Concrete or chia pudding, tbd + flower of the day :)


Hi my Readers 🙂

Decided to make chia pudding for the first time after I had some issues with my appetite (more about that on the next paragraph).
Searched for some recipe online, I saw it and of course – I didn’t follow it 😀 As chia seeds swell up when soaked I forgot that that will happen on another level much later. I sat down to eat and sure enough 10 minutes later I had very solid consistency. I quickly poured just a little bit more water, stirred it and placed it in the fridge. I am imagining some concrete hard consistence in an hour from now.

How I prepared it:

– chia seeds (duh)
– milk (of choice)
– water
– honey
– flax seeds

The recipe stated that the honey can be added afterwards but immediately thinking I won’t like it because of it’s consistency – I poured it together with the other ingredients and stirred. Waited a bit and stirred again. Tried it to see if I need to add something I added what I felt it needed more and refrigerated it. I’m planning to add some fruits on top of it just to add some more vitamins. It is also recommended to use glass cup or jar to see if you stirred it good enough but I don’t thin that will make some big of a difference if you stir it long enough.

Not sure why but few days ago I had headache and since then I had trouble eating. The day before yesterday I felt hungry but because I was out running some court errands I couldn’t eat hours later and even then I forced myself to eat. Yesterday I had headache again and only drank a cup of coffee which made me jittery and ate a cup of oats after I felt so dizzy that I couldn’t stand.

The result

Almost forgot to take a picture of it. I started eating it because I couldn’t wait to see if it turned out
The verdict: Tastes amazing! Tastes really good. Reminds me of sweet rice pudding but not quite. It is interesting and it keeps me full. Want to cut down on sweet and incorporate more fruits and this actually looks like it will do the job but I’ll see how it plays out when my appetite sorts out. I added some fruits too: some frozen raspberry, cherry, aronia and banana.. fancy I know 🙂

The other thing that is visible on the picture is some fruit shake or smoothie, if you will and it tastes sooo good!

In the process of making this picture better since I ate half of the cup, I thought I include some flowers and mention a blog that shares many nice stories that I enjoy reading as well as different pictures of many different things and brightens up the blog timeline – Cee’s Photo Challenges

Daffodils from my late grandparent’s house and Hyacinth. Hope you enjoy them (some of them are little sad looking since they are past their expiration date.

What do you thing about this kind of desert? Have you tried something similar?

Wishing you a very nice day 🙂

They fought for us and we returned with reduction of those accomplishments


In honor to every woman. In honor in every woman that made the rights women enjoy today – possible. In honor to every person that helped them.

The earliest Women’s Day observance, called “National Woman’s Day”, was held on February 28, 1909, in New York City, organized by the Socialist Party of America at the suggestion of activist Theresa Malkiel. In August 1910, an International Socialist Women’s Conference was organized to precede the general meeting of the Socialist Second International in Copenhagen, Denmark. Inspired in part by the American socialists, German delegates Clara Zetkin, Käte Duncker, Paula Thiede and others proposed the establishment of an annual “Women’s Day”, although no date was specified at that conference. Delegates (100 women from 17 countries) agreed with the idea as a strategy to promote equal rights including suffrage for women The following year on March 19, 1911, International Women’s Day was marked for the first time, by over a million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. In the Austro-Hungarian Empire alone, there were 300 demonstrations. In Vienna, women paraded on the Ringstrasse and carried banners honoring the martyrs of the Paris Commune. Women demanded that they be given the right to vote and to hold public office. They also protested against employment sex discrimination.

As you can see, not much of this has changed.

Women fighting for their basic rights, they are looked down on, they are scrutinized for being online, made fun of because their partners are sharing pics on the interned that they were given to in confidence, covered from head to toe, stoned to death and so much more gore statistics.

Today, the struggle for equality is not essentially that different. With nearly similar demands, few places where rights are not just on paper and hope that this will be overcomed sooner rather than later, the most important thing is that together, everyone, every single person should play a part and unite to one day, make these things reality for every female.

