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Festive nails :)


Hi my Readers 🙂

It is nice to share and spread happyness during every time of the year and this time shouldn’t be exception. That is why I am joining with a post about glitters and snow…or at least, that is what I think when I see my nails.

I made a mistake of painting them right before I washed my hair and they chipped a little, but hope you won’t mind of that bad repairs and focus on the glitter 😀

I remember that few years ago my favorite winter and snowy nails were this (oh, they are also chipped..I remember I took the picture right before I removed the polish) (the post in question: Winter, New Years, Christmas nails *BLOGMAS*)

new year teal mint sparkle nails nail  2014 blue white christmass winter snow

And since then, apparently not much has changed because theese are this years nail 😀


And do you remember what was my Theme color I like these days? Well, apparently is is still the same, ’cause, look at hem pajamas 😀

And the other hand too. Not as festive.


I definitely could have done a better jow whilst I wasn’t in a hurry but from afar, does not look that bad 😀

Enough about glitters…I mean nails…


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas with this amazing voice and song 🙂 


Antidote 😉


I’m done with the neutrals!


Hi my Readers 🙂

Scrolling through every social media, including wordpress (yes, I actually read what you guys post – everyone likes their work to be appreciated!), I was liking neutral looks to the point where my timeline and suggestions were filled only with neutral looks! Don’t get me wrong, I like neutrals, but I’m done with them. Especially those warm neutrals that it seems everyone are stuck with and are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

I get that most of the people are looking for work-appropriate looks. And let me tell you, there are so many options. Nobody is thinking of full glam or drag, but little color didn’t hurt nobody!

Also, this is more oriented towards the MUAs on social media that „hey guys, so today I’m going to do a simple neutral look that is so requested“. Oh, you mean the same neutral look that you did on your last 10 videos, pictures and blog posts? Cool. I mean, warm, because apparently cool tones are the „scary“ part when it comes to makeup.

What are people so afraid of? Especially when it comes to makeup? It gets off with a simple face lotion.

Why are people attracted only to neutral pallets? They have one, two or more, but they are still going to buy the next neutral pallet. If you weren’t only-neutral-toned person, it is probably the social media causing you to have 5 of the same palettes.

neutrals stop using neutrals makeup make up eyeshadow lipstick neutral tone lipstick neutrals warm neutrals cool toned neutrals nude nudes nude lipstick peachy nude peachy neutrals

I remember the first time I wore red lipstick. NOBODY was wearing anything but balm (or, I guess, looked like a balm but were probably again some neutral tones of lipsticks).

It gave me courage to be more confident and to be myself EVEN MORE.

Sure, I got some looks, but I can assure you: nobody remembers the time I wore red lipstick. Only me. Because people remember things for max of 3 days. And then it goes away. And nobody cares. Only me, because it made me confident for more experimenting with my makeup.

After I wore it, it became a trend and lipsticks became more common thing.

I was someone that wore different eye makeup every time I got out. I always matched my makeup with my outfit. But after AAAALLLL of those insta photos that I was bombarded with and videos that were made of only WARM neutrals, I kind of forgot about the colorful looks that I used to do every time I wore different color on me. AND I BLAME THE SOCIAL MEDIA! OK, I’ll calm down now.

Just imagine how your social media is influencing you? I’m always reading that people want to experiment more with their makeup, but are afraid. And that does the social media influencers do? Add on to that fear with doing and promoting ONLY warm neutrals, basic, and minimal (but caked up) make up.

Instead of being yourself, you are pushed away inside back into the box, which is the opposite of what you need to do! 

Don’t be afraid to experiment (if I type „afraid“ with two „f“s again….. -.- ) and most of all, don’t be afraid (here it is with the both f’s again -.- ) to be yourself.

Let me try that again.

BE YOURSELF and don’t let social media, neighbor or anyone else discourage you or shove you in that box! 


I have so much to write about, but I think that’s enough for now. Nobody will read this anyway.  So I might as well stop here before I write a whole book about this 😀

I really would like to know what is your opinion about this. Comment and share your thoughts. Do you have the same feeling?


Have a nice one.. and remember to be yourself. 🙂


I bought my first highlighter; Wen’n’wild in Precious Petals

I bought my first highlighter; Wen’n’wild in Precious Petals

Hi my Readers 🙂

After a loooong anticipated wait and lots of research, I finally bought my first highlighter. All of the other highlighters that I’ve been seeing in store were tempting but because I was using eyeshadow, I didn’t get any of them. But, when I saw that a store had a discount on some of the products, including this one, I just had to get it.

Wet ‘ n wild megaglo highlighting powder 

I was soooo happy. I can tell you that this was in my makeup drawer a whole week before I had the chance to try it. I don’t know if the anticipation made me think this was going to be something out of space or the „megaglo“ part made that, but is it that good?

This is why I think I got a dud or a bad one: I tried applying with 3 brushes and after I made a dent in the highlighter from only one use, after it took so many applications to build it up so it would show up and after it finally showed up – it looked like under eye bruise from so much product. That might be that it is a bit dark for me, but nonetheless, it shouldn’t take me 3 brushes, so much tries and a dent in the product to make it work.

