YouTubeRewind 2018


Hi my Readers 🙂

Today’s topic is going to be a bit unusual.

I am more than certain that you know what YouTube is. And with that, I I more than sure that you watch videos on this platform.

YouTube Rewind is a project that started back in 2008 and sums up what has been watched the most. It represents videos and activities that are the most engaged with in the past year. The idea is really interesting and involves A LOT of creativity to recap the whole year in only circa 8 minutes.

But, since last year, it has been bad. I was so unamused by what they did and how they presented it.

This year’s video is another level of forced stuff. They flopped YouTubeRewind again. They started with the bad rewind last year, and continued the trend this year. I guess that’s what happens when creativity is controlled.
When I think about it, youtube has become so bad the past 2 years so is actually accurate.

Looking at the numbers, YouTubeRewind has never had such a bad ratio. YouTube, should listen to watchers. They are not happy with some of the decisions they have made.


Screen taken from YouTube


And this is only 3 hours after they posted the video.

After all, you can’t limit or force creativity. Or you might end up like this. 🙂



Also, I am hoping you have informed yourselves on the Article13 and #SaveTheInternet campaign. If you don’t know, it is European version of NetNeutrality only worse. So it is extremely important to inform yourselves and share this. None of the bigger corporations and media haven’t shared anything on this only because they benefit from it if it is voted for. Here is more on this topic: European version of NetNeutrality, only worse; no more blogging

Here are some reads (I found only few, surprise, surprise):

The CEO of YouTube herself is concerned and warns about this issue. She asks creators to „take action’ against EU copyright law“.

Have a nice one 😉


European version of NetNeutrality, only worse; no more blogging

European version of NetNeutrality, only worse; no more blogging

Hi my Readers

This post is going to be about really serious subject that is going to affect the Internet in whole on all of the continents, not only Europeans. Because if it is implemented on one continent, It can be easily implemented in all of the others.

Imagine your TV programs saying that they are showing a movie or a music video but instead you get this in mute:


This picture could be the internet if this continues.


You wonder why you still don’t know about the European version of  (only worse)? That is because big media and big stakeholders are not posting about Article13 for one reason only – it is in their interest. It is already voted for and it is expected to be finalized by the end of this year, IF IT IS NOT STOPPED. Big media and conglomerates will have the monopoly over what could be shared on the internet. That means:


  • no memes
  • no gifs
  • no freedom of speech
  • no blog posts too

And this could happen by the end of this year!

„Every small company, creator, artist who make their own content won’t be able to upload their content anywhere because they don’t belong to big companies and big companies will only allow whatever suits their needs and whatever benefits them. so no fan art, original art etc.“

The lines of „what is copyrighted“ can be blurred to the point where you can’t even post a selfie if you have tattoo because the tattoo is copyrighted to the tattoo artist!

How will the blogosphere be affected?

Taking pictures of products means that those products are copyright affected and therefore your post could be banned.

How will the rest of the world be affected? 

Europe created content won’t be able to be viewed in USA and vice versa.

So, imagine how many of the traffic could be lost.

That means that if you live in USA, Canada, Africa, India, China, anywhere except Europe and you create something, people from Europe won’t be able to see it. And if this happens it is only question of time when this could happen to YOUR continent/country.

As Europe helped with  to USA, help European citizens to save their internet and   and spread the word because as I already wrote, big media haven’t made a single article about this.


Here is what you need to know about   




Even the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki  is concerned and warns about this issue. She asks creators to „take action’ against EU copyright law“.

Please inform yourselves and share and make people aware of this bizzare attempt of censorship.  


Catrice – eye brow stylist – brow pencil

Catrice – eye brow stylist – brow pencil

Hi my Readers 🙂

Recently I did a haul post (I really dislike the word „haul“ so I titled it differently and you can see what I purchased by clicking over this text) and in that…haul, I purchased new brow pencil.

I needed new pencil after I found out that my favorite brow pencil is no longer carried in my country (smh) or is discontinued. In addition to 3 others, I added this one to my collection. None of them are comparable to that one. I just searched for one that will match my ashy brows even a little bit.

