Theme color I like these days


Hi my Readers 🙂

I change colors that I enjoy once in a while. This past few months I changed so much but this post is going to me about my current colors 😀

This days I enjoy a few that are really going together: teal blue, blue, mint…you get the pattern 😀

So, of course I bought even more nail polishes to go with my theme and I am puling out every piece of clothes that has and goes with this color 😀

I always combine my nail color with the clothes and outfits.

Nails: keep in mind that in this collection of pictures from my nails, some of them are captured right when they were made or right before removing the nail polish so they look a bit (a lot) funky 🙂

With this cat…luckily I had the nails because I really like them but I forgot to take pictures of them.

In that style I made them so many times… What can I say, I like the ocean 😀


Blue mascara:

blue mascara.jpg


Accessories: scarfs, jewelry & Outdoor accessories: hat, gloves, scarfs.. clothes too!

blue gloves scarf shawl hat knit pillow.jpg

My background is also light blue  😀

Even my cosmetic stuff are those colors 😀 I just want you to know that every time I snapped a picture, I was just seeing something else and adding it. But I had to stop because there was not going to have room for more If I just kept adding  😀


Don’t let me started with the desk lamp…and many other stuff 😀

teal desk lamp blue mint

Cosmetic packaging

blue garnier genera rexona nail polish.jpg

blue garnier genera rexona nail polish comb.jpg


EVEN MY HAIR IS TURQUOISE BLUE 🙂 but that will have to wait until my next post 🙂


Do you have color that really atracts you lately? And do you combine your nail polish with you outfit?

Have a nice one 🙂




Argan oil hair conditioner (swiss o par arganöl haarkur)

Argan oil hair conditioner (swiss o par arganöl haarkur)

Hi my Readers 🙂

We’ve all heard of how argan oil is good for the hair. Based on that, I wanted to try a conditioner. It was on sale so I got it and here it is my thoughts on it.

argan oil swiss o par

It says that it is for dry and shineless hair. Should have read the ingredients too but I was in a hurry.

   Swiss o par – argan oil hair conditioner                      SWISS O PAR arganöl haarkur  

This stayed in my bath next to the window so the packaging is a little bit washed out from the sun 😀

Ingredients list and claims:


As you can see, water is on the first place and on the very second place is alcohol. I don’t know about you but alcohol does not scream „hydration“. There are several types of alcohol in this product.

200 ml


The consistency is veeery watery and when I try to use it, I end up applying way too much, but even with that – it is not doing much for my hair. It may be because it is silicone free but still, I used it almost all of it up and still didn’t see any difference regarding the dryness of my hair, as the stated claims.

Also, from argan oil conditioner, I expect more.

Scent: when I smelled it in store iI said to myself: well, If it does good to my hair, I will try to get over the scent. Turns out, It didn’t work out 😀 Definitely recommend smelling it in store if you want to buy it.

argan oil


Will I repurchase: NO.

Because I am using it only on my lower half of my hair, I need it to be as repairing as it can since I am experimenting with that part of my hair so much. And even when my hair was healthy, did not noticed any difference.

Have you tried this product? I am really curious to read if it worked for you?


Have a nice weekend 🙂

Antidote 😉




You thought people in big countries are against makeup? Boy are you wrong

You thought people in big countries are against makeup? Boy are you wrong

Hi my Readers 🙂

This post is going to be about makeup conservative persons that don’t wear makeup or consider it „rude“ and „loud“.


Big countries have the advantage of gaining more supporters as oppose to little countries in development. Even if this little countries in development want to make difference, they don’t have the people power to do so.

Latest example of that is that a girl asked for a „mascara that gives dramatical look to the lashes“. She did not insulted anyone but her question was screenshoted and paraded over the internet as she made something reeealy wrong. All of that accompanied with sarcastic comments..of course – from other girls and even grown *** women.

I tried asking why the girl screenshoted that and made a sarcastic comment. I got a childish response and I don’t even want to continue at this point about where that conversation went because I did not insulted her and she started making all this rude comments. Of course – insulting is a great option when you don’t know the answer to your own stupidity.

Todays lesson is: don’t underestimate the freedom you have about everything else but since this suposed to be a „positivity about beauty“ blog – wearing makeup-wise.

