Monthly Archives: September 2020



I wannna wear makeup.

I wanna wear lipstick without smearing it off of the mask.

I wanna wear dresses and skirts.

I wanna drink bear in the club.

I wanna dance.

I wanna sing from the top of my lungs to a song that I like that some band plays.

I wanna sing in a band.

I wanna band that makes songs.

I wanna go to the sea.

I wanna swim in the sea.

I wanna walk on the crisp stones on the beach.

I wanna walk the heavy sand on the shore.

I wanna feel the salt from the sea on my mouth.

I wanna sing with my friends.

I wanna see my friends that live in every possible country.

I wanna live in another country.

I wanna enjoy my life, not survive it.

I wanna surround myself with people with different views.

I wanna learn from other people.

I wanna embrace people’s differences.

I wanna food, clean water for everyone.

I want the sun fo cover everyone equally.

I wanna peace for everyone.

I wanna inner peace for everyone.

I wanna…..