Teach future generations to know why they give gifts to the woman in their lives. To know why women celebrate this day. To know why these events and why these upheavals in world history are so important. And most important – together with you, they are the ones that are in charge now and the ones to continue this fight.

More on this on many books and internet

For now, I am leaving you with few posters that played a key part for the women in history
(every picture belongs to the respective owners and I have no ownership for them)

Happy International Women’s Day

Golden Rose Extreme Glitter shine nail lacquer 211

Golden Rose Extreme Glitter shine nail lacquer 211

Golden Rose Extreme Glitter shine nail lacquer 211

Hi my Readers 🙂

Brace yourself for influx of pictures from 3 different devices in order to capture the beauty of this nail polish! And they are still not good enough but I uploaded as many as I could for you. Glitter is so hard to capture on camera and I wanted to be as true to color as they can be.  And If you scroll down, you’ll see that on black base it looks like galaxy 🙂 

extreme glitter shine 211extreme glitter shine 211 golden rose 211

I’ve been neglecting my nail lacquers for so long. I at least would paint them in one color but lately I’ve been slacking so much but decided to change that and this lacquer was a big part of it. The previous nails were also sort of difficult to made so I waited for them to start crumble apart before removing them so I can fully appreciate them.

You have no idea how much of a change this nail lacquer has made. Don’t know what it is about it but it sparked joy. I’ve been caring it around and just staring at it. Not to mention the staring at my nails…by me 😀 It might be because those colors were near to part of my hair colors (and I really like how the combination of turquoises and purple go together)

I entered the beauty store for one purpose but as it almost always it, left the store with more but all necessary things. One of them was picking some new nail polish. Fully intended to just check them out what’s new but then saw this one. Checked online to see how it looks because it they just got it and they didn’t have a swatch. The only internet picture was kind of deceiving but I still don’t regret buying it (quite the opposite as you already read 🙂 ). 

The bottle 

The first one is from my camera and many attempts to capture the right shades and the beauty of the glitter. 

The second ones are with the base color and I left the blurry ones just so you can see the glitter because boi is it hard to capture the glitter in the nail polish (kudos to the professionals). 

On daylight with different device: 

And with black base: 

Well… I tried…

Wishing you a good one 🙂 

Antidote 😉 

Palmolive shower cream


Hi my Readers (scroll down for the reason of these dark pictures)

Palmolive always had very good and hydrating shower gels and shower creams. Some of them smell really good and some of them need acquired taste.

Palmolive also has one of my favorite shower gels that I have many bottles in stock and will write about in some other post. 

Palmolive shower milk is one of the ones that smell really good to me. The hydration that gives to the skin is also very nice and unlike many other shower creams, you can actually feel the hydrated skin. It’s from the naturals line and it claims it has 100% natural milk proteins. 

I also use it when I have some tan on me because it doesn’t automatically erase it but it actually helps saving it.

The reason why the pictures are so dark is because the etiquette is biodegradable but the glue – isn’t and it fell off of my shelf and collected so much dust.

It’s very funny to me that they made the etiquette bio degradable but the bottle is solid plastic. And why is funny to me is because of this post that I wrote some time ago.

I really like this Palmolive shower milk because it really soothes my skin. It is also good to the delicate skin when sunburn occurs. And as bonus – it smells really nice and fresh 🙂 

Wishing you a good one, 

Antidote 😉 


AO, tennis, Novak Djokovic and the coup against him

AO, tennis, Novak Djokovic and the coup against him
Novak Djokovic is very charismatic, polite and presents himself in relatable way. That’s why he was always the beloved by the audience.
This past year or so, we’ve noticed that the mass media only mentions him in bad connotation or when wants to present something negative about him. It is very clear that there is something going on against him. 
Novak Djokovic is very charismatic, polite and presents himself in relatable way. That’s why he was always the beloved by the audience.
This past year or so, we’ve noticed that the mass media only mentions him in bad connotation or when wants to present something negative about him. It is very clear that there is something going on against him. 


