Full circle – influencer edition and the disappointment

Full circle – influencer edition and the disappointment

Hi my Readers

Today, a video has been circling the web and it is about influencers and their false claims.
The particular video is about influencer that shows mascara and some of her colleagues are calling her out on it because she looks like she is using false lashes. The video is sponsored and it caught the eyes of the people too.

I have stopped following as much as I used to and even if I do, I tend to not get involved too much, but this one was interesting to me because the people who jumped to defend her, mentioned big corporations and how the influensers or the people weren’t calling them out on it. I have seen influensers and many people talking about that subject so I know that’s not true, but what struck me the most is that people defend something that influencers have made influencers in the first place – their reviews and their honesty because people were tired of the big corporations lying and spending so much on marketing and tricking people into buying things that are far from that glitzy commercial that has played over and over again.

The disapointment comes because the whole point of influencers is to prove the marketing side of the big companies that are wrong. People started trusting influencers because they were honest with their reviews and once they start to seem dishonest, then it all goes downhill from there.

I am very pleased to see that other colleagues and influensers have cast a light and hopefully it will be a lesson to everyone – the consumer as well because consumers and potential consumers have the biggest power when it comes to this.

Just let’s not cancel people. Mistake is a mistake. If we don’t see improvements after they have been exposed, only then we can move toward canceling. Let’s leave that thing in the past, along with the pandemic.

Wishing you a good one,

Antidote 😉


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