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If you thought your neighbors are bad…

If you thought your neighbors are bad…

You think there are some bad neighbors out there? Wrong! There are some really bad, worse that you can imagine neighborsmine!


I didn’t have internet for 2 months because my neighbors didn’t wanted me to have. And get this – when they wanted to do any changes and to have internet – I WAS THERE FOR THEM AND I GAVE MY PERMISSION! I was so mad for 2 months for that. And it came in really bad moment because many bad things has happened around me including some deaths. My grandmother that because of very bad medical care in my country me and my family had to take care of her and get this – she used to be nurse right then when the hospital in my town was setting its base. For her not to have proper care was very disappointing. And I found that she has pains in her leg when I went to give her cake for my Birthday. And get this – the medical team that came to check her said that the pains were because of cold, and the reality was that she broke a bone. The incompetence….  Aunt that I really cared for (she loved cats, just like me) died young. The dog in my neighborhood that I was caring for was poisoned. My cat, the nicest and the smartest cat was driven over and died and later that day found out about my grandma. Some other bad things happened and I wasn’t able to distract myself with the content on internet, not even post on my blog.


Enough about bad stuff, I had more than enough.


The next post will be about more relaxing stuff but I had to write all of this down as a therapeutic way and to give you the “why” I was not on the blog for so long.

Here is one picture from the cat that I really miss. There will be more….