100 persons that follow this blog & travel gallery

100 persons that follow this blog & travel gallery

Hi my Reader

When I was not able to write a lot, I got a notification that 100 persons are following my blog. That means that 100 persons are reading or at least looking at the pictures that I post and once in a while took some of the advices and the things I have to say seriously.

There is nothing much that I can do except hoping that you have a good day, every day. I can share a tiny tiny bit of my personal collection of pictures that I made whyle traveling or just going out on my balcony :D. Enjoy 🙂


Antwerp/Antwerpen, Balgium




Düsseldorf/Dusseldorf, Germany/Deutschland




100 fol.png


I like traveling and these are such a tiny amount of my travel collection of pictures.

If you are interested in more, leave me a comment and I will try to include a traveling guide, tips and shortcuts.

Have a nice one,

Antidote 🙂




Lithuania/Lietova, Düsseldorf/Dusseldorf, Germany/Deutschland, Belgium, Antwerp/Antwerpen, Europe


Empties & few words about them


Hi my Readers 🙂

I had some extra time and I wrote some post, so I figured, why wait. Here is another post for today. Empties and few words about them.

Long time since I’ve post about my empties. Here are my empties from this few months. From some of them I don’t have pictures because they are long time in the bin, but here are the rest of them.

body products 

today – deodorant, body spray

This is probably one of the cheapest deodorants that I’ve bought but also probably one of the most beautiful smelling one. I’ve gone through 3 in a course of 2 months just because I’ve used it excessively. I’ve got a lot of compliments on it. It is not the most lingering one but it justifies the price just out of those lot of compliments that I got.

                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


Keeping it with body parfumes, this roll-ons were the one that I used up.

IMG_20171101_120718hhh modified

The first one is from Genera – green fresh and it says that it is deodorant and it smells amazing. It reminds me of a 3 days festival that I went to because I used it there a lot. It allows the skin to breathe (which is something that I look for in deodorants and antiperspirants).


The other one is from avon – little black dress. The perfume from avon it’s probably the most selling one. The anti-antiperspirant also smells nice and it is good for more summer and hot days.

               Repurchase:         yes ✓              no
(to both)


face products 

Cotton – papatya

I’ve went through few packs of this cotton. It is regular cotton and I use it for removing makeup from my face. It is soft, It does not contain rough parts that sometimes are left in the cotton (and should sell as second class) and the most important for me – it does not squeak.

I can not bear the feeling that some cotton squeaks. I don’t know it you get me, but if some of you identifies with what I am trying to write about, leave me a comment and we can look for squeak-free cotton together 😀

I’ve gone through maaany packs of this cotton and the first times it contained some rough particles but since that packet, I’ve not encountered to another that it was alike. Now I buy it in advance since sometimes the batch it contains squeaky ones 😀


                                                Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


Cotton pads – watterpads, LaCura

These cotton pads I first bought to try, but latter I found them again since I liked them so much and they were a bargain to get. I sometimes can feel some rough endges on them and since this is a first time I use cotton pads to remove makeup, I don’t know if it is a case with other cotton pads. If someone knows, you can leave me a comment so I can be informed for the next time.


                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


Face cream – Ziaja – cocoa butter face cream, light formula, flavoury & nourishing

This is my favorite face cream it use to be too oily for my skin but I ruined my skin (and you can read all about it if you click here and read this post here and read this post ). Since then, this is the face cream that I use for my weirs skin.

IMG_20171101_124151ddd modified.jpg

                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


decorative cosmetic 

miss sporty – concealer, so clear, anti spot
I don’t use foundation and I son’t use concealer under my eyes. But sometimes I do spot concealer and for that I use this one. It is not something special but it does the job. I already bought a new one and will continue to use it just because it is very affordable and I don’t want to look around for another one that it is alike.

