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Concrete or chia pudding, tbd + flower of the day :)


Hi my Readers 🙂

Decided to make chia pudding for the first time after I had some issues with my appetite (more about that on the next paragraph).
Searched for some recipe online, I saw it and of course – I didn’t follow it 😀 As chia seeds swell up when soaked I forgot that that will happen on another level much later. I sat down to eat and sure enough 10 minutes later I had very solid consistency. I quickly poured just a little bit more water, stirred it and placed it in the fridge. I am imagining some concrete hard consistence in an hour from now.

How I prepared it:

– chia seeds (duh)
– milk (of choice)
– water
– honey
– flax seeds

The recipe stated that the honey can be added afterwards but immediately thinking I won’t like it because of it’s consistency – I poured it together with the other ingredients and stirred. Waited a bit and stirred again. Tried it to see if I need to add something I added what I felt it needed more and refrigerated it. I’m planning to add some fruits on top of it just to add some more vitamins. It is also recommended to use glass cup or jar to see if you stirred it good enough but I don’t thin that will make some big of a difference if you stir it long enough.

Not sure why but few days ago I had headache and since then I had trouble eating. The day before yesterday I felt hungry but because I was out running some court errands I couldn’t eat hours later and even then I forced myself to eat. Yesterday I had headache again and only drank a cup of coffee which made me jittery and ate a cup of oats after I felt so dizzy that I couldn’t stand.

The result

Almost forgot to take a picture of it. I started eating it because I couldn’t wait to see if it turned out
The verdict: Tastes amazing! Tastes really good. Reminds me of sweet rice pudding but not quite. It is interesting and it keeps me full. Want to cut down on sweet and incorporate more fruits and this actually looks like it will do the job but I’ll see how it plays out when my appetite sorts out. I added some fruits too: some frozen raspberry, cherry, aronia and banana.. fancy I know 🙂

The other thing that is visible on the picture is some fruit shake or smoothie, if you will and it tastes sooo good!

In the process of making this picture better since I ate half of the cup, I thought I include some flowers and mention a blog that shares many nice stories that I enjoy reading as well as different pictures of many different things and brightens up the blog timeline – Cee’s Photo Challenges

Daffodils from my late grandparent’s house and Hyacinth. Hope you enjoy them (some of them are little sad looking since they are past their expiration date.

What do you thing about this kind of desert? Have you tried something similar?

Wishing you a very nice day 🙂