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Sun Dance lip balsam

Sun Dance lip balsam

Hi my Readers ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t know how is the weather around you but where I am, it was suposed to be spring and maybe even summer-ish temperatures for a while now. The winter is taking it’s time but the preparations for the summer have already started. That is not visible by my clothing but definitely in my mind ๐Ÿ˜€

Few years go, dm dregerie markt have released their lip balms with SPF. I don’t know if that is entirely true or some marketing trick to get us to buy more stuff but I still got it because I lost the one with 20 SFP that I had. To my surprise it smelled like coconut as claimed but also tasted sweat. At the time I worked at a place where people didn’t bother to ask if in the things left behind in the women’s powder room belonged to someone so they threw it away. It may have been my fault but still, didn’t hurt to ask or leave it for people to find it. I guess SPF doesn’t like me that much ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyways… because it was limited edition, I couldn’t buy it again so I forgot about it, up until few days ago when I saw that dm’s brand SUN Dance have released something suspiciously similar. I like coconut and of course I bought it so here is my opinion on it:

I may not be the same but it sure reminds me a lot of it so I’d say – suspiciously similar.

Previous one: had thicker consistency. Smelled sweet – vanilla and little bit like coconut. Tasted slightly sweet (not at the point where you would like to eat it, but just comfortable not to taste like oil).

New one: thinner consistency, other than that everything is the same.

Also, the packaging is different. It was yellow, now is cute light blue with coconut and some summer themes on it.

I don’t know if the inflation is hitting them too and that’s why they made it thinner this time ๐Ÿ˜€

It doesn’t say it is limited edition but just like the previous one I assume it will go away once the summer is gone and once they get rid of the stocks.

How it feels: other than the cute packaging and everything about the smell and taste, I don’t see much of a difference. The previous one used to leave a white film on the lips which actually looked nice. I don’t need much help for the lips but I have noticed that whenever I am wearing it, I tend to constantly smush my lips together. I don’t know why is that but has happened few times before too, with other lip balms.

Does it protect the lips from the sun? I don’t know, yet, since there is not much sun and I only got it 2 weeks ago, although it claims to protect against the UVA and UVB rays so hopefully it will.

It is fair amount (10ml) so I would assume it will last quite a bit. The ingredients are not that special.

As I am sitting and writing this, I can feel that the lip balm is disappearing and that’s little bit too fast for me. If I lose this one, I don’t know if I would buy it again or just finally try the coconut one from Ziaja ๐Ÿ˜€

And another review from Balea and their lip balms (which is practically the same or very similar)

Any thoughts on this one?

Wishing you a good start of the week.

Remember to do something good today, even it is something insignificant to you ๐Ÿ™‚



Essence eyeliner comparison

Essence eyeliner comparison

Hi my readers ๐Ÿ™‚

Recently I bought the new version of the Essence eyeliner. Before I used the regular version, after that I used the waterproof and now the new one. I didn’t see much of a difference between the regular and the waterproof and plus I bought them in Germany, the origin of this brand. This last one however, I am noticing very big difference.

Essence liquid ink waterproof eyeliner with soft bristle does not stay as long, disappears on the parts where my skin touches and the rest of it crumbles very easy. Tried it over eyeshadow and without shadow and the result is the same.
The previous one stayed better than this one. I don’t know if there is something to do with the country I bought it from but it is possible since there are many differences with many products.

The previous had has bristle wand and was thicker but there wasn’t a problem when I was creating a precise wing.

The new version has soft and thinner bristle. No problem when it comes to applying it but like previous stated, it does not have the same longevity.

I still have the previous ones just in case I reuse the wands and I guess I am actually going to but for applying and after that I will reuse it for nail art.

To top it all off, the old version had 4ml and the new version has 3ml and it is the same price.

Few pictures of the wand and some swatches:

Just a week ago I bought the felt tip one and after several uses I will write about those too.

Have you tried this one and have you tried the previous versions for comparison?

Wishing you a great end of the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚
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Calming down dehydrated, oily but atopic skin

Calming down dehydrated, oily but atopic skin

Hi my Readers

Since I have known, I had troubles with my skin when it comes to inflammation and rushes. It became clear to me that sometimes it is caused when I am very upset or if I had very stressful period. I have tried to prevent it and tried creams, cosmetics, natural remedies but it didn’t go away. The dermatologists were useless because they kept recommending the same products (granted, not many options were available so I guess they just went with the simplest one that is somewhat affordable).

Then I went ahead and started exploring the options. By the looks of it, it seemed something like atopic skin. I bought many creams that suited that characteristic. One helped, but the rest just created another problem – pimples, because they were too greasy. Sometimes, dehydrated skin is mixed with dry skin and I guess many companies were doing the same, even though, they should have known better, especially the ones that claim to be medical.

