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Somehow I got blocked by a „famous“ beauty person

Somehow I got blocked by a „famous“ beauty person

Hi my Readers 🙂

Yesterday I was scrolling through my tweets and noticed something: from all the beauty persons that I follow, there was one’s posts that I haven’t seen for a while. I clicked on the profile and gave me message that that person blocked me.

From all the things in the world, there are few that I can tell for sure that I am – politically correct, fair and considerate. Especially when it is about some subject on the internet. And always advocate about being correct towards everyone.

I respect everyone. So imagine the shock when I see someone that doesn’t even know me – blocked me.

Then remembered that once posted a link from a magazine that featured this beauty person and tagged the person. I thought that this person hasn’t seen the post and that is why I tagged it because was being supportive of someone else’s work. And now I can assume that that is the reason that I got blocked. Why? I have no idea since the post only contained the link and smiley face.

I know that everyone is surrounded by rumors and drama but I tend to stay out of it since I don’t know this people in real life. But after this, I got confirmation that the thing that are said are not only rumors.

Why should you bother to block someone that don’t mean you harm? You seek to be equally and rightfully treated on the internet by everyone, but here you go and do the exact opposite of what you preach.

Just wonder what would’ve happen if I actually wrote critically (not insulting!, just something constructive) towards the work of this person, because, of course everyone accepts only good words, not constructive criticism. Of course everyone is right especially when they reach some number of followers.

Not going to revile the name of this person because knowing how shallow brain works, it could come out as a way of promoting my blog. And to that I would say: what blog? This one? That I wrote on so rare and I write because I really like this not like you – doing it just for the money?
But, luckily I’m about to avoid that.

I was just surprised by being blocked by someone that claims to be something that it is not. I am not affected in any other way. But this person surely lost someone that was supportive. I’m sure that this was done to someone else and I’m here to write that not everyone deserves our time.


Beauty and the „community“….


I am interested about your opinion on this subjects. Comments are always welcome 🙂


Have a good start of the week,

Antidote 🙂


100 persons that follow this blog & travel gallery

100 persons that follow this blog & travel gallery

Hi my Reader

When I was not able to write a lot, I got a notification that 100 persons are following my blog. That means that 100 persons are reading or at least looking at the pictures that I post and once in a while took some of the advices and the things I have to say seriously.

There is nothing much that I can do except hoping that you have a good day, every day. I can share a tiny tiny bit of my personal collection of pictures that I made whyle traveling or just going out on my balcony :D. Enjoy 🙂


Antwerp/Antwerpen, Balgium




Düsseldorf/Dusseldorf, Germany/Deutschland




100 fol.png


I like traveling and these are such a tiny amount of my travel collection of pictures.

If you are interested in more, leave me a comment and I will try to include a traveling guide, tips and shortcuts.

Have a nice one,

Antidote 🙂




Lithuania/Lietova, Düsseldorf/Dusseldorf, Germany/Deutschland, Belgium, Antwerp/Antwerpen, Europe

Empties & few words about them


Hi my Readers 🙂

I had some extra time and I wrote some post, so I figured, why wait. Here is another post for today. Empties and few words about them.

Long time since I’ve post about my empties. Here are my empties from this few months. From some of them I don’t have pictures because they are long time in the bin, but here are the rest of them.

body products 

today – deodorant, body spray

This is probably one of the cheapest deodorants that I’ve bought but also probably one of the most beautiful smelling one. I’ve gone through 3 in a course of 2 months just because I’ve used it excessively. I’ve got a lot of compliments on it. It is not the most lingering one but it justifies the price just out of those lot of compliments that I got.


                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


Keeping it with body parfumes, this roll-ons were the one that I used up.

IMG_20171101_120718hhh modified

The first one is from Genera – green fresh and it says that it is deodorant and it smells amazing. It reminds me of a 3 days festival that I went to because I used it there a lot. It allows the skin to breathe (which is something that I look for in deodorants and antiperspirants).


The other one is from avon – little black dress. The perfume from avon it’s probably the most selling one. The anti-antiperspirant also smells nice and it is good for more summer and hot days. The whole set here.

               Repurchase:         yes ✓              no
(to both)


face products 

Cotton – papatya

I’ve went through few packs of this cotton. It is regular cotton and I use it for removing makeup from my face. It is soft, It does not contain rough parts that sometimes are left in the cotton (and should sell as second class) and the most important for me – it does not squeak.

I can not bear the feeling that some cotton squeaks. I don’t know it you get me, but if some of you identifies with what I am trying to write about, leave me a comment and we can look for squeak-free cotton together 😀

I’ve gone through maaany packs of this cotton and the first times it contained some rough particles but since that packet, I’ve not encountered to another that it was alike. Now I buy it in advance since sometimes the batch it contains squeaky ones 😀


                                                Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


Cotton pads – watterpads, LaCura

These cotton pads I first bought to try, but latter I found them again since I liked them so much and they were a bargain to get. I sometimes can feel some rough endges on them and since this is a first time I use cotton pads to remove makeup, I don’t know if it is a case with other cotton pads. If someone knows, you can leave me a comment so I can be informed for the next time.



                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


Face cream – Ziaja – cocoa butter face cream, light formula, flavoury & nourishing

This is my favorite face cream it use to be too oily for my skin but I ruined my skin (and you can read all about it if you click here and read this post here and read this post ). Since then, this is the face cream that I use for my weirs skin.

IMG_20171101_124151ddd modified.jpg

                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


decorative cosmetic 

miss sporty – concealer, so clear, anti spot
I don’t use foundation and I son’t use concealer under my eyes. But sometimes I do spot concealer and for that I use this one. It is not something special but it does the job. I already bought a new one and will continue to use it just because it is very affordable and I don’t want to look around for another one that it is alike.

IMG_20171101_125334ff modified.jpg

                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no

Mascaras – classics & miss sporty


Classics (4x ultra volume, volume building mascara, rich black) – it is regular mascara and it is nothing special. It makes the lashes black. And that is it. It does not give the 4x volume as it claims  and it pools down the lashes. Will probably not buy it again.

ddd modified

                                              Repurchase:         yes            no ✓


miss sporty mascara, fabulous lash, lash curving mascara in 001 black with curved brush

IMG_20171101_141900dd modified

Bare in mind that it is very old and was sitting in my empties long time and it doesn’t look good. Will buy another one and make a whole post about this mascara

It is mascara with curved brush and bristles with different length. It does not only curve the lashes, but it adds volume and it makes the lashes look really good. I’ve gotten a few compliments when I wore this mascara. It does not irritate my eyes. It does not crumble underneath the eyes, it does not lose volume throughout the day (and sometimes I wore this for more than 14 hours because of the long hours that I worked). All and all I recommend it and will buy it again. And it is not the first time I’m buying it. Will probably make a whole post about this mascara.

                                              Repurchase:         yes ✓           no


I plan on doing a whole post about mascaras that I’ve used up. Hopefully, soon.


You can link me some of your posts with empties. It is good to see what worked and what didn’t for you.

Have a good start of november,

Antidote 🙂

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Nails this weeks



How is i t going?

Happy belated Halloween and welcome into the new month.

Here are my nails from this past weeks.

As you can clearly see, I remembered that I don’t have any pictures from them, so some of them are taken right before the nail polish remover took care of them but you got the point 😀

Some of them are verry sloppy. But, hey, from far away they look interesting 😀



Next post will be with something more face or body cosmetics related.

Have a nice one 🙂