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Full circle – influencer edition and the disappointment

Full circle – influencer edition and the disappointment

Hi my Readers

Today, a video has been circling the web and it is about influencers and their false claims.
The particular video is about influencer that shows mascara and some of her colleagues are calling her out on it because she looks like she is using false lashes. The video is sponsored and it caught the eyes of the people too.

I have stopped following as much as I used to and even if I do, I tend to not get involved too much, but this one was interesting to me because the people who jumped to defend her, mentioned big corporations and how the influensers or the people weren’t calling them out on it. I have seen influensers and many people talking about that subject so I know that’s not true, but what struck me the most is that people defend something that influencers have made influencers in the first place – their reviews and their honesty because people were tired of the big corporations lying and spending so much on marketing and tricking people into buying things that are far from that glitzy commercial that has played over and over again.

The disapointment comes because the whole point of influencers is to prove the marketing side of the big companies that are wrong. People started trusting influencers because they were honest with their reviews and once they start to seem dishonest, then it all goes downhill from there.

I am very pleased to see that other colleagues and influensers have cast a light and hopefully it will be a lesson to everyone – the consumer as well because consumers and potential consumers have the biggest power when it comes to this.

Just let’s not cancel people. Mistake is a mistake. If we don’t see improvements after they have been exposed, only then we can move toward canceling. Let’s leave that thing in the past, along with the pandemic.

Wishing you a good one,

Antidote 😉


Linda Hallberg Cosmetics being stolen from


Hi my Readers 🙂

A week or so ago I’ve watched a instagram video about Linda’s brand being stolen from. They explained that this was their third time happening and at this point they are thriving. I would assume so because 3 times is a lot!

So I wanted to do my little thing and inform you that if you see some illegally sold cosmetics, please ignore or better yet – report them to Linda’s team.

I will link the video so you can see for yourself and help a small company get back to their feet.


Please please help us with the police investigation by sharing this, by sending us a DM with suspicious pictures or email to friends@lhcosmetics.com and mark the email with ”suspicious products” If you see or hear anything about the Infinity Palette.
Thank you again for your endless support and love! We need you now more than ever ❤️
Much love from the whole @lindahallbergcosmetics team


Wishing you a great start of the week 🙂

Empties & few words about them


Hi my Readers 🙂

I had some extra time and I wrote some post, so I figured, why wait. Here is another post for today. Empties and few words about them.

Long time since I’ve post about my empties. Here are my empties from this few months. From some of them I don’t have pictures because they are long time in the bin, but here are the rest of them.

body products 

today – deodorant, body spray

This is probably one of the cheapest deodorants that I’ve bought but also probably one of the most beautiful smelling one. I’ve gone through 3 in a course of 2 months just because I’ve used it excessively. I’ve got a lot of compliments on it. It is not the most lingering one but it justifies the price just out of those lot of compliments that I got.


                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


Keeping it with body parfumes, this roll-ons were the one that I used up.

IMG_20171101_120718hhh modified

The first one is from Genera – green fresh and it says that it is deodorant and it smells amazing. It reminds me of a 3 days festival that I went to because I used it there a lot. It allows the skin to breathe (which is something that I look for in deodorants and antiperspirants).


The other one is from avon – little black dress. The perfume from avon it’s probably the most selling one. The anti-antiperspirant also smells nice and it is good for more summer and hot days. The whole set here.

               Repurchase:         yes ✓              no
(to both)


face products 

Cotton – papatya

I’ve went through few packs of this cotton. It is regular cotton and I use it for removing makeup from my face. It is soft, It does not contain rough parts that sometimes are left in the cotton (and should sell as second class) and the most important for me – it does not squeak.