Novak Djokovic is very charismatic, polite and presents himself in relatable way. That’s why he was always the beloved by the audience.

Just look at the video I posted bellow and you’ll see what I mean.   

This past year or so, we’ve noticed that the mass media only mentions him in bad connotation or when wants to present something negative about him. It is very clear that there is something going on against him. 

„He hosted tournament and made people get covid.“

It hurts me that the only thing they know about this event is that some got the virus. The reality is that he held that tournament in particular (and other players agreed on playing) to unite two nations that were in war (and that bad vibe, decade after – still lingеrs) over sport. Something that nobody ever even dared to do because of fear of the outcome.

Trust me when I tell you how big of a deal this was.  

What he received after and still receives is devastating to me, knowing what his intention were.

Mass  media has made him the villain. He was only mentioned in negative stuff. That’s why we don’t know why he did the infamous tournament. 


Some of the things that he’s done that if you search his name – they don’t come up.


In 2007, Djokovic founded the Novak Djokovic Foundation. The organization’s mission is to help children from disadvantaged communities to grow up and develop in stimulating and safe environments.

His foundation has built 43 schools and supported almost 20,800 children and a thousand families. Build Kindergarten in Jalovik village built by the Novak Djokovic Foundation

He participated in charity matches with the aim of raising funds for the reconstruction of the Avala Tower, as well as to aid victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake and 2010–11 Queensland floods.

He has established a tradition of hosting and socializing with hundreds of Kosovo Serb children during Davis Cup matches organized in Serbia. He was selected as the 2012 Ashe Humanitarian of the Year, for his contributions through the foundation, his role as a UNICEF ambassador

In August 2015, he was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. During the 2014 Balkans floods, he sparked worldwide financial and media support for victims in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.

He donated his prize money to the flood victims in Serbia, while his foundation collected another $600,000. He donated $20,000 to Melbourne City Mission’s early childhood education programm to help disadvantaged children.

He will donate €1 million for the purchase of ventilators and medical equipment to support hospitals.

Australian Open and their rules

They make news against him which is locked with a subscription and almost no one knows what the conversation is except the title, but that does not stop them to chat about it and spread some uninformed hatred. There are events on Twitter trending after 5 days, but this immediately reaches the first place on the trending list? ….suuuureee…. 

Now people think he’s self entitled for asking for nutritious meal for the tournament…that AO organized… If someone tells me again that this is not a chase against him..

How negotiation works: it starts with a list of demands, including some impossible ones, then a compromise is reached. 

He’s talking about every player and the energy they need, not only him. Many professional players need proper nutrition, especially 14 days before one of the biggest tournaments. It is not that big of a request. It’s clear that this was intentionally made for him to look bad. Being in a room for 14 days before the tournament it is not the way to prepare.

And here’s why:

They were allowed to train a first, but AO changed the rules. The players were informed that they’ll be in quarantine and allowed to train for 5 hours, but later, the authorities changed their mind.

„Australia gave the international players assurances regarding training time and quarantine. Then, after the athletes agreed and arrived, based on those assurances, Australia undid the agreed terms. Now players are screwed for the following tournament too.“ 

Sorana Cirstea Tennis Australian Open

Apparently he is not the only one complaining, but of course he is the only one being slammed from AO. Which just proves my point.


Australian Open organizes it. It is their responsibility to clear everything with the government officials beforehand and warn the players about possible changes. Requests aren’t unreasonable amid the biggest tennis tournament in the world. That’s the reason why AO is one of them. If they can’t make what they promised happen, then why hold it? 5 hours training per day (they were promised 5 hours a day no matter the quarantine) and none whatsoever for 2 weeks actually makes a BIG difference in professional sport, in anything, for that matter.