IMG_20171101_125334ff modified.jpg

                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no

Mascaras – classics & miss sporty


Classics (4x ultra volume, volume building mascara, rich black) – it is regular mascara and it is nothing special. It makes the lashes black. And that is it. It does not give the 4x volume as it claims  and it pools down the lashes. Will probably not buy it again.

ddd modified

                                              Repurchase:         yes            no ✓


miss sporty mascara, fabulous lash, lash curving mascara in 001 black with curved brush

IMG_20171101_141900dd modified

Bare in mind that it is very old and was sitting in my empties long time and it doesn’t look good. Will buy another one and make a whole post about this mascara

It is mascara with curved brush and bristles with different length. It does not only curve the lashes, but it adds volume and it makes the lashes look really good. I’ve gotten a few compliments when I wore this mascara. It does not irritate my eyes. It does not crumble underneath the eyes, it does not lose volume throughout the day (and sometimes I wore this for more than 14 hours because of the long hours that I worked). All and all I recommend it and will buy it again. And it is not the first time I’m buying it. Will probably make a whole post about this mascara.

                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


I plan on doing a whole post about mascaras that I’ve used up. Hopefully, soon.


You can link me some of your posts with empties. It is good to see what worked and what didn’t for you.

Have a good start of november,

Antidote 🙂


Nails this weeks



How is i t going?

Happy belated Halloween and welcome into the new month.

Here are my nails from this past weeks.

As you can clearly see, I remembered that I don’t have any pictures from them, so some of them are taken right before the nail polish remover took care of them but you got the point 😀

Some of them are verry sloppy. But, hey, from far away they look interesting 😀



Next post will be with something more face or body cosmetics related.

Have a nice one 🙂

So this happened (suggestions for dupe?)


Few weeks ago I bought myself this shade of lip liner. I really like how it looks on my lips and my skin but yesterday I found it in my bag looking like this.

lip li

It is Essence in shade 05 soft berry. It is from their „last call“ shades and I can not find it any more.

I know that I have enough left but I still want to buy another lipstick or lipliner that will be dupe to this one so if anyone has any suggestions, please leave them in the comments. I would prefer more affordable options since apparently my bag is ruining my stuff. Thank you. 🙂


Have a good one,

Antidote 😉

Polishing my nails after 4 months of not wearing nail polish

Polishing my nails after 4 months of not wearing nail polish

I worked in a place where nail polish was not allowed for safety reasons. In that time, I didn’t wore polish because it was too much fuss for me to polish my nail and then remove it after one day(or 2, 3, whatever). So I decided to let my nails rest. The first nail polish when I finished that job I wanted to be one that I will enjoy the most. And for me, that was this deep purple one.

I realize that this pictures are not that great and this nail polish is few days on my nails but I really wanted to share it. The one with glitters are just an experiment that I did right before I took this photos.


Have a nice one.

Antidote =)

Products I’ve used (up) to clean the makeup from my face

Products I’ve used (up) to clean the makeup from my face

This past year I’ve been trying some new things to remove my makeup with since I have problem with my eyes. In this process I’ve tried few lotions and mycellar waters.

The first two I’ve tried are DM’s mycellar waters from Balea and this post is going to be about them.

The first one I bought was the purple one. It is for oily and sensitive skin. The only thing that I didn’t like about this one was that it was with alcohol. But, when I bought it I didn’t even read the ingredients. I used it anyway because I didn’t read the ingredients even after I started using it. It did a good job removing everything from makeup on my face, including the makeup from my eyes. It didn’t sting my eyes and didn’t cause any irritations.

IMG_5075 modified

DM Balea


Here are the ingredients.

IMG_5078 modified

The micellar water comes in 400ml bottle.

The second one I bought is the pink one. This one I bought because it was without alcohol. It is for dry and sensitive skin. It is still good, but it stings my eyes a little bit (not a lot). For me it felt that the one with alcohol cleaned my skin better, which doesn’t mean that this one did a bad job, o contraire. I continued using it and I even brought it with me on a very long trip that I will be writing more in the next posts. Balea – DM

IMG_5076 modified

DM Balea

The ingredients

IMG_5078 modified

I realize that they area bit smudgy

This micellar water comes in 400ml bottle.

