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Keeping yourself distanced but informed…especially about your privacy


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I recently traveled. I didn’t care about me, but I cared about the people around me. I traveled before all this got out of hand. But I was aware and wore masks, scarfs, gloves, sunglasses. Used antibacterial soap that I brought with, antibacterial wet wipes (and knowing this, it was very hard for me), antibacterial gel. Avoided public transport as much as I could, avoided crowds as much as I could.

But reading constantly about this, it can get to your head, just like it did to me. I was worried so much that even had major anxiety attack (one of the worsts, maybe the worst because it represented itself in a different way than the ones before). Be aware, inform yourself, but protect yourself and your mind.
With nothing else happening because everything is and getting cancelled, it can get to your head!


Another thing you should get on are some reads, especially ones that are plausible. I think we should wait until this everything ends, but for some things, then it will be too late.

I’m talking about privacy – the one that we don’t have and it will get worse. 

The concept of privacy is long gone in some states. I was appalled by what I’ve read. It is not that I wasn’t aware of this, but didn’t think it was this bad.


If you haven’t heard of „Black Mirror“, now you have. Please watch the firs episode of the first season. There are only 3 episodes in one season, probably because it is very different than other series. I can’t even call this one a series because it is film – like documentary of the reality we are living.

It took me 3-4 times to be able to watch the first episode fully. I had to stop it so many times because it made me realize what reality we are living in.

Some information about your privacy about many countries, not just the one you don’t live in and you don’t care about (but you should): 




China bans 23m from buying travel tickets as part of ‘social credit’ system

It explains how people can’t buy tickets but instead they scan your face and adds the bill that way. You know, the usual stuff we’re used to see in the Sci – Fi movies „back in the day“.

Chinese subway stations now let you pay for tickets by scanning your face


Terrifying cellphone ‘heat map’ shows just how much people are still traveling

That is the link, and this is a picture>

hme c.jpg

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You are home in your privacy, but are you actually private?


Linda Hallberg Cosmetics being stolen from


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A week or so ago I’ve watched a instagram video about Linda’s brand being stolen from. They explained that this was their third time happening and at this point they are thriving. I would assume so because 3 times is a lot!

So I wanted to do my little thing and inform you that if you see some illegally sold cosmetics, please ignore or better yet – report them to Linda’s team.

I will link the video so you can see for yourself and help a small company get back to their feet.


Please please help us with the police investigation by sharing this, by sending us a DM with suspicious pictures or email to and mark the email with ”suspicious products” If you see or hear anything about the Infinity Palette.
Thank you again for your endless support and love! We need you now more than ever ❤️
Much love from the whole @lindahallbergcosmetics team


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March 8th


Hi my Readers 🙂

On this day I am wishing all the girls and women to recognize how strong they are. Their rights should be equal, their salary equal to their male coworkers working on the same level as them. You shouldn’t be repressed for being female! If you feel your rights are not as they should be – speak up. Be better and do better, if not for you – then for the generations to come!

If women in past didn spoke up, we would still be repressed! So – SPEAK UP!


International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

Here’s a picture to brighten your day. I had more, but I want to get this post before it hits march 9-th because the message is more important!

8th march international womens day.JPG

Have an amazing start of the week!

Antidote 😉