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Not removing your makeup completely – mistake for the skin

Not removing your makeup completely – mistake for the skin

Hi my Reader 🙂

I wrote a few posts regarding the skin on the face and the mistakes that we could do by, what it seems, meaningless things. I decided to make it a series on my blog and point out everything that I can think of, and nearly everything that I am „victim“ of (see what I did there 😀 ), knowingly or unknowingly.

If you want to check the other ones, here are direct links to them:

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The topic for this post is going to be:

Mistake for the skin: not removing your makeup completely 

Depending on the products that one is using, no one can know if they are removing their makeup properly. I had that problem when I was using one lotion and I discovered it when I bought another. I used the one that I already had and because I was curious, I used the other one after and noticed that the first one removed my makeup, and even though the sponge that I used was clean, I still had makeup coming off when I used the other one. (Well this wasn’t all…)


What to do? 

Depending on your skincare, you can’t really know if you are removing your makeup properly. So, try other lotions just so you can know if the one that you are using regularly is not causing you that dry patch, those pimples or even addictiveness of the skin toward the product.

What not to do? 

If you have oily skin, try not to overuse products that are drying the skin because you will regret it. (click here to read about it)

I can’t stress this enough but don’t fall into hype. Don’t try to mattify your skin to the point you can’t use anything else than products for extremely damaged, dry and dehydrated skin. Trust me, I learned this the hard way and will not stop bringing it up.

One more thing 

Take care of your skin, because you will miss it if you mess it up. I know that this is cliché but – drink water and tea as often as you can and you will avoid dehydrated skin.

Share your experience 

Write about your experience in the comments. I and maybe someone else will certainly benefit from it 🙂

Until the next chapter, stay positive and do something good for you and for someone else.

Regards, Antidote 😉


Clean phones = clean face. Tip for acne – free skin

Clean phones = clean face. Tip for acne – free skin

Hi my Reader 🙂

This tip for clean face will save you from the agony of irritated skin. Don’t worry, cleaning your software part of the phone (although it wouldn’t hurt) is not included 😀

Phones are the great collectors of dirt. Just think about where has that phone been for one day. Touching it while you use door knobs, public transportation, money… Or just tossing it in the bag or just with sitting on the desk it collects dirt.
I creped you out, didn’t I? Good, now let’s get to the cleaning part.


I came up with a way of cleaning my phone:

Alcohol on cotton pad. Few drops of some strong alcoholic beverage will also do the job. Don’t worry about the smell – it evaporates after a while. Just make sure that you wipe it out with a drop of watter afterwards because the alcohol can cause damage if its let to leave a residue.

I used to break out around the area where I was holding my phone. Then I read about an article that phones can cause breaking out. And then I was a bit mad to myself because in between the running and studying I didn’t think of that. But, better late than never.

I hope that this will help you, because I sure know, it helped me…a lot!

Hope that you are having a great star of the spring.

Remember to do something good.

Stay positive 🙂

Regards, Antidote 😉

Happy Spring Equinox and International Day Of Happiness

Happy Spring Equinox and International Day Of Happiness

And did I make a pause…

Well, it is what it is and when I am back, I hit my blog with few posts in a row, and this time won’t be different 😀 I still like to read your post and thoughts so I’ve been doing that even though I wasn’t posting a lot lately.

Hi my Readers 🙂

I couldn’t post anything because I had computer malfunction..again. Now I bought the part in question but the problem with my monitor flickering is gone. Imagine that, right when I bought the extra part. But I think that the problem is the bad electricity. This is the case in the last few years since 2 giant corporations got together and merged their „forces“ to become one big of problem one hell of a pocket pickers with horrible product. Since that happened, most of my electric apparel has gone with at least one defect, had replaced the power supply for my PC 3 times, and don’t even get me started on the light bulbs that are exploding out of nothing and the times glass has hit me near to my eyes while I was turning my table lamp on. Two of my light bulbs exploded yesterday. Not fun.


But, enough about my hazardous electricity and let’s get started about something that is happening today. Today is the spring equinox and is International Day Of Happiness.


Happy Spring Equinox Day! 🙂

Let’s celebrate the first day of spring and spread the happiness with some good spring photos. It’s International Day Of Happiness!

In that name, I am sharing this photo with you so you can grab some of this sun beaming even if it’s pouring buckets where you live. Where I live the sun is shining but is too cold for some outdoor activities. But at least I have this photo from few days ago to share it with you. 🙂

spring in blossommm

On this day I dare you to be happy!

Have a nice day 🙂 

Regards from Antidote 😉

Oil-infused cotton rounds

Oil-infused cotton rounds

Hi my Reader 🙂

This post is about oil-infused makeup removing rounds. My brand is Balea, but I write in general because in talk with friends, they all have different brands and they all agree on this facts.

I bought this after I bought few waterproof eyeliners. I had some hard time removing them so I searched for something to remove them. I found this and it was a new product.

Balea Micellar Eye Makeup Remover Oily Pads, 50 Pieces (German product)


cotton rounds


After I opened them, they smelled interesting but I thought to myself – OK, must be the oils that are smelling like this. So I started using them and it was a little bit difficult but after 3-4 rounds, I finally removed the waterproof makeup from my eyes.

Needless to say it did not remove all of my makeup so I had to go with another product just to remove the rest of my eye makeup.

I used them for about one or two more times but after a month, it started smelling stuffy. If you have spilled oil somewhere but you didn’t know that is there and after some time it will start to smell heavy and stuffy and bad. Well this smelled like that. I wanted to throw it but I had to travel and I didn’t have time to organize so I left it for another month. When I remembered about it, I opened it, it smelled horrible. Worse from the first time.

I checked the expiration date and it wasn’t even close to expiration.

Even though I purchased it only because few eyeliners that I rarely wear and I didn’t wanted to waste money and my space in my cosmetic place on make-up remover that will probably use once a month (or maybe less), I still don’t think is worth to spend money on this kind of products because they don’t really remove the whole makeup or remove it easily.

I took one for the makeup team when I took the photo with open box of them because that smell…

I don’t recommend using oul-infused cotton rounds. If it’s for few uses, it’s better to purchase some tiny bottle of dual-phase makeup remover that will last you longer.

Have you experienced something similar wit oil infused products? Waiting for responses in the comments 🙂

I hope that you will find this helpful.

It’s 1-st of March 🙂 Do something good today.

Have a nice day. 🙂

Regards from Antidote 😉


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