Products I’ve used along the way

Since I traveled a lot and I visited a lot of friends, and I lived with roommates and we all used different makeup removers 😀 , I got to try different products.

The first thing that I tried was this removing water. It removed my makeup so effortlessly and without stinging my eyes so I went out and looked for it myself.

Rival De Loop – Rossmann
mizzelen technologie, jeden hauttup + pro-vitamin B5, wasserlösliches make-up
(every skin type + pro vitamin B5, waterproof makeup)


Picture from Rossmann’s official site, not mine

I ended up buying this (with no alcohol) and noticed that the other one was completely different that this one.

Rival de Loop – mizellen – technologie
pflegendes gesichtwasser, ohne alkohol, trockene & sensible haut
(no alcohol, dry and sensitive skin)


Picture from Rossmann’s official site, not mine

I could not even compare it with the one above so I used it for cleaning the rubber on my sneakers and my shoes. I must say, for that – it was reeealy good 😀

When I had to travel again, I ended up throwing it because I didn’t care for it…and I didn’t have that much space in my luggage just so I can use it for cleaning my sneakers 😀

The last thing that I tried along the way was this (I guess limited edition) micelar water. This is also really good option. It removes the makeup and does not sting my eyes. It says that it is with ginkgo and cucumber extract.

Rival de Loop – mizellen reinigungswasser, ohne alkohol, trockene & sensible haut
(no alcohol, dry and sensitive skin)

Augen, lippen & gesicht + ginkgo + gurkenextrakt
(Eyes, lips and face)        + ginkgo + cucumber extract


Picture from Rossmann’s official site, not mine

It also comes in 400ml tube.

There are more to come since I’ve bought more products so make sure to stay up to date with my posts.


*the last 3 pictures are courtesy of Rossmann’s site and I don’t own them.

Make someone smile today. It will make you happier.

Have a nice one,

Antidote 😉


If you thought your neighbors are bad…

If you thought your neighbors are bad…

You think there are some bad neighbors out there? Wrong! There are some really bad, worse that you can imagine neighborsmine!


I didn’t have internet for 2 months because my neighbors didn’t wanted me to have. And get this – when they wanted to do any changes and to have internet – I WAS THERE FOR THEM AND I GAVE MY PERMISSION! I was so mad for 2 months for that. And it came in really bad moment because many bad things has happened around me including some deaths. My grandmother that because of very bad medical care in my country me and my family had to take care of her and get this – she used to be nurse right then when the hospital in my town was setting its base. For her not to have proper care was very disappointing. And I found that she has pains in her leg when I went to give her cake for my Birthday. And get this – the medical team that came to check her said that the pains were because of cold, and the reality was that she broke a bone. The incompetence….  Aunt that I really cared for (she loved cats, just like me) died young. The dog in my neighborhood that I was caring for was poisoned. My cat, the nicest and the smartest cat was driven over and died and later that day found out about my grandma. Some other bad things happened and I wasn’t able to distract myself with the content on internet, not even post on my blog.


Enough about bad stuff, I had more than enough.


The next post will be about more relaxing stuff but I had to write all of this down as a therapeutic way and to give you the “why” I was not on the blog for so long.

Here is one picture from the cat that I really miss. There will be more….


Nails of the month February 2017

Nails of the month February 2017

Hi there 🙂

How is it going? 🙂

Wanted to share my nail polishes that marked the month of February so this are the nails that I wore for almost the entire month.

All of them are Golden Rose.
The first layers are satin finish and the second layer is with silver glittery nail polish over them.
Like I wrote on some of my previous posts, I really like Golden Rose nail polishes (at least the old ones). They did not move for WEEKS. They didn’t even chip, and this pictures are made the last day. They have some new polishes and I really hope that they didn’t change the formula. The only one that I have tried from the newer formula are the ones with the maxi brush and I am really disappointed giving that they don’t last even one hour. Click here to see the post that I made on that nail polish. I recommend reading it before you go and buy some of their nail polishes. The even worse part of them is that they made them even more expensive. But, hope that the other lines are better that that one.