What I look for in a brow product 

As context, I would like to let you know what are my preferences:

  1. Ashy, but just the right amount, no red undertones
  2. Light, but not too light and that is surprisingly hard to find
    2.1 When applied, not to turn darker and to be even on the skin, as well as the brows
  3. Not too creamy, stiff and not patchy

Catrice eye brow stylist – brow pencil
with the coolest shade name
040 Don’t Let Me Brow’n
(get it 😀 )

catrice eye brow stylist

I must admit, this is a great shade name. With the inspiration and the pun 😀

The brow product

This brow pencil is with creamy texture. Has a spoolie on the other end.

catrice spoolie

Application and results

When I apply it, it has creamy texture and it gets stuck to the brow hair and when I apply it to the patches that are not covered with hair, it just not applies. I go over those parts several times and it still does not look like it stays on. I end up with a patch and too bold hairs. And when I go over with the spoolie on the other end (or even with different with that matter), it makes those patches even worse, disappears from them even more. It actually removes completely that little product that is applied and I’m left wit too bold brow hair and bold patches.


I tried swatching exactly as I would apply it on my brows, and as you can see, there is inconsistency.


As much as I wanted this product to work for me, it actually didn’t. I will probably continue to use it as much as I can but i’m not impressed.

Have you tried this brow pencil and if so, how did it work for you?


Have a nice one,

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Color 2 create – isana

Color 2 create – isana

Hi my Readers 🙂

As you may know, half of my hair is blue. And since I went to Germany for 3 months and my store was sold out of my Marion hair color in blue I was looking for something inexpensive to try and color my hair with. You’d think that Germany will have more options, but everything that I found was Got2be from Schwarzkopf (that was always sold out except for 2-3 colors), L’Oréal Paris Colorista, and this one – color2create from the Rossmann’s brand – Isana.


Since the first 2 were little more expensive which was not the reason for not buying, but I was not sure how will it turn out to my not-recently-bleached hair, so I decided to buy this one.

Looking back, If I cared that much, I would’ve got the Colorista one. I mean, the Sophie Hannah herself is on the packaging and she is kind of amazing at changing and experimenting with hair color. I think that I couldn’t decide between the different colors, and that’s why I didn’t buy one of them 😀  But I also knew that I would be able to properly do my hair when I go back (with bleaching and everything) so I left it alone at first.

Last year tried the color shampoo from Isana that did absolutely nothing to my hair so I wasn’t expecting much.

It actually turned really good. I mean, they did not have the color that I wanted but I was as shown on the packaging – light blue.

Color2Create by Isana 
Mix + Shade 
Mermaid Aqua

isana color2creame rossmann hair color haare dye blau blue mermaid aqua

How to apply?

After the first try, I figured out the best way to apply it and to actually „take“. Instead of applying it on dampened hair, apply it in generous amount and leave it a little longer that it says on the instructions (doing this is your own responsibility). I think that I threw out the packaging and the instructions and to be frank, I don’t really remember what was written on the instructions so I can’t be sure.

Does it last? 

Well, this actually penetrates inside your hair and when you rinse it apter applying, it does not showing blue water. But after 2-3 washing, the color starts to disappear.

Does it damage the hair? 

It is not the hair color that is damaging the hair because it is actually a hair shampoo. It is the bleaching that it damages the hair.

The product itself: 

This product is has blue tint but does not cling on the skin (I ran out of gloves and tried applying it with bare hands but only on a small part and washed my hand immediately, so I’m not sure about longer use).
It smells amazing and it actually reminds me of that time 🙂

For the price, this is actually good color shampoo. If you really want to try something, it is ok product.

The pictures are little blurry, so I’ve posted both of them just in case 🙂


Have you tried something different on your hair? Something out of the box? Send me links if you have so I could check it out 🙂

Have a nice one and remember to do something good,

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Mini cosmetics shopping

Mini cosmetics shopping

Hi my Readers 🙂

Catrice, Garnier, essence and more…

I am NOT a fan of the word „haul“ so for my shopping spree I used this „cosmetics shopping“ title because I couldn’t think of better one.

I ran out of stuff, needed stuff and needed to try some new stuff so I bought myself some stuff 😀

Of course I had to bust everything open but at least I saved some of the packaging just for photos for this blog 🙂

shopping haul spree cosmetics blog

Lets start with the make up 🙂

make up cosmetics catrice eye brow brow pencil eye brow stylist essence eyeliner waterproof catrice glam & doll curl & volume mascara

Catrice mascara – Glam & Doll – Curl & Volume mascara

I needed mascara after I found out that my Miss Sporty is no longer carried in my country (smh) so in a search of a good one, I spent too much time searching for the next one, especially because I already had few that were not that great.
I know that it looks like it was carried a lot in my bag and that is because it was – in a shopping bag 🙂

Catrice eye brow stylist – brow pencil 

Again, my brow pencil is discontinued so in addition to 3 others I added this one to my collection that are not comparable to that one. I just searched for one that will match my ashy brows even a little bit.

essence dip eyeliner – waterproof 

This one I know it will work because I have the non waterproof version already used up.