I can not bear the feeling that some cotton squeaks. I don’t know it you get me, but if some of you identifies with what I am trying to write about, leave me a comment and we can look for squeak-free cotton together 😀

I’ve gone through maaany packs of this cotton and the first times it contained some rough particles but since that packet, I’ve not encountered to another that it was alike. Now I buy it in advance since sometimes the batch it contains squeaky ones 😀


                                                Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


Cotton pads – watterpads, LaCura

These cotton pads I first bought to try, but latter I found them again since I liked them so much and they were a bargain to get. I sometimes can feel some rough endges on them and since this is a first time I use cotton pads to remove makeup, I don’t know if it is a case with other cotton pads. If someone knows, you can leave me a comment so I can be informed for the next time.



                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


Face cream – Ziaja – cocoa butter face cream, light formula, flavoury & nourishing

This is my favorite face cream it use to be too oily for my skin but I ruined my skin (and you can read all about it if you click here and read this post here and read this post ). Since then, this is the face cream that I use for my weirs skin.

IMG_20171101_124151ddd modified.jpg

                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


decorative cosmetic 

miss sporty – concealer, so clear, anti spot
I don’t use foundation and I son’t use concealer under my eyes. But sometimes I do spot concealer and for that I use this one. It is not something special but it does the job. I already bought a new one and will continue to use it just because it is very affordable and I don’t want to look around for another one that it is alike.

IMG_20171101_125334ff modified.jpg

                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no

Mascaras – classics & miss sporty


Classics (4x ultra volume, volume building mascara, rich black) – it is regular mascara and it is nothing special. It makes the lashes black. And that is it. It does not give the 4x volume as it claims  and it pools down the lashes. Will probably not buy it again.

ddd modified

                                              Repurchase:         yes            no ✓


miss sporty mascara, fabulous lash, lash curving mascara in 001 black with curved brush

IMG_20171101_141900dd modified

Bare in mind that it is very old and was sitting in my empties long time and it doesn’t look good. Will buy another one and make a whole post about this mascara

It is mascara with curved brush and bristles with different length. It does not only curve the lashes, but it adds volume and it makes the lashes look really good. I’ve gotten a few compliments when I wore this mascara. It does not irritate my eyes. It does not crumble underneath the eyes, it does not lose volume throughout the day (and sometimes I wore this for more than 14 hours because of the long hours that I worked). All and all I recommend it and will buy it again. And it is not the first time I’m buying it. Will probably make a whole post about this mascara.

                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


I plan on doing a whole post about mascaras that I’ve used up. Hopefully, soon.


You can link me some of your posts with empties. It is good to see what worked and what didn’t for you.

Have a good start of november,

Antidote 🙂

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So this happened (suggestions for dupe?)


Few weeks ago I bought myself this shade of lip liner. I really like how it looks on my lips and my skin but yesterday I found it in my bag looking like this.

lip li

It is Essence in shade 05 soft berry. It is from their „last call“ shades and I can not find it any more.

I know that I have enough left but I still want to buy another lipstick or lipliner that will be dupe to this one so if anyone has any suggestions, please leave them in the comments. I would prefer more affordable options since apparently my bag is ruining my stuff. Thank you. 🙂


Have a good one,

Antidote 😉

How to avoid and treat sunburn

How to avoid and treat sunburn

Hi my Reader 🙂

I too am tired of sun protection and avoiding the sunbeams. I’m here to write – don’t avoid the sun. Embrace it, but with good protection.

UVB + UVA beams make a lethal combination for the biggest organ in our body – the skin. However repetitive it is – it is very important to protect yourself from them. It may be very boring reading this from everyone’s blog and hearing it from everyone, but it is very present because of its importance.


I’ve been avoiding the sun because I’m so pale. But I’m here to write something to you and that is:  DON’T DO THAT. Don’t avoid the sun! By avoiding the sun, you are cutting yourself from the d-vitamin that is essential for your happiness and artificial is not the same as the real d-vitamin.

Here are some things that will help you spend your days in the sun but with the safe way.

    1. The most important thing you should learn: the shadow from the umbrella or hat or trees or buildings is not your friend.

