they’d shower twice a day.

It is more common in the usa than in europe. Not sure about other places but I’ve noticed people in usa raving about daily or even twice a day showers. As oppose to Europeans.

Let me put a disclaimer here:

Everyone has different lifestyle and some require taking shower more often. If someone works in construction or in kitchen with all that smells, it is only logically to take away the day with a shower. But for someone doing simple tasks during one day, I don’t think is that necessary. There are exceptions to that too: running around in a hot day or raining on you but lets not dumb it down that much, I think you get what I mean 🙂

Taking one big bath. Particularly my routine involves 2 times soap with a wash cloth and then using a nice smelling shower gel. If I am taking shower, I am sometimes more sloppy and it is better for me to not shower (if I didn’t do anything that day) than shower just for the sake of it. I’ve noticed difference in the skin when I was taking shower every day as oppose when I switch it up and showered less.

Now everything being said: I’M NOT stating that you can’t hit the critical parts like underarms, downthere and the feet with soap and water. And now you say: but that is almost the same. Kinda, but not really. Your skin is still left to breathe.


Let me know your thoughts on this subject. Since I’ve done some research, I am interesting of learning about your experience.

Have a nice weekend 🙂




Makeup Geek Rebranding and new release


Hi my Readers 🙂

Lets get back to the makeup related posts with some information about a makeup brand that was created by Marlena Stell.

The brand

Marlena Stell is one of the OG youtubers. She was one of the first to create her own makeup brand Makeup Geek. The products were considered to be inexpensive and at the same time with really good quality. She started with single pan eyeshadows and since then, she created some memorable and now known as signature shades that many youtubers used in their makeup tutorials.

Since then, she decided to do a re-brand to her makeup line. The launch day was 18-th of january.


I might not follow hes as much as others, but from what I’ve seen, she presented herself as a very sweet person accompanied with some strongness. She perseveires and is not afraid to make some different decisions.

The new beginning 

The brand presented two palettes that contain 28 shades of square eyeshadow pans (as oppose to the circular ones that they used to have). They remind me of mauve-y shades and contain more cool toned shades than warm ones which is a breath of fresh air with all the boring warm toned and alike looking palettes we are seeing. Granted, people got so used to the warm that this makes it very bold to start the rebranding with mostly cool toned shadows. Applause.


The price point looks high, but comparing to the 1,5g/0,5oz per pan and knowing that there are 28 shades, doesn’t leave it so different than a regular for ex. 14 shade palette. Except, those 14 pan palettes from other brands are usually reduced to approximately 0,7g/0,02oz per shade and they cost about ~ $50.

I definitely understand the potential consumers about them stating that this looks very high just because there are countries that have monthly salary of the double pack or the “complete matrix mega set“. But it is about weighing the need for it.


The look 

eyeshadow makeupgeek makeup geek cosmetics COMPLETE PALETTE MATRIX MEGA SET palettes

Look at this amazing shades. That colorful one looks really nice.

Fun fact

The very well known shade „Cocoa Bear“ is now renamed „Cheetah Bear“. If you know, you know 😀



The formula is updated and some changes are made. There are already some reviews made about this palettes so before you make a final decision, you can always look them up. They also have amazing team that has answered nearly every question on their instagram profile so if you have more questions, you can head up there, read some answers or just ask questions. I’m sure you will get an answer  🙂

Good luck to the brand and hope to see more from them 🙂

And to you, have a nice start of the week 😉


Eminem is canceled party?

Eminem is canceled party?

As we exit one cancel party drama, we enter new one.

This one is about something different.

Maybe I’m not one that listened his songs as much as his stans, but Eminem has really good tracks with some interesting lyrics. If you really listen to them and get the lyrics, they are touching. I even can’t listen to some songs because they are so hurtful and can feel the sadness in them.

This time he has ruffled some feathers (ok, maybe way more than that) with his latest lyrics to the „Unaccommodating“ tracks. In this lyrics, it was written:

But I’m contemplating yelling bombs away on the game / Like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting

Can be found in:

Now, the true stans know that this is his style of expressing anger and way of raising awareness.

Even people that are not dumb can figure as much. But he is getting slammed by the latest gens and the gross amount of the gen z’s. You know, the snowflakes that only sit at home and haven’t lifted anything heavier than their phone or at least read some good book.
The reason for that is that lately people are jumping to conclusion without context or bother to look things up. It took me 5 minutes to fin out everything with only seeing the hashtag and was interested to find out what was happening. Didn’t even know Eminem released new album.

They read only that part not even bothering to look things up.

It all comes into perspective with this video. Did the watch it? I’m going to go ahead and say DEFINITELY not.

Oh, and don’t forget the Ariana Grande stans (oh, this is too funny for me) that think that the lyrics are about slamming her.

