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This blocks thing that wordpress has



Hi my readers

I’ve been a long time user of wordpress. I also have been using a lot of different platforms and that being said, I strongly dislike this blocks thing that wordpress implemented. 

Change is good and all but not when it comes to hobby. This blog is hobby to me and I don’t feel like learning programming just to be able to blog. I think that that is also the reason why I stopped blogging. Sure, I didn’t post so much in a first place, but this really made me postpone my posting. I do have a lot of prepared posts but aren’t yet edited because I write but then the blocks make me just click EXIT very fast. The other day, a whole very long post got deleted because of the blocks and none of my „tricks“ helped. Or helped partially and misplaced all the sections.

Just now I tried to edit a post so I can publish it but I got so frustrated but instead, I went out and wrote this! 

How dumb is to be able to erase several blocks at once but you can’t select and copy the text from several at once…. 


I understand that is good for people that use their page professionally but it does nothing to me. The classic editor being available to business or premium users is also very cowardly move. 

And this is not me, I adjust, but this is pure frustration (as previously stated examples). 


Do you have the same problem? Do you struggle with this change too? Share the misery with me 😀


Prisoners get a cat for good behavior


Hi my Readers 🙂

Another subject that I come up to when I was scrolling through Instagram.

First time I encountered this subject on the gram but I explored it further so I can write this post.

Let me start by stating that prison should be about punishment but also for rehabilitation. In many countries the rules are different and the opportunities vary.

As we have seen, quarantine does no good to us mentally or physically. By that, people should be aware that in prison, prisoners don’t have the privilege when it comes to hobbies. They don’t have internet, phones, TV for extended period of time and in many places don’t even have TV at all. Most of what prisons have is library. Many don’t even have that. Not to mention that it is completely a waste because there have to be more choices when it comes to jobs while prisoners are inside as well as they are outside.

The article that I have read about is about pets in prisons. If the prisoner behaves well, can get a cat and if it stays on that track, can cary about that cat. This is a great opportunity to prove that people are carrying and animals wake up the inner carelessness.

Police workers were in the comments writing that the prisoners respond very well to that and the cats are very well taken care of.

Prisoner even knit hats and scarves for the cat 🙂 

This proves the above that rehabilitation can happen and by this – can happen even faster. The part where the pets are waking up some inner calmness and nourishment toward something it can lingеr furthermore. The slight possibility of that being that happening for a long run is wroth more than we can imagine: for the individual and for the pet, probably for the people around them when it goes out. Adopting that cat should be also a thing. A person took care of it and now can take care of it for the long run.

It has other side too – a pet gets a home.

Some more experiences on this reddit that I found the other day:

After I watched some shows and after I spent some time in quarantine, I realized that we don’t talk more about this and knowing how many people go back to prison because of lack of rehabilitation, it definitely needs to be talked about more!

Wishing you a happy day.