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Theme color I like these days


Hi my Readers 🙂

I change colors that I enjoy once in a while. This past few months I changed so much but this post is going to me about my current colors 😀

This days I enjoy a few that are really going together: teal blue, blue, mint…you get the pattern 😀

So, of course I bought even more nail polishes to go with my theme and I am puling out every piece of clothes that has and goes with this color 😀

I always combine my nail color with the clothes and outfits.

Nails: keep in mind that in this collection of pictures from my nails, some of them are captured right when they were made or right before removing the nail polish so they look a bit (a lot) funky 🙂

With this cat…luckily I had the nails because I really like them but I forgot to take pictures of them.

In that style I made them so many times… What can I say, I like the ocean 😀


Blue mascara: Golden Rose Perfect Lashes Mascara, Blue

blue mascara.jpg


Accessories: scarfs, jewelry & Outdoor accessories: hat, gloves, scarfs.. clothes too!

blue gloves scarf shawl hat knit pillow.jpg

My background is also light blue  😀

Even my cosmetic stuff are those colors 😀 I just want you to know that every time I snapped a picture, I was just seeing something else and adding it. But I had to stop because there was not going to have room for more If I just kept adding  😀


Don’t let me started with the desk lamp…and many other stuff 😀

teal desk lamp blue mint

Cosmetic packaging

blue garnier genera rexona nail polish.jpg

blue garnier genera rexona nail polish comb.jpg


EVEN MY HAIR IS TURQUOISE BLUE 🙂 but that will have to wait until my next post 🙂

And some of my nail looks:
Glitter over regular nail polish – nails before I remove the polish 😀

Festive nails 🙂

Do you have color that really attracts you lately? And do you combine your nail polish with you outfit?

Have a nice one 🙂



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