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Blendiful and dirty underwear?


Hi my Readers 🙂

I was recently watching some reviews about the new product of Tati Beauty – blendiful. In those, like Tati recommended, people were testing the durability of the sponge and how will it hold if it is washed in a laundry bag and then in the washing machine.

Many (if not all) of the sponges were coming out still „dirty“ and with product on them. And most of them were washed almost immediately after use. Then it hit me – if those sponges are not washed well, what is happening to our underwear? Most of the underwear is recommended to be washed it lower temp and with delicate option on the washing machine.

If the sponges aren’t clean, does that mean that the underwear is not clean as well?

And you know what, that might be the case.

In the older days (heck, even now in the rural places), people used to boil their underwear, later, they ironed it on a high temperature and I am sure they had less problems that people nowadays.

Here is why I think that:

they boiled it on a high temperature    VS.    the underwear nowadays can’t handle such a high temperature (even if it did, the elastic will be ruined) 

they ironed it    VS.    who has time for that 

they put only little detergent    VS.    detergent, fabric softener, perfumed detergent & many more 

The underwear obviously goes on out most delicate part of our body and we are treating it only as a decorative piece of fabric. We are even leaving it for a few days before we do our laundry…….yeah I’m not going to explain how bad this is. I’m sure you already have the idea.


Many say: but hand washing is not the same as machine washing. It is better with a washing machine.

And you know what, I think they are right but instead of being right about the part about the machine, they are right about the hand washing.

What I do Is wash it really good with hot water and detergent right when take them off so I can avoid leaving them (even for a day) before I do the laundry. Granted, I might use much more detergent that I really want to on such an important thing as underwear but I take comfort in ruining them under ruining water (sorry planet) until I am confident that they are soapless 😀

If anyone has some advice, I would like to read them and consider them because after i realized this about our underwear I was left speechless of how the modern time changed the way we „handle“ our hygiene…but for the worse. We are taking daily showers (by the way, I encourage you to read THIS POST about that subject), but how clean really is our underwear when we say „I take daily showers and put clean underwear“?


Hope you think about this the next time you do your laundry.

Wishing you a happy weekend,

Antidote 😉