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The boots saga

The boots saga

For 2 years I’ve been trying to find my idea for perfect boots for snow – that means: they absolutely CAN’T be slippery.

This winter 2 of my pair of boots were destroyed. The first ones I replaced were an ankle boots that were chipping off but because they were black I could get away with wearing them in the night or under jeans. They are faux leather, suede shoes. The new pair ended up being larger number that I will probably can wear but is a larger number.

The pair in question with brightness upped to see the model.


For the second pair. I was walking in the snow and all of a sudden my heel broke and luckily it was on soft surface and no damage to my ankle occurred. But, the walk to my home was really interesting and funny for the other people that watched me 😀 I had fun and I was having fun making them smile so that was a good night after all 🙂

I couldn’t find boots for my liking. I wanted knee high boots, medium high heel and to be crampon-like underneath because where I live, If a snow falls, I would like to wear them and not to fall down. Most of all, I wanted for them to be waterproof because there is a lot of rain and I have nothing to wear when it rains.

After going through 3 cities, I finally ended up buying a pair that was slightly different from what I wanted but I was in need of and ended up buying them.

Lucky for me, that week was very rainy and because there was snow and ice before, to prevent from slipping the authorities put some dirt that looks awful:


I had some events to go to including my job interview. Needless to say that I traveled from one city to another and when I arrived to my destination I cleaned them well only to see them covered in dirt 5 minutes later.

But at least I didn’t have to wear my extra wintery boots that were veeeery heavy.

This are the boots in question after 2 cleaning sessions and apparently they still need cleaning.

I really like them. I got out one day just because I couldn’t wait to wear them and I’m usually very patient about those stuff.



Brightness upped to see the model but apparently that didn’t help. They look prettier but it sill rains outside so I can’t show you 😀

Brightness upped to see the model but apparently that didn’t help. They look prettier but it sill rains outside so I can’t show you 😀


After years of searching, at least I have most of the characteristics except for the crampon-like base. But, now I have something elegant-ish to wear on a rainy days.

How is your shoe – shopping going on lately? Any luck? I like reading you comments and posts 🙂

Have a nice week.

Antidote 😉


Nail polish: Golden Rose Rich Color 30

Nail polish: Golden Rose Rich Color 30

Has it really been that long? I haven’t noticed, probably because I was doing so well, and so bad at the same time. I have turbulent couple of months. Same bad things that turned into good things and some good things that turned into good things but left me so exhausted that I don’t even know how I managed to stay sane…except for the last day that I was about to have a meltdown but it stopped on the beginning of it. There was a day that I walked 15km, excluding the town changing and the 70km traveling with bus. I am thankful for all of them because I managed them well and they turned into great things and also am thankful for the people that I helped and they helped me do them.

In that intensive surroundings didn’t help this nail polish that I wore on the day on my job interview.



This nail polish chipped after one hour since I painted it on my nails. If I had time I would’ve change it but then something bad (but luckily turned into good) interfered with my plan and I didn’t even had time to wash my hair…


On the same day of painting my nails


On the same day of painting my nails


On the same day of painting my nails

This pictures are made on the same day of painting my nails….if you didn’t gather that by this time 😀  And I have to say that this is after fixing it right before the interview.

The number of coats does not matter.

I liked all of the other lines from Golden Rose and I’ve been user of their products since the beginning of my make up and nail polish years. This nail polish however is so bad and because it disappointed me so much, I don’t even want to try other colors from the range in fear of reacting the same.

I recommend nearly every other line from their nail polishes but I’d say – skip on this one, even though the colors are very nice.

Hope that I will make my next post sooner than before.

Have a good week,

Antidote 😉