The greenish one


The warm, golden, brownish one

Have a nice end of the day.

Do something good today 🙂


Antidote 😉

The boots saga

The boots saga

For 2 years I’ve been trying to find my idea for perfect boots for snow – that means: they absolutely CAN’T be slippery.

This winter 2 of my pair of boots were destroyed. The first ones I replaced were an ankle boots that were chipping off but because they were black I could get away with wearing them in the night or under jeans. They are faux leather, suede shoes. The new pair ended up being larger number that I will probably can wear but still..it is a larger number.

The pair in question with brightness upped to see the model.


For the second pair. I was walking in the snow and all of a sudden my heel broke and luckily it was on soft surface and no damage to my ankle occurred. But, the walk to my home was really interesting and funny for the other people that watched me 😀 I had fun and I was having fun making them smile so that was a good night after all 🙂

I couldn’t find boots for my liking. I wanted knee high boots, medium high heel and to be crampon-like underneath because where I live, If a snow falls, I would like to wear them and not to fall down. Most of all, I wanted for them to be waterproof because there is a lot of rain and I have nothing to wear when it rains.

After going through 3 cities, I finally ended up buying a pair that was slightly different from what I wanted but I was in need of and ended up buying them.

Lucky for me, that week was very rainy and because there was snow and ice before, to prevent from slipping the authorities put some dirt that looks awful:


I had some events to go to including my job interview. Needless to say that I traveled from one city to another and when I arrived to my destination I cleaned them well only to see them covered in dirt 5 minutes later.

But at least I didn’t have to wear my extra wintery boots that were veeeery heavy.

This are the boots in question after 2 cleaning sessions and apparently they still need cleaning.

I really like them. I got out one day just because I couldn’t wait to wear them and I’m usually very patient about those stuff.



Brightness upped to see the model but apparently that didn’t help. They look prettier but it sill rains outside so I can’t show you 😀

Brightness upped to see the model but apparently that didn’t help. They look prettier but it sill rains outside so I can’t show you 😀


After years of searching, at least I have most of the characteristics except for the crampon-like base. But, now I have something elegant-ish to wear on a rainy days.

How is your shoe – shopping going on lately? Any luck? I like reading you comments and posts 🙂

Have a nice week.

Antidote 😉

Nail polish: Golden Rose Rich Color 30

Nail polish: Golden Rose Rich Color 30

Has it really been that long? I haven’t noticed, probably because I was doing so well, and so bad at the same time. I have turbulent couple of months. Same bad things that turned into good things and some good things that turned into good things but left me so exhausted that I don’t even know how I managed to stay sane…except for the last day that I was about to have a meltdown but it stopped on the beginning of it. There was a day that I walked 15km, excluding the town changing and the 70km traveling with bus. I am thankful for all of them because I managed them well and they turned into great things and also am thankful for the people that I helped and they helped me do them.

In that intensive surroundings didn’t help this nail polish that I wore on the day on my job interview.



This nail polish chipped after one hour since I painted it on my nails. If I had time I would’ve change it but then something bad (but luckily turned into good) interfered with my plan and I didn’t even had time to wash my hair…


On the same day of painting my nails


On the same day of painting my nails


On the same day of painting my nails

This pictures are made on the same day of painting my nails….if you didn’t gather that by this time 😀  And I have to say that this is after fixing it right before the interview.

The number of coats does not matter.

I liked all of the other lines from Golden Rose and I’ve been user of their products since the beginning of my make up and nail polish years. This nail polish however is so bad and because it disappointed me so much, I don’t even want to try other colors from the range in fear of reacting the same.

I recommend nearly every other line from their nail polishes but I’d say – skip on this one, even though the colors are very nice.

Hope that I will make my next post sooner than before.

Have a good week,

Antidote 😉