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Balea – cleansing lotion for dry and sensitive skin; quick opinion


Hi my Reader 🙂

For todays post I have a quick opinion on a lotion that I finally used up. I used it up just because I bought it and it will be waste if I don’t use it. I needed something not that strong to remove the first layer of makeup anyway and this was something that was on my lotion stash that I almost never use.

Balea – pflegendes, gesicht wasser (trockene und sensible Haut)

Balea – cleansing lotion for dry and sensitive skin (no alcohol)


This lotion does not clean the skin. I clean the face with a cotton ball that is dampened with this lotion and even though I repeat this step 2 times, when I use some other lotion afterwards, I can see some residue left whether is makeup or just “dirt” because of the bad air that floats in the air in the place that I am located (live) in. This lotion removes only makeup form the surface and the dirt that has entered in the pores – remains there. As I already mentioned, this does not necessarily mean it’s just dirt, but also makeup. That residue stays there until I use another lotion.

To add to that, this lotion dried up my skin and mind you, I have oily skin. For this lotion to leave my skin stiff is something unacceptable since is meant for sensitive and dry skin.

About the lotion:





In conclusion: I do not recommend this lotion.

I hope that you will find my opinions helpful.

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Regards from Antidote 😉