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Calming down dehydrated, oily but atopic skin

Calming down dehydrated, oily but atopic skin

Hi my Readers

Since I have known, I had troubles with my skin when it comes to inflammation and rushes. It became clear to me that sometimes it is caused when I am very upset or if I had very stressful period. I have tried to prevent it and tried creams, cosmetics, natural remedies but it didn’t go away. The dermatologists were useless because they kept recommending the same products (granted, not many options were available so I guess they just went with the simplest one that is somewhat affordable).

Then I went ahead and started exploring the options. By the looks of it, it seemed something like atopic skin. I bought many creams that suited that characteristic. One helped, but the rest just created another problem – pimples, because they were too greasy. Sometimes, dehydrated skin is mixed with dry skin and I guess many companies were doing the same, even though, they should have known better, especially the ones that claim to be medical.

After my redness and blemishes peaked during the pandemic, and the masks, too, were not helping the situation and I saw red patches appearing in spots that I didn’t even had them before, I bought some expensive creams but my expectations were too high, I guess, so they didn’t work either. They were the same like those from before – greasy and not helpful.

By this point I have given up and just tried to do as much as I could. In the meantime, the serums have become very popular as not many were wearing makeup because of the masks and everyone turned to skincare. More options have become available and serums have become more affordable, unlike before. Totally unaware of the benefits, everyone have been talking about this serum that was very good. Of course, people used it in combination with others but I haven’t tried serums before so I bought just this one. And because I have already stacked up on creams that I didn’t wanted to completely throw away but use them sporadically, I went with that decision. I have read on it, informed myself, searched if it is ok for people with atopic skin to use it and finally bought it.
This serum was Niacinamide 10%.
When I tell you that I had 0 expectations except maybe some invisible improvement – that was really the case. Mind you, I didn’t buy it because of my blemishes, but because it claimed to have so much benefit for the skin.

Started to use it and I have noticed something that I wasn’t expecting – my skin has started to look better. I didn’t pay much attention the the blemishes because sometimes they could linger, and other time they could disappear in a matter of days and that would last for few days and they would appear again. But after a while, I started noticing that my skin wasn’t hurting or itching that much anymore and that continued for a while. In my skincare I have only changed that – the niacinamide 10% serum. This serum hydrated the skin (or it did whatever it did) and with periodical mild peeling, it helped a lot. After realizing that, I immediately panicked (don’t ask) and thought that this is just wonder that lasts for short period of time. So I stopped using it to see if it really was that to make the difference. Few days later, the blemishes have turned up again. I tried this method for few times and realized that indeed that serum was the thing that helped. So I made a plan – to use it only when I really need it so my skin doesn’t get used to it like it did with many other creams that don’t help anymore and to use it periodically. That I did.

This serum has exceeded my expectations and I am glad that skincare became a trend so people can take (better) care of their skin. In some of my next posts I will be sharing the companies I have tried so if you want to learn more, feel free to check later on.

It wasn’t just the serum, but it was the way I used it and the rare peelings that I made. Also, not every brand helped me or was effective as some. So this was definitely trial and error and I still have this problem just not so bad as it was before.

I was not officially diagnosed with anything. By the time I had my appointment, the blemish would go down and I could only show pictures that the dermatologists rejected right away. Every opinion is individual and what has worked for me, might not work for you and I hope everyone finds something that works!

If anyone has any recommendations, feel free to share them with me. I would like to try some more as soon as I start to run out of the creams that I gave so much money to 😀

Wishing you a good one 😉