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To what we deserve the disobedience


Hi my Readers πŸ™‚

Hope you are doing well in this interesting times.

I come from a country that has been through a lot. Their citizens know how to live in times like this. Why? Because when the world started buying toilet papers, they already had whole basement with home-made jars of everything you can think of. And when the rest of the world bought all the toilet paper in the stores – they went for flour and oil.

This same country once belonged to a union that comprehended variola vera in a way that now big countries are praising that experience and sharing it showing that – well organized country can do a lot.

So, facing this crown looking enemy was nothing unknown to them. Unfortunately, it made a new suspicion – not believing in the authorities. After the declared independence, these countries were damaged by the political incompetent people to the point of no return. From part of a union to independent damaged country.

Divide and conquer. Julius Cesar was so right about this.

Now these countries are facing this enemy in a way that they don’t believe a thing the authorities say because people were lied to for so much time. The results are people not wanting to comply with the β€žstay homeβ€œ recommendations. People that are from another nationalities and our country accepted them when they were at was, now are bulling and acting like this rules don’t touch them. It is partly true because the authorities are bought and the rules are overlooked for them, unlike for us, the native ones. And later they wonder why we are hesitant to liking them. They show us all the time that they don’t feel like our country is their country. They throw their flags everywhere and what is worse, our traitor political party made a pact with them with their flag behind them. Knowing this, I’m not surprised why they are not complying, but I also understand why β€žourβ€œ people are still not believing even after Italy.
Even the first alarming zone happened in a town where they rule.

This is all unsettling because this country does not have nearly enough medical resources or medical staff because people were constantly living in search for better because they weren’t payed nearly enough. Nor they had the needed equipment. We hear a lot on TV and web – media. But the reality is very different.


Imagine having and elderly person needed emergency vehicle. They ask for their age first, and the vehicle comes only if it becomes available in the next hour..wich almost never does. You can’t feel the anger I am feeling over this issue.

Now, imagine anyone in need of some major medical intervention. Now imagine traveling to another city because in yours, everything they have is medical cotton gauze or maybe paracetamol. They even spare the gauzes. Imagine that…

I can go on and on…. I am so mad about this subject, especially because my grandmother was one of the first nurses that was part of the hospital staff and when it came to the point where she needed their medical services, we had to go to so many people to be able to find her a hospital bed. And that’s it. We did everything else (and I mean everything: pills, changing, bathing, helping her to walk after surgery..). Nobody cares…

You can maybe picture how bad the situation is. And mind you, this is not a country that doesn’t know better. Just doesn’t care and stills and relocates money for ridiculous things. Just the reality sounds worse than they present it to be. I mean, If I read this, I would’ve thought it was written about some scary country that neanderthals are still living in. Nope, that’s not the case…


The worse thing is, this chaos will pass and everyone will again forget about the priorities. And I’m so mad about this!


I sat down to wrote something very different, but I guess this was stronger that me trying to write some things that weren’t related to this….

But to end it on a better note, we will get through this. Better days are coming. And hopefully, all the people in the world get better.


we will get throught this covid 19
Stay safe and if you need a talk – feel free to vent πŸ™‚



Something hopeful


Hi my Readers πŸ™‚

Few minutes ago I finished the concert –

Music For Hope


Andrea Bocelli

did in the Duomo cathedral of Milan.

The empty cathedral and him along with his pianist were powerful. The scenes were filled with sadness. I saw his elderly face struggling to voice out the emotions that Italian people, as well as many other feel during this chaotic times.
The ending stopped me from playing it again… There is so much I can take right now…


On Easter Sunday (April 12, 2020), by invitation of the City and of the Duomo cathedral of Milan, Italian global music icon Andrea Bocelli gave a solo performance representing a message of love, healing and hope to Italy and the world.


Many institutions are following examples of streaming their old performances. In some of my next posts I will link some, mostly classical ones that you can watch during this times.


To people celebrating – have a Happy Catholic Easter.

To everyone else, have a happy day!


Stay home and take care of yourselves, people in need or use your time to help out.

To people that need to work – protect yourself as best as you can, inform yourselves and protect people around by using the protective gear the proper way.


Here’s to music!


Antidote πŸ˜‰