After my redness and blemishes peaked during the pandemic, and the masks, too, were not helping the situation and I saw red patches appearing in spots that I didn’t even had them before, I bought some expensive creams but my expectations were too high, I guess, so they didn’t work either. They were the same like those from before – greasy and not helpful.

By this point I have given up and just tried to do as much as I could. In the meantime, the serums have become very popular as not many were wearing makeup because of the masks and everyone turned to skincare. More options have become available and serums have become more affordable, unlike before. Totally unaware of the benefits, everyone have been talking about this serum that was very good. Of course, people used it in combination with others but I haven’t tried serums before so I bought just this one. And because I have already stacked up on creams that I didn’t wanted to completely throw away but use them sporadically, I went with that decision. I have read on it, informed myself, searched if it is ok for people with atopic skin to use it and finally bought it.
This serum was Niacinamide 10%.
When I tell you that I had 0 expectations except maybe some invisible improvement – that was really the case. Mind you, I didn’t buy it because of my blemishes, but because it claimed to have so much benefit for the skin.

Started to use it and I have noticed something that I wasn’t expecting – my skin has started to look better. I didn’t pay much attention the the blemishes because sometimes they could linger, and other time they could disappear in a matter of days and that would last for few days and they would appear again. But after a while, I started noticing that my skin wasn’t hurting or itching that much anymore and that continued for a while. In my skincare I have only changed that – the niacinamide 10% serum. This serum hydrated the skin (or it did whatever it did) and with periodical mild peeling, it helped a lot. After realizing that, I immediately panicked (don’t ask) and thought that this is just wonder that lasts for short period of time. So I stopped using it to see if it really was that to make the difference. Few days later, the blemishes have turned up again. I tried this method for few times and realized that indeed that serum was the thing that helped. So I made a plan – to use it only when I really need it so my skin doesn’t get used to it like it did with many other creams that don’t help anymore and to use it periodically. That I did.

This serum has exceeded my expectations and I am glad that skincare became a trend so people can take (better) care of their skin. In some of my next posts I will be sharing the companies I have tried so if you want to learn more, feel free to check later on.

It wasn’t just the serum, but it was the way I used it and the rare peelings that I made. Also, not every brand helped me or was effective as some. So this was definitely trial and error and I still have this problem just not so bad as it was before.

I was not officially diagnosed with anything. By the time I had my appointment, the blemish would go down and I could only show pictures that the dermatologists rejected right away. Every opinion is individual and what has worked for me, might not work for you and I hope everyone finds something that works!

If anyone has any recommendations, feel free to share them with me. I would like to try some more as soon as I start to run out of the creams that I gave so much money to ๐Ÿ˜€

Wishing you a good one ๐Ÿ˜‰

Full circle – influencer edition and the disappointment

Full circle – influencer edition and the disappointment

Hi my Readers

Today, a video has been circling the web and it is about influencers and their false claims.
The particular video is about influencer that shows mascara and some of her colleagues are calling her out on it because she looks like she is using false lashes. The video is sponsored and it caught the eyes of the people too.

I have stopped following as much as I used to and even if I do, I tend to not get involved too much, but this one was interesting to me because the people who jumped to defend her, mentioned big corporations and how the influensers or the people weren’t calling them out on it. I have seen influensers and many people talking about that subject so I know that’s not true, but what struck me the most is that people defend something that influencers have made influencers in the first place – their reviews and their honesty because people were tired of the big corporations lying and spending so much on marketing and tricking people into buying things that are far from that glitzy commercial that has played over and over again.

The disapointment comes because the whole point of influencers is to prove the marketing side of the big companies that are wrong. People started trusting influencers because they were honest with their reviews and once they start to seem dishonest, then it all goes downhill from there.

I am very pleased to see that other colleagues and influensers have cast a light and hopefully it will be a lesson to everyone – the consumer as well because consumers and potential consumers have the biggest power when it comes to this.

Just let’s not cancel people. Mistake is a mistake. If we don’t see improvements after they have been exposed, only then we can move toward canceling. Let’s leave that thing in the past, along with the pandemic.

Wishing you a good one,

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Very peri bye to the Pantone color of 2022

Very peri bye to the Pantone color of 2022

Hi my readers

As we are entering the new year, I would like to wish you all well, good health and much happiness.

Before I say bye to the color of the year of 2022, I have to say that that was kind of one of my favourite colors. As you may even notice is one of the color in the symbol to my blog. I was especially happy to learn that Pantone decided to choose that color (and the shades around it) because I already had everythitn that includes that color…including my hair.