    First thing to know about the sunbeams: they can get to you in the shadow! Sunbeams are lurking around and if you are not protected with sun cream or covered with clothes directly, that umbrella, hat, cloud or shadow from the tree won’t be able to help you. Trust me on this one, I’ve suffered enough just „to make sure“ 😀

    1. When there is no sun and only clouds are covering you, UVA are still there to roast your skin. 

    And when you think that there is wind with combination with clouds and you think that there is no danger, UVA will hit you…BAD! Even worse than the UVB.

    1. Before exposing your skin to the sun excessively, eat a lot of orange – colored fruits and vegetables.

    Carrots, oranges, orange juice. It will help absorb the D-vitamin quicker and better and it will tan your skin evenly.

    1. Wear hat and sunglasses.

    Protect your eyes from the sun. Especially if you are like me and you like to spend your day with the curtains down so you can prevent the heat coming into your room 😀

    And hat is stylish. Do you need any more reasons to wear it? =)

    1. Save yourself from sunburn – use SPF cream.

    As someone with very light to pale (mostly pale) skin, leaving without SPF cream on even for a 10 min walk is not an option. Especially since I’ve been avoiding the sun because I’m so pale (DON’T DO THAT, you are cutting yourself from the D-vitamin that is essential for your happiness). If I spend more than 15 min on the sun without wearing sunscreen, my skin starts to react and becomes like chess board – but with white and red bricks. It’s interesting and disturbing at the same time 😀

    1. What to do if you roast yourself and you end up looking like a bacon

    Put yogurt on the skin where you got sunburn. Leave it overnight and because that sunburn will hurt you, it shouldn’t be a problem keeping you from rubbing it off your bed while sleeping 😀 (had to write it this way since you didn’t listen to my other advices). The good bacteria in the yogurt will react and cool down and heal your burned skin. Aloe Vera gel can also be very helpful.



My arm after forgetting to bring my sunscreen with me on a trip

  1. After the redness is gone

Put some VERY oily body milk on the skin so you can avoid skin damage from the sunburn. After the sunburn, the skin is dehydrated and will peel off. You can make that process come later in the month instead of the next days by putting very oily and hydrating body milk.


Make sure you follow this steps for safe exposure to the sun.

And here are some pictures that are suitable for this topic and were taken from my balcony 🙂




Have a nice week. Do something good today.

Regards, Antidote 🙂

Balea – Body Lotion

Balea – Body Lotion

This was a lotion that was limited edition a long time ago, but I wanted to share it with you because this product made me not buy more lotions from this brand, no matter how attractive the scents were to me 🙂

The product in question:

Body Lotion Balea – Sweet Wonderland 



This lotion was limited edition. Smelled like chocolate and that was the main reason why I bought it. I didn’t check the ingredients, I only read about it and most of the comments were nice for a product that was only 2 weeks on the shelves.

In the beginning it was good and had no problems. After a month of using it, I noticed chemically smell that even overpowered the smell of the lotion. After a few months, the lotion turned more liquid opposed to the beginning. And from neutral brown, turned pink. When I bought it, in was with thicker consistency. Except for the smell that turned very chemically, there was no point using it.

It was not expired and there is no mark of how many months is advisable to use it after its opening (although the standard is 24 months and at that point it definitely was not even 6 months).





Certainly I can’t buy it again because it was limited edition but I wonder whether something was wrong with mine or the other lotions from this company are the same since I don’t own any other lotion from them.

Did you had any similar experience as mine? Maybe it was similar but from different brand? I’m curious to know. Comment and let me know if this case is the only one.

I hope that you will find my opinions helpful.

Remember to do something good today.

Regards from Antidote 😉

Not removing your makeup completely – mistake for the skin

Not removing your makeup completely – mistake for the skin

Hi my Reader 🙂

I wrote a few posts regarding the skin on the face and the mistakes that we could do by, what it seems, meaningless things. I decided to make it a series on my blog and point out everything that I can think of, and nearly everything that I am „victim“ of (see what I did there 😀 ), knowingly or unknowingly.

