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Golden Rose Extreme Glitter shine nail lacquer 211

Golden Rose Extreme Glitter shine nail lacquer 211

Golden Rose Extreme Glitter shine nail lacquer 211

Hi my Readers 🙂

Brace yourself for influx of pictures from 3 different devices in order to capture the beauty of this nail polish! And they are still not good enough but I uploaded as many as I could for you. Glitter is so hard to capture on camera and I wanted to be as true to color as they can be.  And If you scroll down, you’ll see that on black base it looks like galaxy 🙂 

extreme glitter shine 211extreme glitter shine 211 golden rose 211

I’ve been neglecting my nail lacquers for so long. I at least would paint them in one color but lately I’ve been slacking so much but decided to change that and this lacquer was a big part of it. The previous nails were also sort of difficult to made so I waited for them to start crumble apart before removing them so I can fully appreciate them.

You have no idea how much of a change this nail lacquer has made. Don’t know what it is about it but it sparked joy. I’ve been caring it around and just staring at it. Not to mention the staring at my nails…by me 😀 It might be because those colors were near to part of my hair colors (and I really like how the combination of turquoises and purple go together)

I entered the beauty store for one purpose but as it almost always it, left the store with more but all necessary things. One of them was picking some new nail polish. Fully intended to just check them out what’s new but then saw this one. Checked online to see how it looks because it they just got it and they didn’t have a swatch. The only internet picture was kind of deceiving but I still don’t regret buying it (quite the opposite as you already read 🙂 ). 

The bottle 

The first one is from my camera and many attempts to capture the right shades and the beauty of the glitter. 

The second ones are with the base color and I left the blurry ones just so you can see the glitter because boi is it hard to capture the glitter in the nail polish (kudos to the professionals). 

On daylight with different device: 

And with black base: 

Well… I tried…

Wishing you a good one 🙂 

Antidote 😉 


Palmolive shower cream


Hi my Readers (scroll down for the reason of these dark pictures)

Palmolive always had very good and hydrating shower gels and shower creams. Some of them smell really good and some of them need acquired taste.

Palmolive also has one of my favorite shower gels that I have many bottles in stock and will write about in some other post. 

Palmolive shower milk is one of the ones that smell really good to me. The hydration that gives to the skin is also very nice and unlike many other shower creams, you can actually feel the hydrated skin. It’s from the naturals line and it claims it has 100% natural milk proteins. 

I also use it when I have some tan on me because it doesn’t automatically erase it but it actually helps saving it.

The reason why the pictures are so dark is because the etiquette is biodegradable but the glue – isn’t and it fell off of my shelf and collected so much dust.

It’s very funny to me that they made the etiquette bio degradable but the bottle is solid plastic. And why is funny to me is because of this post that I wrote some time ago.

I really like this Palmolive shower milk because it really soothes my skin. It is also good to the delicate skin when sunburn occurs. And as bonus – it smells really nice and fresh 🙂 

Wishing you a good one, 

Antidote 😉