Even the major of Manchester made a statement that criticizing him. Daaaamn. Why do you have those people around you. Do better! Or at least make your people do their research instead of making yourself look like a clown.


He spreads powerful message about gun violence. He does that in his own recognizable way an the fact that he is criticized, at least sparked some interest in people to wake up and look around. 

This should put things into perspective:


Some perspective and opinions:


After all, he is the reason for the word „stan“ going in the dictionary 😉

eminem stan  EminemIsOverParty Music To Be Murdered By eminemIsCANCELLED EminemOverParty eminemdarkness ArianaGrande ariana EminemIsnotcancelled
Picture borrowed form Marshall Mathers @Eminem twitter profile and belongs to the respective owner 

Kat Von D is leaving Kat Von D Beauty


Hi my Readers 🙂

I am not a gossip blog. But this blog is something from everything hence me writing this.


For a while now, I’ve noticed Kat Von D Beauty doing sale on some items. Then the amount of those items on sale increased leading the prices to the point of „drugstore“ brand. It was somewhat suspicious but the brand reassured the customers that they aren’t going out of business but making room for new items. That was kind of suspicious knowing that even the lipsticks that were bestsellers were on sale.

Today, Kat Von D announced that she is selling her shares of Kat Von D Beauty. Her reason is „managing many things at once“.

But, we can’t forget that fact that after all, she was very public about some choices that she made. It makes me wonder if those choices was the biggest reason of her leaving her own makeup brand.

Here is her explanation: 


The brand unfolowed her on social media and she unfolowed the brand on their social media.

She must have really touched some nerves there since the brand is even responding to comments that contain strong language and cursing words that are directed towards her.


The brand kvd vegan beauty unfolowed her on social media and she unfolowed the brand on their social media.  kat von d beauty. she must have really touched some nerves there since the brand is even responding to comments that contain strong language and cursing words that are directed towards kat von d

The comment in question. Photo taken form here


Since she made some choices public, many customers weren’t pleased with them. Granted, she is allowed to do what she decides, but she is in the public eye after all.
One of those questionable choices was: her revealing her plans for her kid’s health.
In this case, it was extremely inconsiderate to her kid and ethically questionable when she decided to publicly share her plans involving his health (you all know what I’m writing about). Later on, she finally came to her senses and stated that she will not be sharing her sun’s health involving things (it took her that long!).

It is bad enough that people share their kid’s pictures on the internet, much less their health details and charts.

She encountered with some backlash and people openly criticized her and her choices.
And rightfully so. Imagine someone revealing your health decisions and problems to the public, without consent. This makes it worse because there is kid involved. Her kid that doesn’t have a say.

She can reveal whatever she wants about herself and only herself.

This all led to people „stan“ to her but people disagreeing with her leading to them removing Kat Von D Beauty’s products from their collection or using them up but never mentioning it. Some made it obvious, some made it seamingless but there wasn’t a question that many people and beauty persons were leaving her products out.

Knowing a thing or two about business, I think that Kat Von D Beauty was facing losses and in order to stop that, they needed to make changes and remove the cause for that. Something like what Lime Crime did but only more publicly and drastically. We don’t know for sure if she sold all of her shares, but she is not the main name on the brand.

kat von d beauty kvd vegan  rebrand rebranding makeup

Picture existing and appearing on their web site and instagram

Can be found by clicking here.


In just a few hours that her post was revealed, many has gone to their favorite social media to state that they will now be buying the, now KvD Vegan Beauty products.



I only wish people were this decisive in group boycotting and protesting about climate changes , pollution and buying less plastic. After all, this is makeup, but we don’t have another planet. Do not underestimate your power to make a better change!




Holiday nails


Hi my Readers

Apparently, my idea of New Year nails lays in the white and sparkly blue color.

This year I busted out my brushes to do snowflakes but I noticed that they went bad. Not sure what was the reason (maybe acetone or lack of using them often) so I tried doing design with one really awful brush that was falling apart.

I ended up with this nails that from very far, don’t look bad 😀  (That poor..Christmas tree on my thumb…)
I really wanted snowflakes 😀

As I’m writing this I reminded myself that I could’ve used a brush from an eyeliner that I am about to throw but…oh well… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Here are my nails:



Some of my previous New Year’s nails:

Festive nails 🙂

Winter, New Years, Christmas nails *BLOGMAS*

As always, stay healthy and happy.

Do something good today.


Have a nice one 😉


2020 and many more wishes!


Wishing you a very happy New Year filled with health and wishes that will become reality throughout it!

Work smart, press pause when needed and don’t be afraid to be you! As someone said – be you, because everybody else is already taken… that I am writing it, sounds kinda creepy…..


Here it is a picture of the sky that I made on the New Year’s Eve, so you can see this amazingness and feel the joy of this universe!

Have a nice start of the new decade.

Antidote 😉