I will share some pictures from the color (and the shades around it) and let me tell ya, this is just a glimpse of everything lilac, purple, very peri that I have in my collection ๐Ÿ™‚ You might catch a glimpse of the color of the year of 2023 as it is a color that really suits me and luckily I like it too ๐Ÿ˜€

Had a surprise visitor for the last few items so I decided to leave this photo anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t worry, the shoes are indoor shoes that I use for workout, they are very clean, I made sure of me ๐Ÿ˜€

This color will surely stay, but we will be welcoming the new one with open arms, since, as I said (and you will see) is the colour that I wear so often.

Have a good one

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Nails of the week

Nails of the week

Hi my readers

As is already known and very usual on this blog I share my nails right before I am about to remove it. But this time, to top it all the pictures that I have are terrible. Unlike the other times when I took the pictures with my camera, this time I took them with my phone. What is up with the Samsung camera and what compelled me to buy Samsung – I don’t know. But here there are. The manicure was really nice but it is not evident on the pictures.

I included some very bad photos so I can capture the glitter and I really tried, but blame the camera :/

Anyway, I am wishing you a lovely Sunday and amazing last day of this winter.

Have a nice one, Antidote ๐Ÿ˜‰

Concrete or chia pudding, tbd + flower of the day :)


Hi my Readers ๐Ÿ™‚

Decided to make chia pudding for the first time after I had some issues with my appetite (more about that on the next paragraph).
Searched for some recipe online, I saw it and of course – I didn’t follow it ๐Ÿ˜€ As chia seeds swell up when soaked I forgot that that will happen on another level much later. I sat down to eat and sure enough 10 minutes later I had very solid consistency. I quickly poured just a little bit more water, stirred it and placed it in the fridge. I am imagining some concrete hard consistence in an hour from now.

How I prepared it:

– chia seeds (duh)
– milk (of choice)
– water
– honey
– flax seeds

The recipe stated that the honey can be added afterwards but immediately thinking I won’t like it because of it’s consistency – I poured it together with the other ingredients and stirred. Waited a bit and stirred again. Tried it to see if I need to add something I added what I felt it needed more and refrigerated it. I’m planning to add some fruits on top of it just to add some more vitamins. It is also recommended to use glass cup or jar to see if you stirred it good enough but I don’t thin that will make some big of a difference if you stir it long enough.

Not sure why but few days ago I had headache and since then I had trouble eating. The day before yesterday I felt hungry but because I was out running some court errands I couldn’t eat hours later and even then I forced myself to eat. Yesterday I had headache again and only drank a cup of coffee which made me jittery and ate a cup of oats after I felt so dizzy that I couldn’t stand.

The result

Almost forgot to take a picture of it. I started eating it because I couldn’t wait to see if it turned out
The verdict: Tastes amazing! Tastes really good. Reminds me of sweet rice pudding but not quite. It is interesting and it keeps me full. Want to cut down on sweet and incorporate more fruits and this actually looks like it will do the job but I’ll see how it plays out when my appetite sorts out. I added some fruits too: some frozen raspberry, cherry, aronia and banana.. fancy I know ๐Ÿ™‚

The other thing that is visible on the picture is some fruit shake or smoothie, if you will and it tastes sooo good!

In the process of making this picture better since I ate half of the cup, I thought I include some flowers and mention a blog that shares many nice stories that I enjoy reading as well as different pictures of many different things and brightens up the blog timeline – Cee’s Photo Challenges

Daffodils from my late grandparent’s house and Hyacinth. Hope you enjoy them (some of them are little sad looking since they are past their expiration date.

What do you thing about this kind of desert? Have you tried something similar?

Wishing you a very nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

Golden Rose Extreme Glitter shine nail lacquer 211

Golden Rose Extreme Glitter shine nail lacquer 211

Golden Rose Extreme Glitter shine nail lacquer 211

Hi my Readers ๐Ÿ™‚

Brace yourself for influx of pictures from 3 different devices in order to capture the beauty of this nail polish! And they are still not good enough but I uploaded as many as I could for you. Glitter is so hard to capture on camera and I wanted to be as true to color as they can be.  And If you scroll down, you’ll see that on black base it looks like galaxy ๐Ÿ™‚ 

extreme glitter shine 211extreme glitter shine 211 golden rose 211

I’ve been neglecting my nail lacquers for so long. I at least would paint them in one color but lately I’ve been slacking so much but decided to change that and this lacquer was a big part of it. The previous nails were also sort of difficult to made so I waited for them to start crumble apart before removing them so I can fully appreciate them.

