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Balea – Body Lotion

Balea – Body Lotion

This was a lotion that was limited edition a long time ago, but I wanted to share it with you because this product made me not buy more lotions from this brand, no matter how attractive the scents were to me 🙂

The product in question:

Body Lotion Balea – Sweet Wonderland 



This lotion was limited edition. Smelled like chocolate and that was the main reason why I bought it. I didn’t check the ingredients, I only read about it and most of the comments were nice for a product that was only 2 weeks on the shelves.

In the beginning it was good and had no problems. After a month of using it, I noticed chemically smell that even overpowered the smell of the lotion. After a few months, the lotion turned more liquid opposed to the beginning. And from neutral brown, turned pink. When I bought it, in was with thicker consistency. Except for the smell that turned very chemically, there was no point using it.

It was not expired and there is no mark of how many months is advisable to use it after its opening (although the standard is 24 months and at that point it definitely was not even 6 months).





Certainly I can’t buy it again because it was limited edition but I wonder whether something was wrong with mine or the other lotions from this company are the same since I don’t own any other lotion from them.

Did you had any similar experience as mine? Maybe it was similar but from different brand? I’m curious to know. Comment and let me know if this case is the only one.

I hope that you will find my opinions helpful.

Remember to do something good today.

Regards from Antidote 😉


NIVEA refreshing moisture FACE MASK

NIVEA refreshing moisture FACE MASK

Hi my Reader : )

Face masks are getting all the attention lately. It started around New Year and their popularity is still going strong.

Today’s post is going to be about a mask that has been around way before face masks were so in.
My skin has changed a lot after a few stressing moments that I had, but in combination with the biggest mistake for my skin, I now have dehydrated skin that sometimes flakes. I used to have oily skin that was taking care of itself and I used to use less products, but now, it’s dehydrated and can’t go a day without applying nourishing face cream. I’ve already wrote about it and I won’t stop writing about it and here it is again:

Oily skin is a blessing! Don’t try to change it, don’t attempt to dry it. Embrace it! So many people with dry skin would give everything just so they can have oily skin!

Now, let’s get back to the mask.

Nivea wants to do their commercial all in blue, so when I took this photos, I kept it dark blue myself. 🙂

Name and meant for

NIVEA refreshing moisture mask; face mask

Aqua effect

Normal skin


vertical back

Packaging and product details

This mask is for normal skin. It supposed to refresh the skin and add moisture to it.

Is divided to two parts and each part has 7,5ml.


You can use one part multiple times because it is too much to use it at once, even if you apply a generous amount. I used it in 3 times because the first time I didn’t know what to expect so I used a bit less (as a precaution because I didn’t know how my skin will react).

up front
front downback upingredients

How I used it

I applied it and left it for about 20 minutes (on the packaging says that it supposed to stay on the skin for 10-15 minutes, but sometimes more is more, especially when you forget 😀 ).


I couldn’t rinse the product all the way off my skin and decided to leave it as a night cream. I didn’t see a big difference. I left my skin soft, but that was probably because I exfoliated right before I applied it.

Final thoughts

This face mask is meant to hydrate the skin and I expected to do just a little bit of that. It left the skin smooth, left a little bit of hydration but it didn’t last for a long time. I used this mask in the night time and it refreshed my skin but only a little bit, and by the morning, I didn’t see that big of a difference to my skin hydration wise.

You can find it here.

Have you tried this mask? Leave me a comment, I would like to know if it made any difference to your skin.


Do something good today 😉

Regards, Antidote 🙂


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Spring doesn’t like us

Spring doesn’t like us

Hi my Reader 🙂 How about some laughing for today 🙂

Even thought spring refuses to come, I still rock the flowery look. Even my background is so flowery and colorful. Have you seen it yet?

I like the gloomy days but the thing with this weather is that is too cold. And cold is a thing that i really don’t like and I am always cold, even in the hot summer days. It supposed to be spring. If not, should be at least a bit warmer. This weather is not typical for this time of the year. But then again, global warming is real thing that we are doing nothing to prevent and the results are obvious.

Two days ago I was walking in the sun wearing only t – shirt and shorts. Today, while I am writing this, I am sitting with two sweaters and blouse underneath. And we expect the people to act „normal“? Naaah 😀

It seems like spring doesn’t like us.

It’s so unusually cold for this time of the year for the place that I live. It’s pouring rain and it’s snowing on the mountain – I can actually see how it snows. Climate is changing.

What to do in cold days? – lazy girl edition 

Lay underneath 3 blankets is something that I do so I can warm up just a little bit. It doesn’t always help so I do the next thing:

What is a blow dryer for a student you ask?
– A heating device, of course 😀

I already stored every heating device and when is necessary, I bring up the blow dryer. It warms my palms just enough to accumulate the warmness until I go underneath those 4 blankets. They were 3? Well scratch that. Now are 4 😀

Have some emergency series in waiting

Always prepare for the lazy days – when you just want to relax with a simple series.


And snack. Snack is good too 🙂


Tackle the pile of clothes 

Now is the time to get your piled up clothes from the week back in order…that is, if your fingers are not freezing and you can’t even fold. In that case, get back to the blow dryer 😀


Hot tea and coffee

Wake yourself up with hot coffee. Now make yourself a cup of tea and place the armchair next to the window so you can watch how the rain is pouring…and appreciate that you don’t have to be out at that moment. For those who need to go out, better luck next time. Do this things when you come back. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


So cold outside. I wanted to make some rainy-day and coffee picture but that didn’t go so well since I was so cold and ran back inside 😀


Did you notice my new socks (because that is why I took all this pictures and I made it impossible to notice them)? I really like them. I usually buy black and these confused me the first time I wore them. Thought to myself – what is this on the ground moving in the same pace as me…


Feed the outdoor animals 

The next day. Still raining. Just like the days before. Oh, and there is one birdie flying. I put some crumbles for them few times a day. And the place where I put them is always empty (and not because of the horrible wind that’s been going on for, as it seems, ages).
Even if I don’t go out to feed the cats and the dogs, there are still birds that just enjoy the crumbles. 🙂


Appreciation for boots that don’t leak  

I have A LOT pairs of boots. Two weeks ago, my last pair that wasn’t leaking – well, they drowned my feet. The rain was very heavy and my socks were wet up to my ankles. Now I have to find another pair of boots that aren’t leaking but I can’t do that because all of the shoe-shops already took away their winter collections and I am the type of person that I need to inspect everything about the shoe before I bye it. That is why I don’t shop for shoes online.

The most important 

Play some good music and dance around your home. After all, there is only one life and you are leaving it. So, make the most of it 🙂

Hope I made someone smile 🙂

Have a nice weekend 😉

I’m gonna go and drink this delicious mixture of cocoa and milk 🙂


Antidote 😉