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Some nails


I really want to write more on this blog, but with everything going on, I just can’t seem to do it. At least I take shots of my nails but with my phone being too slow I can’t even upload them and have to do that on the PC, and that being slow it just means that I am in need of better ones but, this virus happened and ruined all of my plans.

Of course I take shots of them right before I take the nail polish off, as per usual.. 😀

Here are some of them 🙂





Until the next time…

Holiday nails


Hi my Readers

Apparently, my idea of New Year nails lays in the white and sparkly blue color.

This year I busted out my brushes to do snowflakes but I noticed that they went bad. Not sure what was the reason (maybe acetone or lack of using them often) so I tried doing design with one really awful brush that was falling apart.

I ended up with this nails that from very far, don’t look bad 😀  (That poor..Christmas tree on my thumb…)
I really wanted snowflakes 😀

As I’m writing this I reminded myself that I could’ve used a brush from an eyeliner that I am about to throw but…oh well… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Here are my nails:



Some of my previous New Year’s nails:

Festive nails 🙂

Winter, New Years, Christmas nails *BLOGMAS*

As always, stay healthy and happy.

Do something good today.


Have a nice one 😉


Nails of the week


Hi my Readers 🙂

If you follow me, you are already familiar that I take pictures of my nails right before I am about to wipe them down. Just like in Glitter over regular nail polish – nails before I remove the polish 😀  and Theme color I like these days and Festive nails 🙂 and many more. Just search for „nails“ in the search button on the side of the blog post and you’ll see 😀

This time is not different. And I even tried them to fix them a little bit so they look somewhat presentable. I really liked the design especially because I did them after a long time not wearing nail polish so here they are 🙂


Have a nice one

Antidote 😉

The easter eggs are ready, so were the nails :)


Hi my Readers 🙂

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! And for those who aren’t – happy regular day 🙂

I saw a color wheel оn twitter last week from some samples but the colors were totally not going one with another. What my mind thought: perfect. Looks fun and just in time for easter 😀



Enjoy your day (or night) and remember to do something good 🙂

Antidote 😉

Glitter over regular nail polish – nails before I remove the polish :D


Because, apparently, I never take pictures when I have new nail polish on freshly done, I’ll call this type of posts – nails before I remove the polish.

Just like every other time, I took pictures of this nails right before I took the nail polish off of them. It is actually glitter over regular nail polish. I bought some craft glitter and looked sooo nice. As you know my obsession that is shown in this post you knew I had to get it.

glitter nails diy nail polish blue turquoise teal festive

I really wanted to show you how cute they looked 🙂 Next time I’ll try to remember to take pictures sooner 😀


How I did them: 

I applied regular nail polish underneath. After few tries, I noticed that dark blue goes the best with it. Then, while the polish is still tacky, I dipped into the glitter. Noone said this will be fun 😀  After that I dusted off the excess and applied transparent nail polish to tone down the greediness.

This is little greedy and will cling to your clothes so if you plan on wearing silk, I don’t recommend it. Because of its texture, I came very fast, hence the mess of a look that I have on the pictures.

But hey, why bother over a nail polish. Until it chips badly, I think it is not that bad…depending on the look you are going for 😀


Here are some suggestions where you can find the glitter: 

THESE are similar and THESE are the exact same that I have. 


Heads up:

  • Be careful when you use glitter. It can go all over the place no matter how careful you are.
  • Be careful when it is close to your eyes as it can cause damage to your cornea if it gets in it.

Wishing you very happy end of the week.


Antidote 😉


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Polishing my nails after 4 months of not wearing nail polish

Polishing my nails after 4 months of not wearing nail polish

I worked in a place where nail polish was not allowed for safety reasons. In that time, I didn’t wore polish because it was too much fuss for me to polish my nail and then remove it after one day(or 2, 3, whatever). So I decided to let my nails rest. The first nail polish when I finished that job I wanted to be one that I will enjoy the most. And for me, that was this deep purple one.

Golden Rose Rich Color Nail Lacquer – 60

I realize that this pictures are not that great and this nail polish is few days on my nails but I really wanted to share it. The one with glitters are just an experiment that I did right before I took this photos.


Have a nice one.

