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Glam&Gore (Mykie) and Swoop – a (youtube) friendship drama



Hello my Readers 

Every friendship is shakey because people don’t trust each other. And judging by this, I would say – with good reason. Today I watched swoops video about mykie. I have so many opinions on this subject – one of them placing an accent on FRIENDSHIP! Because swoop felt a certain way, she decided that she is entitled to make a video about it, instead of confronting mykie on the subject. Because she has audience, she decided to air all the problems to strangers. Starting from 5 years ago! How bitter can you be! 

If mykie did that awful thing, that should be a ticket for swoop to make the same thing to her? If you think that is the case, you have mental health figured wrong.

While mykie had her share of wrong doing, swoop is projecting her bad choices and decisions as mykie’s fault and as mykie’s ignition where she could have easily called her out in private messaging right there, on the spot. She also failed to mention this was 5 years ago. People change a lot in 5 years. I’m sure mykie has.

If you ever find yourself in similar position, know that you are there for people but you should not blame yourself for their downs. It is not cool to put all their blame on you – another struggling person while working on yourself because no matter how small it is, you are entitled to your pain.

Plus, people should know better than to read someone bias report (referring to Hollywood’s).

She is talking about how “you failed to mention stuff” but she went ahead and did the same thing with the “followers” part. By the “following” you might be referring to twitter or instagram, not only youtube. But she chooses to leave that part out. But instead, she shared someone elses tweet that fell into her narrative. 

While she could have directed her anger towards the bigger problem, swoop targets one person and makes an hour long video about it. This ain’t it. Again, you mykie is at fault for many of these things and I hope she changed throughout the years. But she should not blame herself for this. Only for the deeds that she has done.

Swoop used “gaslight” so much that it is clear that out of spite, she has decided not to see mykie’s part too but to instantly make it a gaslight.

She mentions that “you wrote some good stuff” but chooses not to share it.

Plus outing some private stuff? Do you know how many secrets I hav from people I am not friends with anymore (for many years at this point). Nobody, I mean NOBODY has heard or read any of them from me, much less share them for audience.

And to mention everything as “a black women” even though many of the problems aren’t connected with her skin color but she chooses to make it about it – for audience impact. With that, she just ridiculed real problems POC have. 

Assumptions about what people think (the end of the video) and again mentioning racism, manipulation and abuse (so you compare someone not wanting to hear you as abuse?). U uh..

P.s. that is how some people who are friends try to help. By talking about themselves in attempt to deflect you from thinking about your problem. Those friends who think that they need all the attention and are interpreting a conversation as belittling their pain are not friends. If you need someone to try to fix that problems instead only listening and exchanging problems, therapist is always the solution.

I put myself in mykies shoes and imagined how this was messed up. Completely agree that she made many mistakes. I also know that she learned throughout the years and grew as a person and should own the mistakes. But to say that she is not a friend only because she exchanged her problems too? She is not someone eases therapist.

By her own bias video (deliberately not mentioning the good parts), swoop treated mykie as her therapist, not as her friend. Friends exchange their problems but when mykie shared hers, swoop twisted them as „gaslighting“. 

On that note: 



On another note, some people are sharing why they will stop following mykie immediately and that just talks how infantile their decisions are by not taking into consideration the other part, swoop leaving so many things out for her convenience and many things, for example: 

„No i didn’t watch a video of the (trpphbia) look where she warned that she would be doing a look of it. i was scrolling on instagram one night and there it was“
And to that I say:  So people should stop creating now because you accidentally run into one of your phobias. And creators should stop making videos because many other people also have different type of phobias? Cool.

Instead of standing up to mykie with her points of view, swoop dragged mykie and told only what fitted into her narrative – conveniently compacting it into BLM, black women and the subject that are important and by that, swoop is invalidating and deminishing them by making it about all that instead of what it is – failed friendship. 

I learned about swoops new channel from mykie (she shared her many times, contrary to swoops bitter statement) and know she is very talented. I enjoyed her videos and felt for her. This one – I did not expect because from a hurt person, I would expect less that hurting other person. And I am not writing about careers, I am talking about something private – like their friendship. 

DISCLAIMER: I’m not diminishing or dismissing her pain, her suffering or anything that she creates or feels! I am only condemning hiding behind all those stuff. The video showed bitter person (mykie) not in the right place, exchanging gossip in confidence with her friend (swoop), and instead of swoop standing up and calling her out for that, she decided to save receipts (of her BEST FRIEND) for half a decade and make a video about it and make it about all those stuff instead of calling it like it is – broken friendship or mykie used to be crappy person in general. People actually fight to make a difference and are not making it about a crappy friend as swoop did. She hold a grudge for half a decade and decided to hide it behind all of those things and by that, ridicule whole movements that work hard to make a change.

After the video, mykie has shared an apology, which is considerate of her, knowing how bias the video is, but it show that she has learned, she is the better man and knows how to recognize a hurt person. This is the same what I have recognized from that video – a very hurt person trying to blame some of that to someone that shouldn’t be blamed (that much) but called out, right there and then! Projecting her pain and hiding it behind being POC. 


Do you have any opinions? Do you follow any of them?

Coming back just to share this, a social blade screenshot. Guess swoop’s video really payed off.