The issues for me is the failure from the AO to clear that with the government officials beforehand so the players will be prepared for the possibility of not training 2 weeks before the biggest events in the world and that he was the only one called out. Many players complained, but sure, blame him and only him. 


Excerpt from: Tennis stars slam hotel food in quarantine ahead of Australian Open

Why is it important for Australian Open for the players, particularly the #1 to attend:

Those events are held because of them. Just for example, if one of them cancelled, the prices for the tickets would immediately drop. If the #1 cancels, the prices would significantly go down. So it is the organizer fault for not keeping up with their own rules.

Australian government officials cleared, but suddenly changed their mind. So irresponsible, no matter the pandemic.

Mind you, Australia is the one organizing it. Why is that important? Because Australia makes money off it too.

Not to mention the fact that many will be left unemployed if this event gets cancelled. Employees, businesses around that host the audience, many will lose their income.

People that say many awful things including that he should have stay silent – rudeness and silence gets you nowhere. You need to fight for your rights.



Why I think it is part of a coup:

He is from the Balkans. But the Balkans consists from many different countries, including the one he is from – Serbia. On the picture people were spreading, there was a particular phrase „on the list that Balkan demands“ which is very rude and way of telling „he is not allowed to sit with us“.

Many replied to me with „where is he from, he should go back to the hole he’s came from“ and some parts that I choose not to type and share because they require censoring.

All we’ve seen was the negative stuff that spreads like lighting. No one mentions all the good he’s done.

Let’s end this on a nice note and here is one of my favorite sport moments of all time that always makes me smile: 


Please tell me your opinion on this subject. I really would like to hear from you. 

Have a nice one


P.S. pic belongs to the respective owner and made by the respective photographer 


Pantone colors of the year 2020 and year 2021

Pantone colors of the year 2020 and year 2021

Hi my Readers

To be frank, the pantone color of the year for 2020 was one very beautiful color that is favorable and looked very nice to me. Especially because I really like blue and nearly every shade of it. Reminded me of the ocean and the life in it.

This year is a color that does not really appeal to me. I know a lot of people that like yellow but it is definitely not my coppa. Maybe that’s why they had to pair it with another color – grey.

“PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, two independent colors that highlight how different elements come together to support one another, best express the mood for Pantone Color of the Year 2021. Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, the union of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating is one of strength and positivity. It is a story of color that encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny and friendly.”

This year nothing has been usual, so my guess is that even they decided to do the unusual within their power – to choose two colors.

Ultimate grey and Illuminating are complementing each other nicely and I guess we can only hope more of the description, but I’m not eager to see all the mustardy „innovations“ that people will inevitably come up with.

How do you like this years colors that Pantone has choosen?

Have a nice one 🙂

This blocks thing that wordpress has



Hi my readers

I’ve been a long time user of wordpress. I also have been using a lot of different platforms and that being said, I strongly dislike this blocks thing that wordpress implemented. 

Change is good and all but not when it comes to hobby. This blog is hobby to me and I don’t feel like learning programming just to be able to blog. I think that that is also the reason why I stopped blogging. Sure, I didn’t post so much in a first place, but this really made me postpone my posting. I do have a lot of prepared posts but aren’t yet edited because I write but then the blocks make me just click EXIT very fast. The other day, a whole very long post got deleted because of the blocks and none of my „tricks“ helped. Or helped partially and misplaced all the sections.

Just now I tried to edit a post so I can publish it but I got so frustrated but instead, I went out and wrote this! 

How dumb is to be able to erase several blocks at once but you can’t select and copy the text from several at once…. 


I understand that is good for people that use their page professionally but it does nothing to me. The classic editor being available to business or premium users is also very cowardly move. 

And this is not me, I adjust, but this is pure frustration (as previously stated examples). 


Do you have the same problem? Do you struggle with this change too? Share the misery with me 😀

Prisoners get a cat for good behavior


Hi my Readers 🙂

Another subject that I come up to when I was scrolling through Instagram.

