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Worker’s rights days


Hi my Readers. Today I am going to inform you about a subject that is always in – rights.

The origin of the workers’ rights days.
In the 16th century it was decided by Philip II of Spain the work day to be 8 hours (4 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon with the exception of miners who worked 7 hours). The industrial revolution saw this as a problem and they increased the hours to 10-16 and even more. Child exploitation was considered normal: 9-13 year old kids worked 8 hours, 14-18 years old 12, and children under 9 had to go to school. Although there have been several attempts to reduce working hours, there have been no significant changes.

On May 1, 1886, a labor movement protest was held in Chicago to decrease the working day to eight hours. Tens of thousands of workers protested. On the third day of the protest, there was a clash between the fired workers and those who were employed in their place. Police then intervened, killing four people and injuring many union members. Angry, the members took it upon them this time to wear some armor. Unfortunately, to date, an unknown character throws a bomb at the police forces, killing 6 police officers and injuring about 70. Protest organizers Parsons and Spice were later arrested, brought to justice and executed, although their guilt was never proven. Their remains were sent off by more than 250,000 people in solidarity.

At the first congress of the Second International held in 1889 it was decided:
“May Day should be a common holiday in all countries, where workers should show unity and solidarity in their demands to improve their position.”
Since then, the holiday has been a manifestation of the class solidarity of workers around the world.
The struggle does not end here, across different parts of the world and Europe, different countries have enforced an 8-hour working day much later.

Although workers’ rights were far from good, there has been an even greater decline this year. All shops, markets and shopping centers these days were working full time, although it coincided with another major Orthodox holiday – Easter. Many workers do not enjoy any additional payments or rights for their overtime and work during the holidays.

What WE as customers can do?

By NOT visiting these shopping centers, markets and stores during Sunday and during holidays, and further buying directly from farmers especially during this uncertain times – we all contribute, and it is a protest against the exploitation of workers.
Avoiding big e-commerce (hint: it is also a river) companies that don’t allow workers to unionize and exploit them and buying directly from the companies, we all contribute.

Finally, a few pictures of the protests in different cities across Europe, including Zurich, Basel, Paris, Nantes, Istanbul, Skopje, which took place on May 1 this year.
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You can see more pictures of protests around the globe and mainly Europe: