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The easter eggs are ready, so were the nails :)


Hi my Readers πŸ™‚

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! And for those who aren’t – happy regular day πŸ™‚

I saw a color wheel ΠΎn twitter last week from some samples but the colors were totally not going one with another. What my mind thought: perfect. Looks fun and just in time for easter πŸ˜€



Enjoy your day (or night) and remember to do something good πŸ™‚

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Using eyeshadow for highlight and contouring

Using eyeshadow for highlight and contouring

Hi my Readers πŸ™‚

Highlight and contouring are big thins as of few years ago. Makeup β€žaddictionβ€œ in general is big as in few years ago. Since then, we are filling our makeup drawers with tons of makeup. I get it, makeup makes us happy. I use it because it is like a way of expressing yourself. It is a form of art.

But enough about that.

Before the highlight and contouring craze existed in the non-beauty world, and even after that, improvising was and still is the way to go.

There are still countries that most of the makeup is not available. Or countries with such a small salary that very few thing are affordable from the already small available makeup amount.

So, to improvise, I used to use very dark blush as a form of contouring the back of my cheeks. Ming you, this is way before I discovered youtube videos, I had available internet more than a few documents worth of download and had to use it sparingly or even this kind of videos existed.

This next two things you use it as you would use highlight and contour. They are just labeled differently – eyeshadow.


After that, contouring was something that not even makeup store sellers knew about. I tried darker powder but that didn’t work because even though I am very fair, there wasn’t shade that was dark enough for me to like it (I like darker, to be noticeable because it tends to disappear quickly when you don’t wear foundation – and I don’t). Or they were simply non existent. If someone was few shades darker than me, the only somewhat affordable powder was orange and really, wasn’t that darker.

So I decided to improvise. I started looking for a single eyeshadow compact that will not be orange and suit my skin tone. I was in another town and determined to find something since in my town, such thing was non-existent. So, in the rush I was, I bought slightly darker shade, but that was not bothering me since I could simply use it whenever I want and if I wanted to be lighter, I could tone it down with face powder.


As you may or probably may not know, I only bought my first highlighter few months ago since I wasn’t into highlighting that much. It might had to do with the VERY limited amount and very expensive selection. When I wanted something, I would use a very light pink, very finely mild single eyeshadow compact. After so much videos, I finally bought my first highlighter. I don’t know If I expectations were so high because I saw it in so many videos or I just got a dud (it figures), but you can read all about that in this post that I wrote about that. Since then, I bought another one that I use everyday. Some day looks very bad (when I over-apply (sue me πŸ˜€ ) and some days looks amazing. Depends on my skin condition and my mood in general. Overall, I bought it very cheap (it might not have the pest ingredients, but hey, it makes me happy) and that makes me use it in the amount that i’m using it – too much πŸ˜€


I feel like companies are making me expand my makeup collection. I used to have very limited amount but at the same time used to be very inspired. Nowadays, I find myself looking in my makeup drawer, I have everything but my inspiration is not what it used to be. I still love it, but when I see all the neutrals, I always do the same brown looks. Since I wrote this post about my feeling about neutrals, I forced myself to be more colourful – as I used to be.


You might read this, probably not, but here it is. And you might think that I am just someone that writes about β€žI’m interested in your thoughtsβ€œ just to write something, but I genuinely am.


Also, I wanted to share a song that I listened to way before Billie Eilish invaded the world πŸ˜€


Have a nice one and hope to read from you. Link me your posts πŸ™‚

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