First time I encountered this subject on the gram but I explored it further so I can write this post.

Let me start by stating that prison should be about punishment but also for rehabilitation. In many countries the rules are different and the opportunities vary.

As we have seen, quarantine does no good to us mentally or physically. By that, people should be aware that in prison, prisoners don’t have the privilege when it comes to hobbies. They don’t have internet, phones, TV for extended period of time and in many places don’t even have TV at all. Most of what prisons have is library. Many don’t even have that. Not to mention that it is completely a waste because there have to be more choices when it comes to jobs while prisoners are inside as well as they are outside.

The article that I have read about is about pets in prisons. If the prisoner behaves well, can get a cat and if it stays on that track, can cary about that cat. This is a great opportunity to prove that people are carrying and animals wake up the inner carelessness.

Police workers were in the comments writing that the prisoners respond very well to that and the cats are very well taken care of.

Prisoner even knit hats and scarves for the cat 🙂 

This proves the above that rehabilitation can happen and by this – can happen even faster. The part where the pets are waking up some inner calmness and nourishment toward something it can lingеr furthermore. The slight possibility of that being that happening for a long run is wroth more than we can imagine: for the individual and for the pet, probably for the people around them when it goes out. Adopting that cat should be also a thing. A person took care of it and now can take care of it for the long run.

It has other side too – a pet gets a home.

Some more experiences on this reddit that I found the other day:

After I watched some shows and after I spent some time in quarantine, I realized that we don’t talk more about this and knowing how many people go back to prison because of lack of rehabilitation, it definitely needs to be talked about more!

Wishing you a happy day.


Glam&Gore (Mykie) and Swoop – a (youtube) friendship drama



Hello my Readers 

Every friendship is shakey because people don’t trust each other. And judging by this, I would say – with good reason. Today I watched swoops video about mykie. I have so many opinions on this subject – one of them placing an accent on FRIENDSHIP! Because swoop felt a certain way, she decided that she is entitled to make a video about it, instead of confronting mykie on the subject. Because she has audience, she decided to air all the problems to strangers. Starting from 5 years ago! How bitter can you be! 

If mykie did that awful thing, that should be a ticket for swoop to make the same thing to her? If you think that is the case, you have mental health figured wrong.

While mykie had her share of wrong doing, swoop is projecting her bad choices and decisions as mykie’s fault and as mykie’s ignition where she could have easily called her out in private messaging right there, on the spot. She also failed to mention this was 5 years ago. People change a lot in 5 years. I’m sure mykie has.

If you ever find yourself in similar position, know that you are there for people but you should not blame yourself for their downs. It is not cool to put all their blame on you – another struggling person while working on yourself because no matter how small it is, you are entitled to your pain.

Plus, people should know better than to read someone bias report (referring to Hollywood’s).

She is talking about how “you failed to mention stuff” but she went ahead and did the same thing with the “followers” part. By the “following” you might be referring to twitter or instagram, not only youtube. But she chooses to leave that part out. But instead, she shared someone elses tweet that fell into her narrative. 

While she could have directed her anger towards the bigger problem, swoop targets one person and makes an hour long video about it. This ain’t it. Again, you mykie is at fault for many of these things and I hope she changed throughout the years. But she should not blame herself for this. Only for the deeds that she has done.

Swoop used “gaslight” so much that it is clear that out of spite, she has decided not to see mykie’s part too but to instantly make it a gaslight.

She mentions that “you wrote some good stuff” but chooses not to share it.

Plus outing some private stuff? Do you know how many secrets I hav from people I am not friends with anymore (for many years at this point). Nobody, I mean NOBODY has heard or read any of them from me, much less share them for audience.

And to mention everything as “a black women” even though many of the problems aren’t connected with her skin color but she chooses to make it about it – for audience impact. With that, she just ridiculed real problems POC have. 

