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This type of posts are interesting to me because it allows me to see how a product has performed. If a person has emptied the bottle/box/whatever, that says a lot for product, especially if it comes from person that loves to try new products, like we – the bloggers are 🙂


Must say that this are products that I’ve accumulated and used alternatively so I can use them up, especially if the deadline is limiting the time.


Let me start with skin care, or rather, line of skin care that I really like – Ziaja. As you may know, I like their products a lot and therefore I have a lot of them in my collection. I’ve used up quite a bit of their products, but I usually throw them and this idea of empties started just recently.


The obvious thing – Ziaja cucumber face cream.

I really like this face cream, and the reason for keeping the box from it is because I use it for placing other products when I’m traveling because it saves up space in my traveling bag. Will continue to use this product and will certainly buy it again.

Ziaja – chamomile face lotion

I will not get too deep into this product because I’ve wrote more about it here but I will mention that I’m sad that I can’t find this product anywhere in my country and I’ve been told that they are not bringing it anymore…and this makes me very sad because it is very good at doing it’s job without damaging the skin, but instead making it soft and protected.

Ziaja – orange butter lip balm

Excellent lip balm. It is not difficult to use it in the winter because it does not thicken and I appreciate that. I bought another one from Ziaja and I will be making post about it as soon as I’m finishing trying it out.

Now that I’ve bored you enough with Ziaja products, let me start with the ither empties.


Genera – deodorant, Green Fresh

I like this deodorant a lot. I’ve had other deodorants that smell good but this one smells just like the title – fresh. It does not allow any weird smell but it still allows the sweat to get out of my body, wich I appreciate very much because I want the toxins to get out of my body, not to stay inside.

Too bad that this is another product that my country distributers decide that we don’t need any more because I can’t find it anywhere and few of the store owners are telling me that they can’t find any even from the main distributer for my country.

Percieve – avon

This deodorant has very strong smell that I’m not that fond of. I much prefer the „Pur Blanca“one that I was using before this one but it still does its job.

Deospray – la ligne

This is a surprisingly good deodorant considering that the brand is not that known. I spray it over a blouse or t-shirt and does not leave any white cast. It smells good and I am always bringing it to ant trip that I go to.


Clean & Clear – dual action moisturizer 

Here is more detailed post about this moisturizer. I am trying to purchase it again but keep forgetting. However, I will because it has cooling effect and calms down any redness that I have rarely.

Balea – lotion 

The last blog that I did is about this product. Just click here and you can read all about it 🙂

Link some of your empties posts if you have any so I can read them.

Do something good today.

Regards, Antidote 😉


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