Antidote =)


*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Nail polish: Golden Rose Rich Color 30

Nail polish: Golden Rose Rich Color 30

Has it really been that long? I haven’t noticed, probably because I was doing so well, and so bad at the same time. I have turbulent couple of months. Same bad things that turned into good things and some good things that turned into good things but left me so exhausted that I don’t even know how I managed to stay sane…except for the last day that I was about to have a meltdown but it stopped on the beginning of it. There was a day that I walked 15km, excluding the town changing and the 70km traveling with bus. I am thankful for all of them because I managed them well and they turned into great things and also am thankful for the people that I helped and they helped me do them.

In that intensive surroundings didn’t help this nail polish that I wore on the day on my job interview.



This nail polish chipped after one hour since I painted it on my nails. If I had time I would’ve change it but then something bad (but luckily turned into good) interfered with my plan and I didn’t even had time to wash my hair…


On the same day of painting my nails


On the same day of painting my nails


On the same day of painting my nails

This pictures are made on the same day of painting my nails….if you didn’t gather that by this time 😀  And I have to say that this is after fixing it right before the interview.

The number of coats does not matter.

I liked all of the other lines from Golden Rose and I’ve been user of their products since the beginning of my make up and nail polish years. This nail polish however is so bad and because it disappointed me so much, I don’t even want to try other colors from the range in fear of reacting the same.

I recommend nearly every other line from their nail polishes but I’d say – skip on this one, even though the colors are very nice.

Hope that I will make my next post sooner than before.

Have a good week,

Antidote 😉

Nails of the month & swatchy hand

Nails of the month & swatchy hand

Hi my Reader 🙂

I don’t know why but this few months I don’t really feel creative and that is such a shame because I consider myself as a very creative person. I used to decorate my nails, especially when they were longer and used to draw on them and try different techniques. I have the time, I just don’t have the eager from within and I don’t like that. This is the reason why my nails are only in one color.

Hope that you don’t mind me because I always remember to take a picture of them right before I remove the polish and of course they don’t look as good as they were at the beginning.

Bought some new nail polishes that I  don’t usually wear so Instead of just trying them, ended up wearing them 🙂

My nails from this two months:

*Different lighting makes them nearly similar but the nail polishes are actually very different.

Expect something new these days because I went for some shopping and I know you understand the struggle when you see this picture. My hand stayed like this for 3 days, despite the fact that I try to wash it off with everything that I could thought of. And I took this picture on the second day. With the chemicals in the makeup, sometimes I think – I might as well buy some paint and would probably find the shade that I am actually looking for. 🙂




Leave me links in the comments if you have done any posts about your nails. I could use some inspiration 🙂

Hope you are spending this April as you want to.

Do something good today.

Regards, Antidote 🙂

Winter, New Years, Christmas nails *BLOGMAS*


Hi my Reader.
For todays Sunday post, I prepared topic that I am usually more good at, but for some reason, I couldn’t find better pictures so this will have to do the job. 🙂

I always have naturally long nails. Sometimes I trim them and sometimes I don’t have time for that and I end up breaking them from caring my luggage. For this New Year I will have short nails. You know the drill: you break one and you have to cut all of them. I don’t think that I had nails this short since few years ago when I regularly played on my violin. I miss them because I think that I am so used to them to the point that I can’t function properly without them. Nevertheless, I have to work with them. So, I find some pictures from years ago: what they were painted with. This is going to be a throwback as well as the design that I currently have.

I never cared about the age limits and I will never care. That’s why, I bring the Christmas mood even throughout my nail design.

This first picture is from 2013 and I had to capture the nails because they lasted 15 days without chipping or budging. Only the „ornaments“ (and now when I see it, maybe the Christmas tree a bit 😀 ) on the tree faded a bit. In the beginning the colors were more vivid. For 15 days of good manicure without chipping, I thought, I might as well take a picture 😀

2013 Мала новогодишна, со лак за нокти кој без поправки издржа повеќе од 15 дена и мораше да се овековечи

On this picture are my nails from 2014. As I base I used white, I put some blue on the bottom with a sponge and I topped it with blue sparkly polish that I really like and remind me of winter.
As per usual, I took the picture right before I remove the nail polish.


And because It’s not yet Christmas or New Year, I don’t have the design from this year, but I still have kind of wintery design. Blue nail polish, silver glitter polish and topped with blue sheerer glitter polish.


You can see a pattern here. I like white and blue nail polish for the winter, but that doesn’t mean that I will wear only those colors exclusively. I wear classic red or burgundy too. But, that depends on my mood: what clothes color I like to wear.

That is it for my blogmas: nails edition.

Remember to do something good today.

Have a good sunday 🙂

Regards from Antidote 😉