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Few of my hair conditioners – hair care

Few of my hair conditioners – hair care

Hi my Reader 🙂


I have a lot of hair care products. In this post I’m presenting you the hair conditioners that I use or used up. So let’s get started.



  1. Starting with the least favorite. There was some controversy about this company but even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t t be using it because I used it once and felt really weird and I think that even left my hair in worse condition that before.


  1. This conditioner actually had very good reviews from customers so I tried it just to see what that fuss was all about. Is not that bad but I used better conditioners and I just stopped using it after few washes.


  1. Orzene – conditioner for damaged hair with beer extract. I use it for long time. I like to combine it with the shampoo from the same line. Those two in combination make my hair easy for styling so I usually use them when I need to style it for some occasion. It leaves the hair clean and a bit frizzy but nothing that can’t be fixed with some leave – in conditioner or few drops of oil. Since is a beer based shampoo, It leaves interesting smell so I recommend smelling it before you purchasing it. Just in case. =)
  2. Subrina – Hair & Care balsam with macadamia oil. I have huge collection of hair care things. From this particular conditioner I bought a second container, and that almost never happens. I had problem with a hair comb that you can read about it here and my hair was very damaged from it so this conditioner helped my hair when it was very damaged. It leaves the hair silky, smooth, „heavy“ looking and it makes it easier to comb.


  1. Wash & Go – regenerator from nettle. Once I saw that I was finishing it, I wanted to buy another one but always came across something new and I never got around buying another bottle.


  1. Gliss – with 7 oils. It was OK but it was a bit liquidy. When washed felt like nothing was in the hair. Still left the hair relatively easy to comb.


  1. Ziaja – excellent conditioner which unfortunately is discontinued. I “I save” it for occasions when I need extreme hair care.


  1. Balea repair pflege spülung (not in the picture, used it up on vacation and threw the packaging). Nice conditioner and one of the few that I liked more than usual. This is my second packaging but since I found one that I like even more, there will be some time before I buy another bottle.

Hope that this will help you. There will be more hair – related posts. If you have questions, feel free to write me.

You can write in the comments what current hair – care products you are using because I’m always looking for something new 🙂

Have a nice day 🙂

Regards, Antidote 😉


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