If you want to check the other ones, here are direct links to them:

  1. Wet wipes – mistake for the skin 
  2. Clean phones = clean skin. Tip for acne-free skin

The topic for this post is going to be:

Mistake for the skin: not removing your makeup completely 

Depending on the products that one is using, no one can know if they are removing their makeup properly. I had that problem when I was using one lotion and I discovered it when I bought another. I used the one that I already had and because I was curious, I used the other one after and noticed that the first one removed my makeup, and even though the sponge that I used was clean, I still had makeup coming off when I used the other one. (Well this wasn’t confusing..at all…)


What to do? 

Depending on your skincare, you can’t really know if you are removing your makeup properly. So, try other lotions just so you can know if the one that you are using regularly is not causing you that dry patch, those pimples or even addictiveness of the skin toward the product.

What not to do? 

If you have oily skin, try not to overuse products that are drying the skin because you will regret it. (click here to read about it)

I can’t stress this enough but don’t fall into hype. Don’t try to mattify your skin to the point you can’t use anything else than products for extremely damaged, dry and dehydrated skin. Trust me, I learned this the hard way and will not stop bringing it up.

One more thing 

Take care of your skin, because you will miss it if you mess it up. I know that this is cliché but – drink water and tea as often as you can and you will avoid dehydrated skin.

Share your experience 

Write about your experience in the comments. I and maybe someone else will certainly benefit from it 🙂

Until the next chapter, stay positive and do something good for you and for someone else.

Regards, Antidote 😉

The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger tag



I saw this tag and I like reading it, so even if I’m not tagged, I thought: what better way to get to know me a little better than with a tag. It’s old, but still popular. And I added this photo to go with it because I liked the clouds in the sky the day that I took it and I thought, why not add something good for the eye too 🙂

Name a beauty regimen that you rarely do?

While I have too many bottles with body lotion, body butter, body everything and I rarely use body lotion on my whole body. But that’s the case in winter. The weather is cold enough. I don’t need the cold lotion to cringe my body even more. I enjoy buying them obviously because of the smell. Now I need to put them next to the fireplace so I can actually use them 🙂

Is washing your make-up brushes something that you do regularly? 

I don’t use every brush for every makeup look, so I can get away with only using one or two brushes that I usually wash after I do my makeup.

How long will you last with chipped nail polish?

Depends on what nail color I have on and how chipped the nail polish is. I have long nails more often than I have short, so it is very noticeable if I have dark nail polish on and it’s chipped. If I have light color, I get away with wearing it or correcting it more than few days in a row, but only if is not too damaged.

How long will you put off buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?

The thing with me is I keep buying new products while I still have few similar products already open. But it still depends on the product. Because I have more than I actually use in skincare, I’m not in a hurry to replace it, but if is the one face cream that I regularly use, I buy it in advance.

What is your worst beauty habit?

I don’t know if it’s considered a beauty habit, but I more often wear full face makeup without foundation on (especially when I have clean, acne – free face) and can get away only with concealed on the spots. I only use foundation when I have to go on a big event when I have to have „photoshopped“ face for the professional photo.

Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?

Playing on my violin… and singing… and dancing. I used to play all the time, but then motivation happened and I lost it somewhere on the way of not being able to live my life as I want to.

When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute?

If I have time, I take my time and it takes reeeally long, but in steps. And in between those steps I can eat, drink some coffee and do some other stuff and go back to preparing. So at the end, it’s really not that long. If I don’t have time, I can get ready in few minutes.

Can you commit to spending bans?

Yes. Very well. But again, it depends on the things that are banned 🙂

How organized are your make-up and nail polish collections?