After all of those reviews that I read and saw, I’m starting to think that I definitely got a dud. Because I am really pleasantly surprised from their shadows.

The shade that I got is „Precious Petals“.

I included so many photos just so you can see the shade because it was different with my every move.





This is the swatch that I attempted to do. The light one I went over 3 times with 3 separate dips into the pan – with my finger. The bolder one i reeeealy pressed 2-3 times so it would show up. And the application was even worse from the swatch.



Seeing all of the other bloggers pictures from this product, I’m starting to really think that I got a dud. You can see the dent that I’ve made from only one application. I wore it once for an hour out and when I came back – there wasn’t highlighter on my face 😀
Today I applied again and that dent is tree times the amount of the picture shows. With this tempo, it will be good very soon. You can purchase it here for less than $5 *as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Update: I just saw it on a sunlight. It looks absolutely atrocious. Maybe because I’m too light for it. I might be able to use it as a blush topper.


I’m thinking to buy another one, the „Blossom Glow“ one but that one looked a bit chunky. Should I get it?


Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 face wash

Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 face wash

Hi my Readers 🙂

I’ve been looking for something that will clear my skin but at the same time wont dry it out even more. So, last summer I bought this face wash because I was intrigued by the triple action and also, I’ve read a lot of good things about.

Garnier Skin Active 3 in 1 face wash 


garnier skin aktiv skin active hautklar 3 in 1 face wash review


This product claims it can be used as 3 things:

  1. Wash
  2. Scrub
  3. Mask

It also claims that it has triple action:

  1. Purify
  2. Unclog pores
  3. Mattify

Results seen after 7 days of use.

garnier skin active


I’ve tried this product as wash, scrub and mask. As so the mattify part, I overlooked because I also wanted to have clean pores.

As wash: 

Washed my skin after taking my makeup but rarely because I didn’t wanted to overdo it. Performed good.

As scrub: 

Used extra scrubbing thingy ( 😀 ) with bristles and did ok. Was not over-harsh. When I used only my fingers was even gentler.

As mask: 

OK, this is the tricky part. It Dried up reeealy tight so I used luke-warm water to soften it up and after that I could remove it with a lot of water. Or (not recommended) when it was dried up completely, I would remove it dry and then rinse my skin with luke-warm water. And with that I wouldn’t have to spend long time rinsing it off of my skin.

After any step: 

  1. It is little bit hard to remove. I used luke warm water and it was easier to remove.
  2. Afterwards, I would dry the water from my face with gentle tapping, NO tagging.
  3. I generously apply moisturizing cream.

OK, so my one is in German so I will borrow some pictures from the beautiful space called internet for English but will post the German ones too. You can find it here.

garnier skin aktiv skin active hautklar

Ingredients and amount:

garnier skin aktiv skin active hautklar ingredients 100ml




*Images borrowed from MakeupAndBeauty so check it out too

And the german version:





It’s good product but I’m not using it consistently as recommended just because of the mattifying effect and I don’t want to dry out my skin even more. So I can’t tell you if it really helps about that part, but I can tell you that it does clean my skin, leaves it really smooth and after that I apply hydrating cream and enjoy my silky skin 🙂


Have you tried it? Let me know how it worked for you, did it turned out as claimed and did you use it as instructions said?


Have a nice one,

Antidote 😉


* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Ziaja cocoa butter face cream; light formula

Ziaja cocoa butter face cream; light formula

Hi my Readers 🙂

Before I start, I just want to mention that I spend a REALLY long time taking this pictures and I really like how they turned out 😀

Ziaja has been a great brand that I tend to lean to whenever I need something for my skin care.

I am long time user of their Ziaja cocoa butter face cream – light formula version.

Little more about my skin so you can have idea; adjusting to more nourishing cream (scroll down for the face cream part) 

Since my skin fiasco that happened because of this reason, my skin changed so much. Than happened when all were obsessed with having matte face and having a little shine was out of question. I mean, you can add a ton of highlighter but heck forgive if you have a little shine on your forehead. I’ve always liked naturally shiny skin because it seemed healthier. Natural matte is also good, but as long as it stays natural. But I got swallowed in that MATTE MATTE MATTE hole and was doing everything to keep my skin matte only because of a trend.

Since then, my skin started to acquire more nourishing face creams. In search of something like that, I discovered this Ziaja Cocoa Butter – light formula face cream.

It took time while my skin got used to it. At first, I was applying to the parts that were really dry and to the rest of the face I applied other cream. But because I was also using this drying lotion, my skin continued to dry out. So, soon enough my skin was demanding more nourishing.

I started using this cream to my whole face, but at first I had little problems with my t-zone. It was dry but the nourishment was not playing good with this cream. It was clear that my skin was reacting to the fact that it is still trying to restore it’s balance itself but was not able to.

Soon enough, my skin got used to this and since then I have never had problems.


Ziaja Cocoa Butter – light formula face cream. 

ziaja ccoa butter face cream light formula nourishing 1

This is nourishing face cream with cocoa.

