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How to avoid and treat sunburn

How to avoid and treat sunburn

Hi my Reader 🙂

I too am tired of sun protection and avoiding the sunbeams. I’m here to write – don’t avoid the sun. Embrace it, but with good protection.

UVB + UVA beams make a lethal combination for the biggest organ in our body – the skin. However repetitive it is – it is very important to protect yourself from them. It may be very boring reading this from everyone’s blog and hearing it from everyone, but it is very present because of its importance.


I’ve been avoiding the sun because I’m so pale. But I’m here to write something to you and that is:  DON’T DO THAT. Don’t avoid the sun! By avoiding the sun, you are cutting yourself from the d-vitamin that is essential for your happiness and artificial is not the same as the real d-vitamin.

Here are some things that will help you spend your days in the sun but with the safe way.

    1. The most important thing you should learn: the shadow from the umbrella or hat or trees or buildings is not your friend.

    First thing to know about the sunbeams: they can get to you in the shadow! Sunbeams are lurking around and if you are not protected with sun cream or covered with clothes directly, that umbrella, hat, cloud or shadow from the tree won’t be able to help you. Trust me on this one, I’ve suffered enough just „to make sure“ 😀

    1. When there is no sun and only clouds are covering you, UVA are still there to roast your skin. 

    And when you think that there is wind with combination with clouds and you think that there is no danger, UVA will hit you…BAD! Even worse than the UVB.

    1. Before exposing your skin to the sun excessively, eat a lot of orange – colored fruits and vegetables.

    Carrots, oranges, orange juice. It will help absorb the D-vitamin quicker and better and it will tan your skin evenly.

    1. Wear hat and sunglasses.

    Protect your eyes from the sun. Especially if you are like me and you like to spend your day with the curtains down so you can prevent the heat coming into your room 😀

    And hat is stylish. Do you need any more reasons to wear it? =)

    1. Save yourself from sunburn – use SPF cream.

    As someone with very light to pale (mostly pale) skin, leaving without SPF cream on even for a 10 min walk is not an option. Especially since I’ve been avoiding the sun because I’m so pale (DON’T DO THAT, you are cutting yourself from the D-vitamin that is essential for your happiness). If I spend more than 15 min on the sun without wearing sunscreen, my skin starts to react and becomes like chess board – but with white and red bricks. It’s interesting and disturbing at the same time 😀

    1. What to do if you roast yourself and you end up looking like a bacon

    Put yogurt on the skin where you got sunburn. Leave it overnight and because that sunburn will hurt you, it shouldn’t be a problem keeping you from rubbing it off your bed while sleeping 😀 (had to write it this way since you didn’t listen to my other advices). The good bacteria in the yogurt will react and cool down and heal your burned skin. Aloe Vera gel can also be very helpful.



My arm after forgetting to bring my sunscreen with me on a trip

  1. After the redness is gone

Put some VERY oily body milk on the skin so you can avoid skin damage from the sunburn. After the sunburn, the skin is dehydrated and will peel off. You can make that process come later in the month instead of the next days by putting very oily and hydrating body milk.


Make sure you follow this steps for safe exposure to the sun.

And here are some pictures that are suitable for this topic and were taken from my balcony 🙂




Have a nice week. Do something good today.

Regards, Antidote 🙂


Heat wave, more like inferno wave: how to cope

Heat wave, more like inferno wave: how to cope

And next thing you know, you haven’t posted a new blog-post in a month.

Where did all that time disappear? I know, in reading all of your posts = )

I had to write a blog about the first days of the summer. Especially because my country finally experienced summer a week ago, and usually we had temperatures form 20-30ºC sometimes in the middle of March and 30-40ºC from April and May… What the hell happened to the weather? And who put the radiator at 40ºC?

It was definitely a shock having temperature difference from 10ºC in the evening to 41ºC the very next day! And no, I don’t live in a desert.

Even Dante couldn’t imagine a hell like this one.

Let’s get to the topic: what to do for yourself in this infernal summer days?


Keep yourself hydrated. It is a cliché but with a good reason 
Prepare yourself a good tea – warm or hot, put it in a tea traveler and put a straw in it. You will see that you will reach for it more often than before.
* Don’t make it very cold because cold drinks and ice works counterproductive for the body heat. It can help you at first, but in a long term, you will feel worse and warmer. 