Really good actually…but the thing is – my stuff gets all around the table when I’m getting ready and I usually just stuck them in the places that they need to be without placing them in the right order because I don’t have time when I’m going out…because I take my time getting ready, all right 😀


That’s it for this tag.

Remember to do something good today.

Stay positive 🙂

Regards from Antidote 😉



Ziaja med face cream & DENOVA pro lotion


Hi my Readers 🙂
This post will be about skin care for the face.

       I have been a fan of Ziaja for a long time. I use their products all the time and one of the small numbers of things that I keep repurchasing is one face cream of Ziaja. I will try to make posts about their products (at least the products that I use) and make it easier for you to make an opinion whether you should buy some of their products, or not.

Keep in mind that I bought all of these products by myself, this opinions are my own and might not meet the results that you are searching for due to the difference in the skin.

       When It comes to skin care on my face, I try to combine two items from the same line so I can use them together and see the results. When I was buying this two, they were out of stock of some products, so I combined 2 products from DENOVA pro and the original Ziaja company. In case you didn’t know, DENOVA pro is a branch from ZIAJA.


Ziaja med face lotion & DENOVA pro face cream 

Ziaja med face lotion & DENOVA pro face cream 1


Ziaja med face lotion

Ziaja med face lotion 1

Zaia MED, antibacterial face toner (description from the official web page):

„ Gently cleanses the skin. Helps reduce sebum and soothe acne lesions. Restores skin natural pH. Reduces feeling of epidermis tension. Prepares the skin for further cosmetic treatment. Fragrance, alcohol and colorants free. “

 See more at: http://ziaja.co.uk/ziaja-med/3917,anti-acne-cream#sthash.ggts3iGR.dpuf

The bottle contains 200 ml. of product. It cleanses my skin, removes the residue of the makeup that I may wore. The interesting thing for me is that is fragrance and alcohol free and I like that because it makes me think that it really works, is not more damaging my skin and does not leave a weird taste around the areas of my mouth.


DENOVA pro face cream 

DENOVA pro face cream 1

DENOVA pro, antibacterial cream (description from the official web page):

  • Reduces bacterial growth.
  • Works to normalize sebaceous gland activity, helps control the excessive skin oiliness.

Active ingredients: compound of the oleanolic and nordihydroguaiaretetic acids, nori algae, provitamin B5 (D-Panthenol), Salicylic acid, vitamin C.

 See more at: http://ziaja.co.uk/ziaja-med/3917,anti-acne-cream#sthash.ggts3iGR.dpuf


The packaging contains 60ml of product. I really like this product but I use it sparingly because they don’t bring it in my country anymore and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. For those who like matte skin, this mattifies it reeealy well, it’s perfect for a long-wearing makeup (under the foundation) and the most beautiful thing is that works well at cleaning acne. I get acne from time to time and I use this cream locally (only on the acne) and it dries them overnight. So, If you have really oily skin and you can’t find something that doesn’t make your makeup slide off your face, this is a product that I think it will work well.


This two product together make a good surface for applying makeup for oily skin: the lotion cleans the oiliness from the skin and the cream helps the face stay matte all day long.


I hope that you will find my opinions helpful.

Remember to do something good today.

Stay positive =)

Regards from Antidote 😉


Hi to my Readers


Hi my Reader.

          This is my first blog post from the many upcoming posts and I’m really hoping that I will keep your attention on my blog. I’ll try to keep it simple and get quickly to the point so you can get some tips and move on to your daily activities.

          Here are a few words about why I’m starting it and every now and then I will write you some more and more about me =)

            Since I’m in constant struggle with finding the right cosmetic for me and therefore ending up with way too much stuff that I can’t really use that much, I decided to write some words about my opinions for specific products. I try to improve it but bear in mind that English is not my first language and sometimes you could read some silly mistakes, so, lol..and sometimes point it out to me so I can quickly correct it =)

I hope that you will find my opinions helpful.

Remember to do something good today.

Stay positive =)

Regards from Antidote 😉