Hi my Reader. This is my first blog post from the many upcoming posts and I’m really hoping that I will keep your attention on my blog. I try to keep it simple and get quickly to the point so you can get some tips and move on to your daily activities.

Here are a few words about why I’m starting it and every now and then I will tell you more and more about me =)

Since I’m in constant struggle with finding the right cosmetic for me and therefore ending up with way too much stuff that I can’t really use that much, I decided to write some words about my opinions for specific products. I try to improve it but bear in mind that English is not my first language and sometimes you could read some silly mistakes, so, lol..and sometimes point it out to me so I can quickly correct it =)

I hope that you will find my opinions helpful.

Remember to do something good today.

Stay positive =)

Regards from Antidote 😉


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