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The difference about blogging and social media; what I like about blogs

The difference about blogging and social media; what I like about blogs

Hi my Readers 🙂

follow unfollow

This post different, as I wrote that once in a while (or if I feel like it, even more) I will write about anything else.

More and more people on social media are folowing people, waiting for those people to follow them back. Then they proceed to unfolow them once they are followed back. It is happening ALL the time and it is getting annoying. The need of attention and „becoming famous“ is getting worse and to the level of obsession.


People need to stop with follow – unfollow -follow- unfollow. They forgot how to enjoy. This topic is so big and if I write everything about it, it will end up measuring it in kilometers. Going to write just few scattered thoughts.

I would like to say to those people: stop obsessing over strangers following you. Instead, post your photos and followers will…well… follow you 🙂

The situation on the blog is different: nobody can see how much blogs you are following (or can it be seen… no idea..because that don’t mater to me as long as I like your post). And the obsession on „unfollowing you because I am famous now with several hundred followers“ is non existent. You either like something or you don’t. Simple as that.

Best of all – no algorithm!

That is the main reason why blogosphere is little bit different.


Have a nice end of the week.

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essence -volume stylist- 18h ~curl & hold~ mascara

essence -volume stylist- 18h ~curl & hold~ mascara

Hi my Readers 🙂

This post is going to be about a mascara from essence.


A while ago I purchased a lot of items from essence. Before, I’m not completely sure but I think that I didn’t own anything from them.

This is the first mascara that I’m trying from this brand. It is the

VOLUME stylist, 18h curl & hold mascara with micro styling waxes.


When I was looking for new mascara, I wanted the wand not to be silicone and that was the only criteria. I was working in another country so I was not looking too much just to get me through the few days that I had left until I go back.

My first choice was the one with the purple tube (same design as this one only purple) and I don’t really know what made me buy this one. Maybe because I was always buying colors that I like and thought I change it up and in that time I was influenced by my roommates that REALLY like blush pink…oh well 😀
Kidding. I really don’t know. Maybe the wand threw me off a little bit because looked very simple.

Back to the actual product now.

This is 12ml/0.40 fl.oz. mascara which is a little bit more than a usual mascara. The packaging has nice design.


It claims that it is with micro styling waxes, gives volume, curls and holds the lashes.




In the condition that I wore, I noticed that gives a lot of volume but it disperses a lot of product because no matter how much you try to remove the excess, I might have to clean it with a tissue. With hectic mornings when I was in a rush, that was not an option but I managed to make the lashes look good.

This is a mascara that if your lashes touch the brow bone, it will smear and will left black on that brow bone. It crumbles under the eyes, and with 9h chaotic shifts and only half an hour pause, that was not an option!


I have other mascaras LIKE THIS ONE that is not waterproof but still manages not to end up on my brow bone or crumble under my eyes.


So all in all…

Things I like:

  • gives volume (as it claims)
  • visually lengthens the lashes
  • it is really black


Things that need improving:

  • a lot of product comes on the wand and because of that I makes it easy to make a mess and apply too much and make it clumpy to the point you might need spooly on a side to prevent a mess
  • crumbles under the eyes
  • if you have oily lids, use creamy products on the brow bone or you are wearing it for a lot of time (like 9hours shift, 2hours of traveling) you are going to have black dots if your lashes hit the brow bone
  • little hard to remove and had to be really aggressive with the cotton round and 2 different micellar waters

Here are some more blury photos of the mascara wand because of bad lighting.




If I missed something, let me know and I will answer and plus include it in this post as your question.

Have a good day.

Remember to do something good for you and the others 🙂



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essence lip liner 11 in the nude


Hi my Readers 🙂

essence in the nude 11

I don’t usually wear nude lip liners but with all the hype that it gets, I decided to try it out. So, I purchased few nude lip products. They are all from essence. But one of the it hurts my lips sooo bad. I wore it a few times inside but never could’ve get out and wear it because it hurt my lips.

That is the lip liner from essence – 11 in the nude. 

essence in the nude

Because it is very stiff, first I apply lip balm and then I go over it with this lip liner. After a minute or two, my lips start burning. It is very strange because I have few other lip liners from essence that I purchased in the same time and none of them were reacting like that on my lips. So, no luck with the nude. I like bold lips more, anyways 😀


Have you experienced something like this? I’m really curious to know if this happened to anyone else.

Also, if you have dupe suggestions for this lip liner – So this happened (suggestions for dupe?) let me know because my one broke and there is not much left 😦

It is essence 05 soft berry. It is from their „last call“ shades and I can not find it any more.

lip liner essence berry

Have a nice day,

Antidote 😉


Days later edit:

It is very hard so I was having trouble applying it so my thoughts are that that is the reason for hurting my lips. I tried applying it slowly and I didn’t had that problem as much. But everything is an assumption 🙂

Mistake for the skin: over-exfoliating your lips

Mistake for the skin: over-exfoliating your lips

Hi my Readers 🙂


How is it going? 🙂 I made few posts about mistake for the skin and I thought about doing some more. This post’s subject is going to be about over-exfoliating your lips.

As you may or may not know, the skin on your lips and the skin around your eyes is the most sensitive and the thinnest.

Exfoliating the lips (and doing it so frequently) is not that good for the skin on the lips. If you’ve noticed that the skin on the lips is renewing itself more an more often, you might be doing something wrong.

I don’t like exfoliating my lips because the skin on the lips (together with the skin around the eyes) is the most sensitive one and I don’t want to irritate it even more and cause damages. And If I don’t exfoliate too much, there is no need to exfoliate it often because it does not gather up and does not renew itself as much. It does not send a signal the there is need of renewing it self more and more. Just like washing your hair so frequently and it just gets oily more frequently.

As an example: I have only one place on my lips that I used to bite the skin from – all the time. Now, that place is renewing itself so much, it gets dry, it causes my lipstick to gather up the lipstick there and look very bad. And as it is dry – it hurts when the lipstick is placed So, that is my experience and that is why I choose not to exfoliate.

Lesson learned for me. But I thought that is good to let you know that over-exfoliating your skin in general (the lips especially) is not good for the skin. You may think: oh, my lipstick looks better when I exfoliate. But that is only for now. It gets worse.

So, if you want to have good lips in the furute, my advice is: don’t exfoliate too much and so often.

Featured picture: from the #KissAndMakeup anti-bullying campaign

If you have something to add to this subject and how exfoliating affects your skin and the skin on your lips – you can write about it in the comment 🙂


Have a nice day,

Antidote 😉