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Argan oil hair conditioner (swiss o par arganöl haarkur)

Argan oil hair conditioner (swiss o par arganöl haarkur)

Hi my Readers 🙂

We’ve all heard of how argan oil is good for the hair. Based on that, I wanted to try a conditioner. It was on sale so I got it and here it is my thoughts on it.

argan oil swiss o par

It says that it is for dry and shineless hair. Should have read the ingredients too but I was in a hurry.

   Swiss o par – argan oil hair conditioner                      SWISS O PAR arganöl haarkur  

This stayed in my bath next to the window so the packaging is a little bit washed out from the sun 😀

Ingredients list and claims:


As you can see, water is on the first place and on the very second place is alcohol. I don’t know about you but alcohol does not scream „hydration“. There are several types of alcohol in this product.

200 ml


The consistency is veeery watery and when I try to use it, I end up applying way too much, but even with that – it is not doing much for my hair. It may be because it is silicone free but still, I used it almost all of it up and still didn’t see any difference regarding the dryness of my hair, as the stated claims.

Also, from argan oil conditioner, I expect more.

Scent: when I smelled it in store iI said to myself: well, If it does good to my hair, I will try to get over the scent. Turns out, It didn’t work out 😀 Definitely recommend smelling it in store if you want to buy it.

argan oil


Will I repurchase: NO.

Because I am using it only on my lower half of my hair, I need it to be as repairing as it can since I am experimenting with that part of my hair so much. And even when my hair was healthy, did not noticed any difference.

Have you tried this product? I am really curious to read if it worked for you?


Have a nice weekend 🙂

Antidote 😉


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You thought people in big countries are against makeup? Boy are you wrong

You thought people in big countries are against makeup? Boy are you wrong

Hi my Readers 🙂

This post is going to be about makeup conservative persons that don’t wear makeup or consider it „rude“ and „loud“.


Big countries have the advantage of gaining more supporters as oppose to little countries in development. Even if this little countries in development want to make difference, they don’t have the people power to do so.

Latest example of that is that a girl asked for a „mascara that gives dramatical look to the lashes“. She did not insulted anyone but her question was screenshoted and paraded over the internet as she made something reeealy wrong. All of that accompanied with sarcastic comments..of course – from other girls and even grown *** women.

I tried asking why the girl screenshoted that and made a sarcastic comment. I got a childish response and I don’t even want to continue at this point about where that conversation went because I did not insulted her and she started making all this rude comments. Of course – insulting is a great option when you don’t know the answer to your own stupidity.

Todays lesson is: don’t underestimate the freedom you have about everything else but since this suposed to be a „positivity about beauty“ blog – wearing makeup-wise.

Have a nice weekend 🙂