Have a nice weekend 🙂


BIG content creators posting one video in two months and their subscribers hate

BIG content creators posting one video in two months and their subscribers hate

Hi my Readers 🙂

I’ve been writing a lot lately but I figured – since I’m having the place, I might as well write what I think 🙂

I’ve been watching YouTube since long time ago. I’m noticing that not only the algorithm, but also the content creators are faulty of some things.

play button

Here it is:

I get that not everyone is always feeling like creating content. I am one of those people – if I don’t have the energy – I might as well leave it and don’t create some bad content as opose to the days where I create even 7-8 posts at a time and at one sitting.

I’ve noticed that big names are getting so much hate and that is another drawback. I get bullies too – the don’t have enough attention in their life so they have to hide behind anonymity just to write bad things to others. I will never get non-constructive criticism and hate. What is the point of spreading hate when you can instead comment something nice and brighten someone’s day. Jealousy? Oh you poor jealous haters that can’t feel fulfilled with their own stuff so they have to bash other’s just to feel good. You must be really sad person.

So I get content creators.

Still, I blame the subscribers: why whine and criticize (hate is much appropriate) content creators when you can watch aaaaall of the other’s creators that really try and have 5000-50000 subscribers. I watch some content creators that post 2,3,5 or even 7 times a week and they don’t have enough credit for their work. I mean, life, but still. I get that people have favorites but just get over the fact that those don’t like to post for variety of reasons.

5 videos in 4 months while some post 5 videos in one week? Take a hint. And don’t hate! What is the point of hate? You feel bad, they feel bad, random reader feels bad and you achieve nothing.

Instead, exchange the time for hate for another content creator’s video.

There. I can write and write but this sums my long thoughts. But after all, nobody bothers to read anything but they still want their readers count to go up.

Newsflash: you are selfish and two-faced if you do this.

OK, I’m done with my rant.

Do something good today, read someone’s blog, watch some small youtuber’s video. 

Bye from Antidote 😉

Difference between good quality an bad quality products

Difference between good quality an bad quality products

Hi my Readers 🙂

I like long nails. I like short nails. I like reeeealy long nails. I like every kind of length of the nails.

What I don’t like is nail polish that stains the nails.

Fair warning – there will be some really bad looking nail pictures because of the nail polish! 

Tags black nail polish black nails long nails nail nail polish nail polish staining nail polish stains nails

I like how black nail polish looks on really long nails but I haven’t worn black polish for such a long time. Two weeks ago I wanted to paint my long nails black but I couldn’t find my new black nail polish so I scraped up some of the ones that I had but were with very little product inside the bottle.

Few days ago I wanted to paint my nails black again but same thing happened so I painted one hand with some polish that I bought so I can fix something black that was damaged (not my soul, thank you very much 😀 ). In meantime I spotted the brand new black nail polish that was present and painted the other hand (the nails tho, not the hand) with that one.

3 days later my nails look lie this:


The one on the stained hand is not entirely stained ONLY because it was scraped off during the time I was cleaning my balcony.

After this picture I removed the little pieces that were left after the removing but the staining didn’t budge!

I tried vinegar and baking soda to remove it bud the damage is too bad. Now I have to cover them and I wanted to leave them breathe for a while and the reason is:

too much nail polish without pause can cause physical pain because of addiction to the chemicals in the nail polish. It is true and I experienced it a while back when I wore nail polish without break and when I removed it it made my nails hurt so much that the pain was unbearable. They felt hot on touch and it WAS a big dial so I recommend making pauses in between wearing nail polish.


Have a nice one and do something good today. Even for yourself, that counts too 🙂

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Quick tips on drinking more water


Hi my Readers 🙂

Knowing how important drinking more water is, I wanted to give you some tips on drinking more water.

drinking water droplets droplettes drops excesses exercise exercises hydration sport sportswear water

To shorten this a little bit, instead of writing every single thing that water is food for (that can take me space as long as the earth in length), I will write only one thing:

water is good for everything! 

Just think of something and the answer to „is the water going to be good for that“ and the answer will probably be yes. 

hydration, hydration, hydration

So here are some tips for you.

