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So I made a wrap


Hi my Readers

This post is not related to outer beauty but rather for the inner – for the second brain, the stomach.

I worked at a place that was selling wrap and after one time a colleague made me one, I always asked him to do it again when my shift was over. I am currently not working that job nor I am in the same country but I wanted a wrap. So one day I saw an ad for tortilla and I figured – ok, now I need to make a wrap. I bought the tortillas, bought some of the ingredients (even a new pan) and I started figuring it out.


– cabbage (cut in long peaces)
– red onion (cut in long peaces)
– tomatoes (cut in circle)
– pieces of chicken files (for the last wrap I even forgot to put some)
– yellow cheese
– bruschetta

For the sauce:
– mayonnaise
– sour cream

And you are looking at the results. I wrapped it and it was perfect. It tasted reeeeally good and one fourth was enough with so many ingredients.
You can also change or add some ingredients to fit your own taste. Everything is optional as long as you enjoy it.

If you decide to do some kind of version of it, let me know how it turned out.

Have a nice one,