This is one of my favorite face creams that I own and that is saying a lot, since I own a lot of creams and I am constantly searching for new, but the fact that this one stuck with me even after so many new purchases, says a lot. Does not contain (as much) ingredients that I don’t like and you can see how much I love it because I still have the empty packagings, only re-purposed 🙂
I would wish that they use less of the less-good ingredients. But judging by the fact that my skin does NOT like dimethicone and in this one the dimethicone is among the first third of the ingredients, I don’t think that they are using that much.

ziaja ccoa butter face cream light formula

ziaja cocoa butter face cream

Comparing to their previous formula before they change their packaging, as someone that is not an expert, I think that they made the formula better.

As the name states, it has light formula, easy to apply, not greasy and does not stay on top of the skin.

Smells amazing. It smells like cocoa but not that artificial smell that it can be overwhelming. You can find it here.

cocoa butter face cream


how to use ziaja cocoa butter face cream light formula

Contains cocoa butter and Vitamin E. Nourishes and regenerates dry and normal skin. Restores the accurate moisture level. Provides protection against harmful sunrays.

*From all of this claims, I’m not sure only about the last one since I can’t see SPF.

For which skin type will work better? 

If your skin is dry, this is probably the perfect face cream for you, especially in the winter days.

If your skin is oily, I am not sore that this one will be the best face cream for you, but judging by the fact the my skin is sometimes oily, it still works for me.


This cream does not target any specific demographic and is suitable for any age.


ingredients ziaja cocoa butter face cream light formula


The packaging is 100ml and will last you a long time.


As I’ve already wrote, this face cream is really good for nourishing and regenerates my skin. Restores the moisture level and smells good and not artificial.

Will I repurchase? 

cocoa butter


  • Have you seen those used up packagings? Of course I will 😀

How I use it:

After removing makeup and my skin is clean, I apply the face cream on the skin gently with patting and swiping motion.

All in all this is really good face cream for skin that is in need of moisture.

If you need more information, CLICK HERE and it will link you to Ziaja’s web site 🙂

This is not my first Ziaja product description. You can click on the link below and will lead you to my post about Ziaja’s chamomile face toner and chamomile face cream.

Have you tried this face cream? If so, how did it work for you?

Have a nice one and remember to do something good,

Antidote 😉


*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

One person of the big „k“ obsessed family strikes again with her „wisdom“

One person of the big „k“ obsessed family strikes again with her „wisdom“

Hi my Readers 🙂

This post is going to be about the skin. The healthy one.

I just read something that disturbs me knowing that in the world are people that actually would consider this and are not interested in learning more (putting this together as much politically correct as I can trying to avoid the word „shallow“).

I am not sure how the world became obsessed with this family and how this family became famous in the first place and what scares me is seeing only dumb things coming out of them.

The latest thing that I’ve read is that one of them actually sleeps in her makeup to avoid redoing it for the next day. I could state that I am surprised but I’m not expecting much, seeing that she probably hasn’t read a book or anything in her life. What concerns e is that we spend so much time educating people how important skin care is, and now, with only one statement this could mean all the people that actually follow her are going to consider doing this too.

This is the writing that I’ve read.  I’m hoping you won’t do the same and include skincare in your life.

In meantime, here is my post about not removing the makeup:

Not removing your makeup completely – mistake for the skin

And all of my „mistakes for the skin“ series:

Mistakes for the skin – series

balea dm augen eye make up entferner pads oil

cotton rounds

Remove your makeup and have a nice one 😉



YouTubeRewind 2018


Hi my Readers 🙂

Today’s topic is going to be a bit unusual.

I am more than certain that you know what YouTube is. And with that, I I more than sure that you watch videos on this platform.

YouTube Rewind is a project that started back in 2008 and sums up what has been watched the most. It represents videos and activities that are the most engaged with in the past year. The idea is really interesting and involves A LOT of creativity to recap the whole year in only circa 8 minutes.

But, since last year, it has been bad. I was so unamused by what they did and how they presented it.

This year’s video is another level of forced stuff. They flopped YouTubeRewind again. They started with the bad rewind last year, and continued the trend this year. I guess that’s what happens when creativity is controlled.
When I think about it, youtube has become so bad the past 2 years so is actually accurate.

Looking at the numbers, YouTubeRewind has never had such a bad ratio. YouTube, should listen to watchers. They are not happy with some of the decisions they have made.


Screen taken from YouTube


And this is only 3 hours after they posted the video.

After all, you can’t limit or force creativity. Or you might end up like this. 🙂



Also, I am hoping you have informed yourselves on the Article13 and #SaveTheInternet campaign. If you don’t know, it is European version of NetNeutrality only worse. So it is extremely important to inform yourselves and share this. None of the bigger corporations and media haven’t shared anything on this only because they benefit from it if it is voted for. Here is more on this topic: European version of NetNeutrality, only worse; no more blogging

Here are some reads (I found only few, surprise, surprise):

The CEO of YouTube herself is concerned and warns about this issue. She asks creators to „take action’ against EU copyright law“.

Have a nice one 😉