Hair products 

hair schwarzkopf hair repair oil gliss oil nutritive L'Oréal ELVITAL hair oil - loreal, l'oreal schwarzkopf

All of the hair products are repurchases.

L’Oréal ELVITAL hair oil 

This is a really good one. leaves my hair shiny and healthy, especially after frying it up for the blue collor 🙂

Schwarzkopf Gliss – spray – on hair mask

This is a spray that I use for detangling. It is actually spray – on mask. I used to use the yellow one before they repackaged it and it was really good with repairing effect. Nothing really repaired my split ends but with that one I saw difference. Smelled amazing too! This one – not so great. It states that oils are added but it is clear that only water and some detangly ingredient is added. I should really change it up to something other. For now, it is ok for detangling.

hair products schwarzkopf hair repair oil gliss oil nutritive marion color hair color shampoo blue

Marion star color hair color in Jeans

I am really careful with my hair and with that, I am trying to be careful with my hair color too, since it is blue. So if I want my blue hair to be fresh – I keep this just in case I need touch up. But this product is really good and touch ups are not that frequent unlike other similar products that I used.

marion star color

have you seen my terrible photos of my hair? I’ll try to make another post about it, like an updated hair color.

Lip care 

lip balm lip balm carroten summer kiss 25 spf balea pearly vanilla lippen pflege cosmetics

Carroten Summer kiss 25 sfp protection

I searched for liquidy balm that will be with spf for the summer days, I did not find what I was looking for so decided to take that chance with that 20% off and try this one.

Balea lippen pflege, mit shimmer – effekt

Having to use another lip balm with balea that tasted sweet, I bought this one that I see myself using for cheek highlight too (not too ofte, it is still oil). And the other one was with sweet taste. This one – IT’S NOT! Bu hey, it is shiny 😀

Face products

garnier micellar water cotton rounds.jpg

Coton rounds 

Well, this one is just something I needed since I ran out from my aldi one. I used them once and since then my eyes were little red and hope that this one didn’t cause that. I simultaneously tried another lotion so I’m hoping it is the lotion and not the cotton. I will have to use them more to see the results.
I like how the white part is actually the lady’s hair 🙂
Also, have you seen this post? Well I think that the packaging got me to buy it 😀

Garnier micellar water

This micelar water is amazing. More on it in some of my next posts.



Repurchase – again. At least I found few stuff that are not bad and are not discontinued…yet 😀 But I will be writing more on this product in some of my next posts.


essence sharpener

essence sharpener

I needed one but after my Estée Lauder I don’t think that this one cuts it (did I just made a pun? 😀 ). More on this in some of my next posts 🙂

I will try to do updated post about how this products are working for me, even though most of them were repurchased items.


Have a nice weekend and remember to do something good 🙂

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Living in Germany for 3 months

Living in Germany for 3 months

Hi my Readers 🙂

cologne germany deutschland koln koeln cathedral dom

When I started this blog, my intention was to spread positive vibes and to write once in a while about product but also include writing-type of a post. Well, this one is.

I am wondering if I should create another blog only for this series and continue with traveling tips and experience so write in the comments what are your thoughts on this 🙂

I absolutely love traveling and I think it will be a good idea to make a special blog about my experience 🙂

During the summer, I lived in Germany for 3 months. I spend the last summer too but it was nothing like this one. This time, there wasn’t a day where something disastrous didn’t happen and I have a lot to write about. I have probably forgotten about half of the stuf because – believe me – IT WAS A LOT!


So, I guess this is going to be only my introduction on this subject.

For now, have a nice day and I’m waiting on comments 🙂

essence dip eyeliner


Hi my Readers 🙂

I am someone that enjoys eyeliner. One of the first things that I used from makeup is eyeliner – specifically Estée Lauder eyeliner that I don’t think it is still available.

I want to use makeup that is not expensive just so I can change it more often because I have problem with my eyes.

I bought 2 versions from this eyeliner. One of them I don’t even think is available anymore.

Essence has affordable products but not everything has worked up well for me. So, my expectations for this product were neutral.

essence dip eyeliner 

essence dip eyeliner black makup.jpg


This eyeliner is black, but because of the wand it is really easy to apply. Does not smear but because of the rush it takes time to get used to the amount of product that it comes out of the tube.


