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My used-to-be favorite lip balm


Hi my Readers 🙂

It is not often I find something that I can call favorite. Recently I wrote a post about my favorite shower gel and how they changed it after the repackaging. And it is time I write my thoughts about the balm that was my favorite, checked 3 cities, 10 stores and walked so many kilometers until I found it.

The first lip balm that I tried from Ziaja was the orange one. It was good and when I finished it I wanted to try another one. And then is when I tried the olive one.

Ziaja lip balm

ziaja olive lip balm nourishing new old

Why I liked this lip balm

The orange one.
When I first tried the orange one, it was winter time. All of the other lip balms were having that waxy feeling on my mouth and I always felt them on my lips. This one was A BALM for the lips. A REAl BALM for the lips. I was so amazed by it that I wore it all the time. It had that slip to it and I really enjoyed it. Come summer, it had the same consistency. It wasn’t too oily from the warmth, it was perfect. The most amazing consistency of a balm that I have ever tried.

When I finished it, I tried the olive one. Same thing, even more amazed that the other one because it had even better smell to it. I like oranges but this one had the most amazing smell. It was BALM for the lips, was not waxy in cold and was not oily in warm. Same consistency all the time.

Looking for the new one

I traveled abroad for the summer.  I left this one because I knew that If I would be out a lot, I would need something with SPF. (Here I wrote about how my coleague thought it was a french frie and threw it away and all that stuff.) Since then, I couldn’t find it. I searched everywhere and finaly gave up and decided to just buy another one and it I find it, I would just have back up. That is when I searched for it in 3 cities and so many stores.

I was ready to buy an expired one just to have it again :D.

Luckily, they brought it again and I bought it. Lo and behold, few days later I find the old one on my desk in between some books 😀

The new version (you can buy it by clicking here)

The new one has oily slip to it. It is left on the cold and sometimes it feels like I’m putting water on it. If I put a little too muck it feels like I just ate some VERY oily salad.

It disappointed me so much. From my favorite balm, to an oil for the lips.

I mean, If I wanted oil for the lips, I would have just use coconut oil. I tried placing it in the fridge. That helped and it did make it better but it is pointless when I need to use it on room-temperature. Not to mention summer.

Just yesterday I wore it in my pocked and it became so liquidy that it flew right out of the tube and ended up on my coat, scarf and half of my face. I didn’t even pressured it for it to make such a mess.

The opening is so scratchy that sometimes hurt my lips and have to be reeeally careful. all of this problems and now to be careful when applying lip balm that supposed to be soothing? Nah, thanks.



It looks like there are some changes to the look as well. The old one looks like it is made for the USA and the EU markets (generalization, but you know what I mean) by the metric/imperial measurements that are placed on the packaging.


The new one looks like it has only the metric measuring system on the packaging.




Knowing that I ruined a scarf, coat and my hair because it got everywhere since it is more like oil and not a balm, it is not any more nourishing as it used to be and it really it is not what I expect from it, I am really disappointed that I don’t have my favorite lip balm anymore.

Did something similar happened to you?

What is your favorite lip balm? I am currently searching for one.

Here is another post about lip balms as I am searching for new one.

Have a nice one,



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Instagram is down; a crisis


Today’s post is going to be about something different.

Two of the worlds largest social networks are down and seems like the world doesn’t know what to do. Panic is rised. The end is near. Internet apocalypse is peeking through.

At least it seems by all of the tweets I am seeing..

People don’t know what to do with themselves when there is no social media involved. Everyone is connected. Everything is connected. We don’t use physical thing anymore. Even board games are starting to be connected with apps.

How sad is this?

I’m always trying to spread awareness towards this addiction that are phones. People, babies and children used to grow up without phones and computers and now I’m seeing parent just giving phones to their children just to get them off of their heads. Meh forbid they pay attention to their child and push them towards the coloring books, actual toys or anything that doesn’t involve screen.

I’m was so shocked that many americans (not all, but many) don’t know a thing about history, theirs and others. They are judgmental when it comes to writing because are unaware that people can come from another country and their english is not their first language. They jump to conclusions and communicate only with emoticons (emotes). They don’t know a thing about Europe and think the everything is about America. They make a big dial when they see metric measurements, not knowing that imperial are used only in 3 countries and get so upset when they see metres and not feet. well, welcome to the world where all of the time the rest of the world is converting everything just to see what the hell are you talking about.

All of this is leading me to believe that the most common anxiety, panic attacks, introverts are like that because they are enabled. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that it is only because of that. But most of the cases I’ve seen, introverts are scrolling through facebook, not reading a book, learning something or doing something else.

Of course they wont get better over time with this behavior when they are not even trying to tone down with this obsession.

We live in a time where we need a really good motivation to leave the house, as oppose to few years back when we were out all of the time and didn’t need reason to get together with friends. It is alarming. All of that is causing this „new“ diseases to get out of control and the existent ones to get worse.

Domino, butterfly and every effect is shown throughout the years when it comes to diseases.


I can go on and on on this subject but is is best I leave some for some next time.

I would love to read your perspective on this subject. You can leave it in comments and we can chat.

I will end up with a really good tweet:

a thought of mine:

Instagram & facebook are down:

this looks like social experiment and it shows how dependent to social networks people are when it comes to entertaining themselves. It’s sad.


And something that made me laugh:



AVON PUR BLANCA roll on (antiperspirant, deodorant)

AVON PUR BLANCA roll on (antiperspirant, deodorant)

Hi my Readers

As you may or may not know, I decided to do a teeny tiny series about AVON. My lasts post were about body lotion and fragrance spritz (spray perfume).

In those post I wrote about how I feel about AVON and their politics.

AVON PUR BLANCA roll on (antiperspirant, deodorant)

pur blanca roll on avon

I really enjoy their perfumed stuff. They are not the healthiest choice but once in a while I make exceptions.

I’ve tried this roll on in the fragrance PERCEIVE and LITTLE BLACK DRESS but this one has the best fragrance.

roll on little black dress pur blanca


50 ml

Their scent differ from their lotions, perfumes and roll-ons and this is an exception to that. The PURE BLANCA one smells really nice and the smell lasts for a long time.

pur blanca roll on avon

The Little Black Dress is probably my second favorite from this line. But the perfume-y smell definitely disappears quickly and it differs from the actual perfume.

little black dress roll on avon


Have you tried some of their products? I might place another order soon 🙂

Have a nice one,
Antidote 😉