Make yourself a coffee. Put it in a thermos or in a travel mug, put a straw in it and you have yourself a refreshment to keep you awake 🙂

coffee cup

Make yourself a spa day. And not the typical spa-day that every blogger is recommending

Just go on your balcony with a t-shirt on yourself with an undershirt-like (have no idea what are those called) shirt underneath to keep your sweat on it. Stay for about 30minutes while you drink a lot of water and take a shower afterwards.
* Don’t use very cold water because it is not that good for your body. Even the water in the waterpools is not as cold as the one from the shower.


For a full experience and because some of you might not have a big balcony and are just sad reading all of this, you can fill a bucket with water, put your feet in it and practically enjoy the heat 😀

Refresh your face and body 

Take a travel – size spray bottle and fill it with water. Or to make it more special, fill it with home-made face hydrating mist. Spray it on your face, arms and legs whenever you feel like it and enjoy the hydration.

Make yourself a treat 

Ice cream. Is no- brainer

ice cream

Something else you can do is smoothie. It is a great option for vitamin intake and for refreshment. Just put in blender everything you think it would work from fruits and vegetables or look up for some recipes, put some crushed ice and you are good to drink 🙂

Or bowl of vegetables. A salad would be a great idea.


Or a glass of yogurt 🙂



Just be careful not to stay too long on the sun even with an SPF.
Remember, sun is good for you and it causes the levels of D-vitamin in your body to increase. So, while is good to be on the sun, timing is crucial. Use the hours between 8-11h (a.m) and 17-19h (5-7 p.m.) (or whenever the sun sets) to expose yourself in the sun but do it with high SPF (body milk with 40-50 SPF, spray with 40-50 SPF) and do it in intervals: 5-10 minutes in the sun and then go in the shadow or under the umbrella for the same amount of time. Especially pale people like me. I understand your struggle. But if you follow this instructions, you should be ok. 🙂


Enjoy the summer nights 

As much as the days are hot, there is no reason for staying up just so you can enjoy the nights and the sound of the crickets 🙂


Must haves for protection:

Light colored clothes (for people like me that like how the black color looks on them, this is very hard)

Hat, sunglasses and 40-50 SPF (sun preventing factor). If you want, umbrella is also a good option.

Bottle of water.

Something sweet in your purse (to enjoy it and just in case you feel tired and the reason is blood sugar).

Take it easy and slow. Take pit stops if you go by foot or a bike to school and work.

Help elderly people.

Stay happy and smile a lot 🙂 Tomorrow is another day and it will be even better 🙂

And if you think that you feel very hot and you can’t do it anymore, remind yourself that someone works during the day in the warmest hours, in +40°C they have to wear working gear that causes the body to overheat and they are paid minimum wage. And some of the even have a high-level university degree.
Now you can start feeling lucky that you don’t need to work in the sun 🙂

My inner – me is disturbed

My inner – me is disturbed

Has it really been that long since my last post?

I know, I know. But not going to apologize. I was feeling the tempo of my real life and I didn’t want it to be disturbed. But the day has come that I don’t feel that good anymore…again.


I Disturbed

The thing is that I used to be active with several youth organizations and NGO’s, 2 orchestras, school and being a President of the high school youth organization. Then the university came and with that – all of the activities were gone. The only thing that I had to do is to be a student. The youth organizations stopped their work because the environment was not interested in making a difference, couldn’t play in the orchestras because the dates and the timing were parallel with the university lectures… that was the reason that from one VERY involved and active young person – I went to (what it felt to me like) useless human being. I live in a country where part time jobs are next to non-existent and this made everything even worse to me.

I would really like to find a job but that is not going too well for me lately. I applied for many things this past few months and I was really hopeful but I was declined to everything that I applied  for – and that rarely happened to me before this few months. I really hope that this will change because I’m starting to feel bad again – and I’m really sick of feeling useless all the time. That is the reason why I created this blog – to express everything that I feel. So when I feel very bad – I can focus either on writing (and not feel that useless) or to making a full description of a product that I use and help my reader to decide whether he/she likes the product or not.

The next post will be better and will be more in the creative site…

Have a nice Sunday

Regards, Antidote =)