Assumptions about what people think (the end of the video) and again mentioning racism, manipulation and abuse (so you compare someone not wanting to hear you as abuse?). U uh..

P.s. that is how some people who are friends try to help. By talking about themselves in attempt to deflect you from thinking about your problem. Those friends who think that they need all the attention and are interpreting a conversation as belittling their pain are not friends. If you need someone to try to fix that problems instead only listening and exchanging problems, therapist is always the solution.

I put myself in mykies shoes and imagined how this was messed up. Completely agree that she made many mistakes. I also know that she learned throughout the years and grew as a person and should own the mistakes. But to say that she is not a friend only because she exchanged her problems too? She is not someone eases therapist.

By her own bias video (deliberately not mentioning the good parts), swoop treated mykie as her therapist, not as her friend. Friends exchange their problems but when mykie shared hers, swoop twisted them as „gaslighting“. 

On that note: 



On another note, some people are sharing why they will stop following mykie immediately and that just talks how infantile their decisions are by not taking into consideration the other part, swoop leaving so many things out for her convenience and many things, for example: 

„No i didn’t watch a video of the (trpphbia) look where she warned that she would be doing a look of it. i was scrolling on instagram one night and there it was“
And to that I say:  So people should stop creating now because you accidentally run into one of your phobias. And creators should stop making videos because many other people also have different type of phobias? Cool.

Instead of standing up to mykie with her points of view, swoop dragged mykie and told only what fitted into her narrative – conveniently compacting it into BLM, black women and the subject that are important and by that, swoop is invalidating and deminishing them by making it about all that instead of what it is – failed friendship. 

I learned about swoops new channel from mykie (she shared her many times, contrary to swoops bitter statement) and know she is very talented. I enjoyed her videos and felt for her. This one – I did not expect because from a hurt person, I would expect less that hurting other person. And I am not writing about careers, I am talking about something private – like their friendship. 

DISCLAIMER: I’m not diminishing or dismissing her pain, her suffering or anything that she creates or feels! I am only condemning hiding behind all those stuff. The video showed bitter person (mykie) not in the right place, exchanging gossip in confidence with her friend (swoop), and instead of swoop standing up and calling her out for that, she decided to save receipts (of her BEST FRIEND) for half a decade and make a video about it and make it about all those stuff instead of calling it like it is – broken friendship or mykie used to be crappy person in general. People actually fight to make a difference and are not making it about a crappy friend as swoop did. She hold a grudge for half a decade and decided to hide it behind all of those things and by that, ridicule whole movements that work hard to make a change.

After the video, mykie has shared an apology, which is considerate of her, knowing how bias the video is, but it show that she has learned, she is the better man and knows how to recognize a hurt person. This is the same what I have recognized from that video – a very hurt person trying to blame some of that to someone that shouldn’t be blamed (that much) but called out, right there and then! Projecting her pain and hiding it behind being POC. 


Do you have any opinions? Do you follow any of them?

Coming back just to share this, a social blade screenshot. Guess swoop’s video really payed off.



I wannna wear makeup.

I wanna wear lipstick without smearing it off of the mask.

I wanna wear dresses and skirts.

I wanna drink bear in the club.

I wanna dance.

I wanna sing from the top of my lungs to a song that I like that some band plays.

I wanna sing in a band.

I wanna band that makes songs.

I wanna go to the sea.

I wanna swim in the sea.

I wanna walk on the crisp stones on the beach.

I wanna walk the heavy sand on the shore.

I wanna feel the salt from the sea on my mouth.

I wanna sing with my friends.

I wanna see my friends that live in every possible country.

I wanna live in another country.

I wanna enjoy my life, not survive it.

I wanna surround myself with people with different views.

I wanna learn from other people.

I wanna embrace people’s differences.

I wanna food, clean water for everyone.

I want the sun fo cover everyone equally.

I wanna peace for everyone.

I wanna inner peace for everyone.

I wanna…..