What the hell is the right term here? Help me out 😀
Well, this thing ( 😀 ) is interesting. It has flat side for someone that wants their eyeliner little bit thick, and if you turn it on the side (which is the way I was using it most of the time) it is thin and meant for eyeliner that is sharp.

essence dip eyeliner black makeup 4ml wand liner brush.jpg

This picture is reeealy macro and up close, bare that in mind. Those tiny brushes that you see on the picture are not in the way of making the perfect liner 🙂 



4ml / 0.3 fl.oz

essence dip eyeliner black makeupessence dip eyeliner black makeup 4ml


This is great eyeliner that lasted me a long time (both daily and considering the amount), didn’t smear on my eyes, didn’t transfer on my brow bone, didn’t irritate my eyes. Easy to apply and has rich black color.


Considering everything else including the price, I will probably buy it again…after I finish the waterproof version on what I am planing to do post about when I try it. 🙂

Have you tried this product? Have you done post about it and I missed to read it? Link it in comment so I can check how this product worked out for you. 🙂

Have a nice one,

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cl cosmetic GmbH – med +, vegan deodorant

cl cosmetic GmbH – med +, vegan deodorant

Hi my Readers 🙂

I’ve been trying to get some products that are without all those bad stuff: aluminium, paraben, alcohol but still will work good. So I’ve bought several deodorant that are reportedly good.

The first one that I’m going to write about is

cl cosmetic GmbH, med + 

cl cosmetic GmbH - med + vegan deodorant rossmann drogerie markt drogeriemarkt

This deodorant claims that is with 0% aluminium, zink, paraben, alcohol, animal ingredients. Vegan.

cl cosmetic GmbH - med + vegan deodorant rossmann drogerie markt drogeriemarkt markt ingredients


This deodorant smells nice, but besides that, there is also 0% protection. I want to sweat, and I don’t ming circles as long as I don’t walk around smelling like I didn’t take shower for a month.

I’ve tried this for 2 weeks. Thinking that will protect me at least from smell (mind you, it is not bad), the first time I used it I wore it on a sunny day. Safe to say that didn’t protect me from anything.

After that, I tried it after shower and seemed to me that if I put water it will not be that bad. Since then, I tried it only at home just to be sure and save to say that it does not protect even in cold, not to mention sunny day.

it is good for the initial „after shower“ because I try not to put anything harsh or anything after shower. It says that it does not cause irritation after shaving and that is true.
But that’s it. If I dare to go out with it I just know that it will not work.

Will I continue to use it: sure, but only when I’m home and know I can reapply in any time if necessary.

Will I repurchase it: no.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

If you have post on this and I missed it, link it in the comments so I can read it 🙂

Have a nice one 😉




Dove – body lotion

Dove – body lotion

Hi my Readers 🙂


I was looking for a body lotion that really hydrates but does not leave that layer that you can feel and you can but you don’t want to put clothes over it. You know what I mean 🙂

Since I have too much from everything, I am trying (not succeeding but still 😀 ) not to buy too much before I could finish something up.

dove body lotion shea vanile pistazien magnolienduft

I bought Dove purely pampering body lotion – for all skin types.

dove body lotion shea butter and warm vanilla

Contains shea butter and warm vanilla.

Deep Care complex (with 3 drops on the picture)




The smell is sweet and I definitely recommend first smelling then buying if that is possible. It leaves the skin relatively smooth but I tried it after tanning on the sun (and afterwards the skin needs the hydration) and the results:  it hydrates momentarily, but tomorrow my skin felt dry.

When I lived shortly in another country, I bought Dove – pflege versprechen für trockene haut wich means – body lotion for dry skin.

dove body lotion pflege trockene haut dry skin

Contains: pistachio & magnolia fragrance. 

With 4 drops on the picture




Since I worked and the weather was untipycally warm and I used public transportation, sometimes I had to shower twice a day. In combination with other factors (not drinking nearly enough water, bad eating schedule, worse sleeping schedule) my skin dried out. This one helped it recover a bit and even the next day I could feel the pleasant smell that this lotion leaves.

I truly believe that not every country receives the same exact product. My believes are based on studying and experience, also, studies that I often read. If someone’s interested, I can write post about that with some of the studies and links to them. Bare in mind that are in different languages.

Have you used some of Dove body lotions and do you have the same feeling?

Have a nice one.

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I logged in on this day? Coincidence!


Hi my Readers 🙂

I’ve been really busy for a while. After long time, I finally have some time so I logged in to see whats up. 

I spent a lot of time speaking language other that english (and english is not my first language) so I’m not sure how correct this is going to be written.

Posts about where I’ve been are coming. (oh, wait ’till you see)

The main reason that I’m writing this blog is to let you know that I created this Word Press account 7 years ago (only started with a blog with another concept).

It is coincidence that I logged in on this exact day 🙂

Hopefully, will write many more posts.

In this really short post with scattered words I’m going to wish you a nice day or evening and many smiles 😉