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AVON naturals fragrance spritz (spray perfume) in cherry blossom


Hi my Readers

Since I have few products from AVON, I decided to make a mini series about their products. I am not a fan of AVON cosmetics. I don’t know why, or maybe I do and I wrote about some of that in THIS POST about a body lotion of theirs.

But, some of their products I really enjoy, so I thought, why not make a teeny tiny series about them.

AVON naturals fragrance spritz (spray perfume)

juicy moisture avon cherry blossom spray parfume fragrance spritz.jpg

They have a good selection of fruity fragrances. I have the cherry blossom (fleur de cerisier) spritz. Smells refreshing and it is good for autumn and spring, even winter, but it is a bit strong for my liking in the summer time.

It lasts relatively ok considering it is a body spray, but I spray it on my clothes, mostly my scarfs.

You can see I am almost out of it but I really forget to use it 😀

Have you tried some of their products? I might place an order soon 🙂

Have a nice one,
Antidote 😉


AVON naturals body care – cozy, vanilla & sandalwood body lotion


Hi my Readers 🙂

AVON has been around for a long time. Circulating among the schools, workplaces and even waiting rooms, it was inevitable. To be frank, I’m not the biggest fan of them. Their ingredients are not the best and their jewelry and clothes are cheap mass-produced (ordered from e-bay and aliexpress) but they are selling it sometimes 10 times their price. I mean, I know famous clothing companies are doing the same, but this is too obvious. They have nice perfumes tho.. Not all of them are as permanent, they are hit or miss but some of them are really good.

Anyway, it wasn’t my intention to write about the bad stuff. I wanted to make post about a body lotion of theirs.


AVON naturals body care, body lotion 

avon naturals cozy vanilla sandalwood.jpg


This lotion is good, smells amazing and the smell lasts for a really long time. I could still smell it after a while and it is not from the clothes that i’m wearing. It is actually the lotion. I give them that: they make really nice perfumed body lotions.
Perfume lasts more on clothes, at least the non-so-expensive ones and if you go to work where perfume is pointless because of uniform or you work with food or something, you are going to wear one of those and not some expensive one.

I don’t recommend wearing the body lotions all of the time but when you want to go to work, want to smell nice but for instance, you need to wear uniform where your perfume is not anymore on you, this is a great option.


AVON naturals body care – cozy, vanilla & sandalwood

avon naturals cozy vanilla sandalwood et.jpg

The one I have is vanilla and sandalwood. It has strong scent but maybe because the vanilla is diluted with sandalwood, I can’t smell it as much. I am not a fan of really strong scents, but this one lasts for a long time and smells nice. also, because it is maybe a little bit strong, is lasts more time.

I really enjoy this body lotion. I am even considering getting another lotion from them just because of the smell.

i also have tried one of their shower gel. I must say, I reeeeally enjoyed it. It smelled amazing (a copy of a famous perfume that I used to wear) and it made a strange sensation when I rinsed it off of my skin. I bubbled. And I liked it 🙂 But that was a long time ago and since then I filled my bathroom with other shower gels and I forgot which one was that one.

Have you tried their product? Leave some recommendations. I might place an order soon 🙂


Have a nice one,

Antidote 😉

I got copyright strike


Hi my Readers

content copyright.png

Straight to the point: I got copyright striked. Don’t know how or from when because everyone’s posts are there except mine. I’m SURE that I didn’t use any sort of material especially because I know that song that states that it is in the video and I’m definitely sure that haven’t used it. I’m not listening to that kind of music, don’t like it and especially not a fan of that song!

I am extremely cauceous about copyrighted content (I mean, look at that cover photo 😀 ) and this was something that I never knew I receive in mail!

This all happened on Twitter. I received e-mail that a content of mine is removed. In that e-mail, there were all of the accounts names that were using that same content but their posts were there. Only mine was gone. And mind you, this was a video that is circulating the twitter for about 4 years!

I’m also NOT comfortable that they put my name in a mail with all of those other users! Absolutely not acceptable. If they are a big company, that doesn’t mean that I’m not entitled to my privacy!!!!!!!!

For now, I am at most sure that has been a re-tweet. And for that, don’t they have worse battle to fight than from supporters that re-tweeted that whatever-it-was content? A RETWEET!!!! I am REALLY confused to what happened and as I’m writing, I’m trying to explain to myself, but.. still no idea.

I stated that „DCMA rules were violated and Anti-Piracy IFPI is acting on it“. On a aleged gif/song that I don’t listen (much less share) and don’t like!


From everything, I know that it is not Twitter’s fault. They are just doing their job. But the copyright agency od  to go on another level and ban gifs, birthday wishes (yes, most of them with that same video/gif were birthday wishes) is absurd. It is twitter! A regular Twitter user that has no intention of „sharing and distributing“ that content..whatever it was.