  1. Pour water in 500ml bottle just to have option to be portable. When you can walk it with you around the room, it is easier to drink water an „don’t want to get up“ won’t be you excuse. Watching TV? Next to you. On your balcony? – Next to you. Sleeping (extremely important if last night was a crazy one from partying 😀 )? – No problem, you have bottle next to your bed…or chair…wherever you end up falling asleep 😀
  2. Place cups in front of you. On your working table or desk, place a cup or two or even more, as much as you prefer. Pour some water, juice, tea inside and you’ll see how your hand gravitates towards the cups. It is easy to grab it while you are working on something, just like you do with coffee.
  3. Extra tip for number 2: just place it little bit further so you won’t end up with tee on your personal computer or documents and books 🙂 Also, in fear that it will end up of your keyboard, you will be „forced“ to drink it. 😀
  4. Buy a cute cup. Just for the joy of the new thing that you bought yourself – you will probably end up drinking more water 🙂
  5. Get up more! So what if you have to get up? That means that you will exercise and that’s a plus. Just for getting up, you will activate more muscles instead of just sitting all the time.

drinking water droplets droplettes drops excesses exercise exercises hydration sport sportswear water

I encourage you to check out this links too. They have great tips on how to drink more water. Hope that they won’t mind me linking them to their blog 🙂

LIFEMAKEUPSTYLE’s tips for drinking more water 🙂

And here is some reeaaly cute thing that got into my mind so I wanted to give shoutout – how to creatively motivate yourself to drink more water. And the best of all – she created this herself 🙂

JUST BEING ELLA’s creative way of drinking more water 🙂 

You can also check my last post about how to get more small things and exercises (that don’t even count as exercises) done.

Not going out much for simple tasks

Have a great weekend and remember to do something good, even for yourself, that counts too 🙂


Not going out much for simple tasks


Hi my Readers 🙂

I’ve noticed that I don’t want walking to my store or to throw garbage or do something silly like that. And recently I figured out why.

For my home, I have clothes that I don’t want them to be outside and bring germs near on them near the place I sleep (because I always pet cats and dogs are alway jumping around me to greet me). The Idea of puting my going out pants (and everything else changing for that matter) it has turned me into a lazy person.
I don’t know what hit me but I decided to buy sportswear (my wardrobe is faaar away from sportswear… I even exercise in my leggings that are for going out). Since then I am wearing simple t – shirt with sport jacket and bottom tracksuits (oh, I’m having so much hard time naming these thing since I don’t wear them). The bottom tracksuits were apparently for men but I liked the pattern so I didn’t care.

Now when I have all-ready wardrobe for neighborhood walk, I started going out more to do simple tasks – feed the outdoor cats, feed the outdoor dogs, throw the trash 3 times a day ( 😀 ), walking to the nearest store.

If you are struggling with the same thing, my suggesting for you is to do the same as I did. I think it could help you a lot. 🙂

Some other steps to help you motivate to do thiose simple tasks with jou:

  1. Buy pair of sportswear to wear it for just visiting the neighborhood’s store, feeding the neighborhood pets.
    They don’t have to be expensive. Cheap ones are fine too. Already explained more about this mindgame above 😀
  2. Install a pedometer. 
    The daily goal can motivate you to walk more. I like simple apps with just a step counting option. But it is up to you.
  3. Disconnect yourself from the internet. 
    The world will still be here after those 10-20 minutes.


Have a nice one and go out more, even the smallest distance counts. 🙂


More terrible hair pictures from Marion hair color – star color; dyed my hair in strange color

More terrible hair pictures from Marion hair color – star color; dyed my hair in strange color

Hi my Readers 🙂


Remember the post that I made about Marion hair color? This post: Marion hair color – star color; dyed my hair in strange color; extensive REVIEW  Well it’s time I post the real result, not just a strand test.

All and all, if the selling lady didn’t gave me the wrong color I would’ve been very satisfied with my hair color. But, that is not the dye fault, it is my preference.

I bleached my hair but because I didn’t wanted to fry it off, I left it with some yellow tint (hense the teal green color instead of blue).  But it looked very nice.

So here are some pictures that I took of it.

I KNOW… I know these are terrible but I didn’t really took pictures of my hair so I had do crop a lot of them out AND to cover my sleepy and half blinking eyed face with this cute wild cat 😀 

P.S. I can do better, but I just wanted to post this post and not spend an hour to photo-shopping wild cat on my face 😀 😀 😀



One of them is lightened to fit different monitor colors.

