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Bought a cheap alternative to the tangle teaser


Hi my Readers,

Long time no….read…or something like that. 😀

Recently I bought a chep alternative to the famous “Tangle Teaser”. Since I havent use the original one, I won’t make a comparison but only will write my opinion, so If you are still interested – keep on reading 🙂

I’m constantly trying out new things and hyped products so you can also read about how wooden comb works.

To give you a perspective, the botom half of my hair is carefully bleached and that same half is turquoise as you can see in this post. So it is not that damaged except for the ends.

When I saw this blush, it immediately reminded me of the original, except it had handle. The color played a huge role in my decision to buy it 😀 It was really cheap so even though I had enough hair things, I bought it.

First impression: dry hair

Upon the first strokes I’ve noticed that because it is made out of plastic, it makes a huge noise while I was brushing. After that, I’ve noticed that it was not catching my whole hair since the bristles are so short (it may be the way it works). I also noticed that it is not detangling my hair really well even though I star at the ends and continue upwards. In fact, very small section of my hair was tangled and this brush was not able to detangle it.

Since the first use – I was rarely using it. I’m currently on vacation and I took only this brush only so I can use more often and give my opinion.

I was not that impressed, but then I tried it on wet hair.

First impression: wet hair

I washed my hair and when is wet, I almost never brush it, but this time was an exception because I needed it to dry faster and also wanted to try the brush on wet hair. It turns out that it brushes wet hair really good. It might have something to do with the conditioner that I used, but still, I was interested. Many of the brushes I have really pull my hair when is wet, but not this one. It might be something to do with the short bristles.

Woolworths, Woolworth, hair, hair brush, brush,


As you noticed, the brush works really good with wet hair. I don’t recommend brushing the hair while it’s wet, but if you have to, try a brush like this.

Have you tried the original “Tangle Teaser” and some cheap alternative? I’m genuinely curious to know if it works different.

Have a nice one 🙂


Aussie hair products

Aussie hair products

Hi my Readers 🙂

I am making beauty related post – wow 😀

I am working around some products that I had high hopes for but ended up not working for me. Luckily, I investigate sooo much before purchasing so I don’t have much of them. 🙂

This time is not one of those times 😀

aussie repair miracle 3 minute miracle reconstructor balm mint extract conditioner apres shampoing.jpg


Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor

aussie repair miracle 3 minute miracle reconstructor balm mint extract conditioner apres shampoing 3 minute balm mint extract

I remember a time on YouTube when everyone was talking about this Aussie products. I am now thinking that those were sponsored because there is no way everybody to be so contempt about this because it does nothing.

A while ago Aussie finally became available to me. It was expensive but knowing that everybody talked only good, I thought – it’s worth the money.

I have been using this products for almost a year – not constantly, but I am trying to use them up because I don’t want to be wasteful and every time I’m using them, I get reminded how they don’t do anything for my hair.

It does not smell that good, but I thought – ok, so it might be good for the hair so I’m not going to mind the smell too much.

If you want to try it and decide for yourself, you can click here. And fro the german version click here.

*as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. But so far, that hasn’t happened. 🙂

Aussie repair miracle conditioner

aussie repair miracle 3 minute miracle reconstructor balm mint extract conditioner apres shampoing erste.jpg

This one I can see maybe something going on. It does not do too much for my hair but at least smells nice, which is a great improvement minding the 1 minute one 😀

Because my hair is now turquoise and if you want to see what I am using and an updated color, just click over the highlighted words, I am trying to use this conditioners up by adding some to my hair while the hair dye is sitting on my hair. So, at the same time, I get conditioning done as well as neutralizing the harsh chemicals that are in a hair dye.

If you want to try it and decide for yourself, you can click here. And for the german version click here.

I bought a shampoo too and when I traveled it was so meh that I left it behind, didn’t look back and even forgot that I bought it 😀 But if you want to try it and decide for yourself, you can click here. And for the german version click here.

I don’t want to be harsh, but this products really didn’t do much for my hair.


I still enjoy beauty and cosmetics but being what I am, I am going to include more posts about everything else. How we can improve not only the beauty from the outside, but the internal beauty as well.


Did you have similar experience with this products or it’s just my hair and my high expectations? Really curious to know.

Have w nice weekend 🙂

Argan oil hair conditioner (swiss o par arganöl haarkur)

Argan oil hair conditioner (swiss o par arganöl haarkur)

Hi my Readers 🙂

We’ve all heard of how argan oil is good for the hair. Based on that, I wanted to try a conditioner. It was on sale so I got it and here it is my thoughts on it.

argan oil swiss o par

It says that it is for dry and shineless hair. Should have read the ingredients too but I was in a hurry.

   Swiss o par – argan oil hair conditioner                      SWISS O PAR arganöl haarkur  

This stayed in my bath next to the window so the packaging is a little bit washed out from the sun 😀

Ingredients list and claims:


As you can see, water is on the first place and on the very second place is alcohol. I don’t know about you but alcohol does not scream „hydration“. There are several types of alcohol in this product.

200 ml


The consistency is veeery watery and when I try to use it, I end up applying way too much, but even with that – it is not doing much for my hair. It may be because it is silicone free but still, I used it almost all of it up and still didn’t see any difference regarding the dryness of my hair, as the stated claims.

Also, from argan oil conditioner, I expect more.

Scent: when I smelled it in store iI said to myself: well, If it does good to my hair, I will try to get over the scent. Turns out, It didn’t work out 😀 Definitely recommend smelling it in store if you want to buy it.

argan oil


Will I repurchase: NO.

Because I am using it only on my lower half of my hair, I need it to be as repairing as it can since I am experimenting with that part of my hair so much. And even when my hair was healthy, did not noticed any difference.

Have you tried this product? I am really curious to read if it worked for you?


Have a nice weekend 🙂

Antidote 😉


*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases


Cristal tonic – liquid crystals for hair

Cristal tonic – liquid crystals for hair

Cristal tonic – liquid crystals (cristalli liquidi)

Hi my Reader 🙂

I purchased this a long time ago and waited so I can make a full review and see if the product will make any difference to my hair.


Liquid crystals.

According to the description
Should affect the tips of the hair and conceal split ends.

How to use it
Applied it on the tips of my hair and along the length of my hair.

I did not notice any change in the means of keeping the hair smooth neither I’ve seen any concealing to the split ends.
I gave half to two of my friends so they can try it out and he and she (both of them) ended up not liking this.

Once I applied a drop more than usual and I ended up washing my hair again because it looked really bad and it was very sticky.

If you come across this product, just walk away because it is not worth the time or makes any difference.

Around 10€.




I usually give a lot of chances and tend not to say bad things but this product really didn’t do anything for my hair and for that price I could’ve gotten better products that I already know that they will perform way better.

Have you used this product? Did it make any difference? Leave me a comment.

Remember to do something good today.

Regards, Antidote 🙂