In my devices I’ve never had videos so I’m really confused to what has happened.

Has anyone experienced something like this? Let me know how you handled it.

P.S. I was so furious that I had to let myself sleep it of so I cool down a bit 😀

Balea lip care

Balea lip care

Balea lip care

Hi my Readers 🙂

This post is going to be about their two limited edition lip products but also their lip products in general.

Balea lip balms

balea lippen pflege review crazy coco pearly vanilla lip balm lip balsam dm drogerie markt.JPG

Lets start with the limited edition Balea Crazy Coco lippen pflege.

It is ok for everyday use when you don’t want to spend too much and if you don’t have any particular issues. Some of them are flavored like the one coconut one, but some of them are deceiving like the one with the sparkles in them. I guess, it is on or the other 😀

I bought this one when I was in Germany because a colleague of mine thought my other one with SFP 30 that fell out of my pocket was a french fries and ignore to mention that fact (mind-blown, except I think that she took it since it was fairly new). It was from DM’s other exclusive line – alverde, limited edition, was in tube, tasted really good, looked nice on my lips…but it is what it is. Lets get back to this one.

I used it few times a day and it was ok. What was important to me – it looked really good with lipsticks and did not make the smudge away from my lips. It was ok for when I had chapped lips. You can find similar to this one on this site for the europe and this link for USA.

balea lippen pflege review crazy coco pearly vanilla lip balm lip balsam dm drogerie markt

Balea Pearly Vanilla

This one I bought because I thought it would be great as face highlighter not thinking about the fact that this has ingredients that aren’t good for the skin on the face. I think I tried it, looked sparkly but since then I haven’t used it on the face, maybe because I bought this highlighter that you can find here for the USA and find here for Europe (Germany). Maybe I should try it as a base for the highlighter…. Ooooo….


On the lips looked sparkely but didn’t do much with the hydration. So I haven’t used it much. Also it is still winter so maybe that is the reason why I haven’t used it so much.

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I tried to capture the glitter but the camera captured as much as it did..


Balea is a German product line exclusive to the DM cosmetic markets but it can also be find in this link for the europe and this link for USA.

Have you tried some of their lip products? Any recommendation? I really want to know since I’m in need of a new lip balm.

Have a nice weekend, Antidote 😉


Marion hair color – star color; updated hair color & REVIEW

Marion hair color – star color; updated hair color & REVIEW

Hi my Readers 🙂

I dyed my hair. In strange color.  And NEED HELP! Will purple work over this hair color and how will it turn out?


This packaging even matches my nails 😀 It wasn’t intentional. I painted my nails way before I purchased the hair color 😀 Anyway, back to the topic.

For more pictures you can CLICK HERE and see more terrible hair color pictures 🙂

And if you want to know more about the hair color itself, you can CLICK HERE where I write about how I dye my hair 🙂

The hair color and the company: Marion is polish cosmetic company.

I took A LOT of pictures, so I can capture the real tones of my hair. Keep in mind that I did this at home and it is apparent that I missed a few strands and they look faded, but I’m not upset about it.


Did I like it and what to improve: I like the fact that I finally can purchase something that will not be pain to my wallet. An I’m also wearing it for over a year, so that counts for something.
How to use it: do not massage it until it foams (like it says on the packaging). Just apply it as you would a regular hair color over few days of unwashed and dry (not damp) hair.

teal 10

teal and nails

The packaging and the ingredients (I guess, I don’ t understand a thing and there are no directions in English):


And the first color, the one I used before the jeans one:


When you head over to the OTHER POST on this hair color, you can see that I am very satisfied and I really like my hair color. Because I like more turquoise than regular blue, I leave some yellow while bleaching so I can get the right turquoise color.


Marion star color cosmetics, dyed color, blue hair, color shampoo, farby, hair dye, kosmetyki, kozmetika, jeans, marionkosmetyki, NOWOCZESNA ocean blue, jeans, ombre, pasemka, poland, polish,


Marion star color cosmetics, dyed hair, color, blue hair, color shampoo, farby, hair, hair dye, kosmetyki, kozmetika, jeans, jeans kosmetyki, marionkosmetyki, NOWOCZESNA SZAMPONETKA, ocean blueMarion star color cosmetics, dyed color, blue hair, color shampoo, farby, hair dye, kosmetyki, kozmetika, jeans, marionkosmetyki, NOWOCZESNA ocean blue, jeans, pasemka, poland, polish,.jpg


Disclaimer: I am not a professional but I do a lot of research before I do something to my hair. The products are purchased by me.


I’m thinking of dying parts of it purple. I’m not sure if it will work because I don’t want it to pull red tones. Also, I don’t want it to turn dark gray. Does anyone has experience with this kind of colors? 


Have a great weekend, Antidote 🙂