And another one..

blue hair, color shampoo, farby, hair, hair dye, kosmetyki, kozmetika, lazur, lazur marion, marion, marion kosmetyki, marionkosmetyki, NOWOCZESNA SZAMPONETKA, ocean blue, ocean blue marion, ocean blue marion lazur, ombre, pasemka, poland, polish, polish cosmetic, polish cosmetics, polska, recenzija, recenzyjna, review, star color, star color marion, SZAMPONETKA, teal hair, test

Blue hair


If you have any questions that I forgot to write about, feel free to leave them as comment and I will answer and include them in the post. 🙂

Have a nice one 😉

The difference about blogging and social media; what I like about blogs

The difference about blogging and social media; what I like about blogs

Hi my Readers 🙂

follow unfollow

This post different, as I wrote that once in a while (or if I feel like it, even more) I will write about anything else.

More and more people on social media are folowing people, waiting for those people to follow them back. Then they proceed to unfolow them once they are followed back. It is happening ALL the time and it is getting annoying. The need of attention and „becoming famous“ is getting worse and to the level of obsession.


People need to stop with follow – unfollow -follow- unfollow. They forgot how to enjoy. This topic is so big and if I write everything about it, it will end up measuring it in kilometers. Going to write just few scattered thoughts.

I would like to say to those people: stop obsessing over strangers following you. Instead, post your photos and followers will…well… follow you 🙂

The situation on the blog is different: nobody can see how much blogs you are following (or can it be seen… no idea..because that don’t mater to me as long as I like your post). And the obsession on „unfollowing you because I am famous now with several hundred followers“ is non existent. You either like something or you don’t. Simple as that.

Best of all – no algorithm!

That is the main reason why blogosphere is little bit different.


Have a nice end of the week.

Buy from Antidote 😉


essence -volume stylist- 18h ~curl & hold~ mascara

essence -volume stylist- 18h ~curl & hold~ mascara

Hi my Readers 🙂

This post is going to be about a mascara from essence.


A while ago I purchased a lot of items from essence. Before, I’m not completely sure but I think that I didn’t own anything from them.

This is the first mascara that I’m trying from this brand. It is the VOLUME stylist, 18h curl & hold mascara with micro styling waxes.


When I was looking for new mascara, I wanted the wand not to be silicone and that was the only criteria. I was working in another country so I was not looking too much just to get me through the few days that I had left until I go back.

My first choice was the one with the purple tube (same design as this one only purple) and I don’t really know what made me buy this one. Maybe because I was always buying colors that I like and thought I change it up and in that time I was influenced by my roommates that REALLY like blush pink…oh well 😀
Kidding. I really don’t know. Maybe the wand threw me off a little bit because looked very simple.

Back to the actual product now.

This is 12ml/0.40 fl.oz. mascara which is a little bit more than a usual mascara. The packaging has nice design.


It claims that it is with micro styling waxes, gives volume, curls and holds the lashes.




In the condition that I wore, I noticed that gives a lot of volume but it disperses a lot of product because no matter how much you try to remove the excess, I might have to clean it with a tissue. With hectic mornings when I was in a rush, that was not an option but I managed to make the lashes look good.

This is a mascara that if your lashes touch the brow bone, it will smear and will left black on that brow bone. It crumbles under the eyes, and with 9h chaotic shifts and only half an hour pause, that was not an option!


I have other mascaras LIKE THIS ONE that is not waterproof but still manages not to end up on my brow bone or crumble under my eyes.


So all in all…

Things I like:

  • gives volume (as it claims)
  • visually lengthens the lashes
  • it is really black


Things that need improving:

  • a lot of product comes on the wand and because of that I makes it easy to make a mess and apply too much and make it clumpy to the point you might need spooly on a side to prevent a mess
  • crumbles under the eyes
  • if you have oily lids, use creamy products on the brow bone or you are wearing it for a lot of time (like 9hours shift, 2hours of traveling) you are going to have black dots if your lashes hit the brow bone
  • little hard to remove and had to be really aggressive with the cotton round and 2 different micellar waters

Here are some more blury photos of the mascara wand because of bad lighting.



If I missed something, let me know and I will answer and plus include it in this post as your question.

Have a good day.

Remember to do something good for you and the others 🙂