You have no idea how much of a change this nail lacquer has made. Don’t know what it is about it but it sparked joy. I’ve been caring it around and just staring at it. Not to mention the staring at my nails…by me ๐Ÿ˜€ It might be because those colors were near to part of my hair colors (and I really like how the combination of turquoises and purple go together)

I entered the beauty store for one purpose but as it almost always it, left the store with more but all necessary things. One of them was picking some new nail polish. Fully intended to just check them out what’s new but then saw this one. Checked online to see how it looks because it they just got it and they didn’t have a swatch. The only internet picture was kind of deceiving but I still don’t regret buying it (quite the opposite as you already read ๐Ÿ™‚ ). 

The bottle 

The first one is from my camera and many attempts to capture the right shades and the beauty of the glitter. 

The second ones are with the base color and I left the blurry ones just so you can see the glitter because boi is it hard to capture the glitter in the nail polish (kudos to the professionals). 

On daylight with different device: 

And with black base: 

Well… I tried…

Wishing you a good one ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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Common denominator in the beauty dramas + Tati & many other breaking their silence

Common denominator in the beauty dramas + Tati & many other breaking their silence

It is a first time I am releasing two posts in one day.

Things about certain someone that is often called Voldemort (because of his malicious intentions and doings) are finally resurfacing. People finally got tired of his manipulations and oppression and went off. And when I write โ€žwent offโ€œ, oh boi did it went off. It started from the smaller channels and continued with Tati Westbrook.

If you aren’t familiar with the first thing, here it is –ย Someone can make your career. That same someone can also break it

It all starts to come together now. In every possible drama there is only one person that is always involved. Many have spoken, but we still give the the benefit of the doubt. Many smaller channels talked about this but it is something else when a big channel does it. It goes straight to the mainstream media. Although, mainstream media is often twisting the truth, just like they did with Jenna Marbles and her leaving, they have a reach – just like big youtubers have.

The silence is over and people are tired of being blackmailed.

It is just starting.

I read something interesting:
โ€žI really donโ€™t think Tati is a snake. She has entirely too much to lose by saying what sheโ€™s said. Maybe sheโ€™s a bit too trusting or too naive. I canโ€™t speak on the trauma she faced, and I donโ€™t know how much of it factored into her decisions to now.โ€œ

For people still trying to come on her and not to the other responsible master manipulator:

She’s only human. Her evident overall health declining speaks more than her words. She stated that in the end of the last year sat with James and apologized after he opened her eyes. There are many things we don’t see. If we nitpick every word we will miss the bigger picture.

People are calling out humans. When in reality, they do mistakes. Some of them take responsibility, some of them create fake evidence. Most of all, if you think all of them are full with drama, you clearly follow only them and most likely follow drama channels. Drama channels exist because people are watching them. There are so many small channels that have nothing to do with drama and only create all the time and nobody follows them because they lack just that essential thing – drama. SO, in part, people are to blame, not the creators.


And please stop comparing emotional health and how someones health is more important than someone else. I see many people involving BLM into this.

โ€žThat is how awareness and protesting works. Especially in a situation of petty useless drama when thereโ€™s more important things. And tati claims throughout that she is supporting and donating to BLM, but it contradicts with the fact that sheโ€™s deleting comments.โ€œย 

You are wrong about this one. Protest where it is important. By coming for a woman that is clearly hurt, you are doing nobody a favor. If you think someones else health is useless, you are giving BLM a very bad name! Over the coarse of one year, she admitted that she lost weigh (as soon as I saw her it was evident), couldn’t get treatment about a subject that was hard for her and continued to decline with her emotional health. Granted, because of her video and someone elses manipulations James suffered a great deal but she admitted her mistake, took responsibility, apologized.

We do not need to spread more negativity towards them but to the master manipulator in this case!ย 


Have a nice one and don’t forget to do something good, however small it seems, it will seem big in others peoples eyes.
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Perfect time to perfect your eyeliner (and some blogs with eye makeup inspo)


Hi my Readers ๐Ÿ™‚

essence - mermaid eyeshadow box - 03 - my shell is my castle open corner other

Since we are living this chaos and since many of us in the whole world are at home, I think that this is the perfect time to perfect our eye makeup game.

We all are wearing masks (if you aren’t and you are out and about, get one!) and all everyone can see is our eyes. Then why not work on our eye makeup game? Now is the time to burn some steam off while practicing our eye makeup.

Here are some amazing people that already are doing amazing:

Hopefully I included as much as I could remember and I will add more as they came up ๐Ÿ™‚

You already know how I feel about the neutral makeup.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Now is the time to loosen up for the future! Use some color. If you don’t like it – you can always wash it off and try another color. Don’t be afraid to be yourself! We can see how short life is. Why not make the most of it!

I hope everyone is safe and are doing ok during this chaotic times!

Wishing you amazing day!