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Wooden comb


Hi my Reader 🙂

I know that several people around me wanted to buy a wooden comb. My recommendation is to save your money, and thus the hair. That kind of sound of the hair breaking – I have not yet heard. I  bleached my hair and I thought It was terribly damaged because of that. Definitely was due to the combing it with wooden comb.

This is how the one in question.

wooden comb

Obviously, it’s actually wood – it is hard and not manageable. Because of the bristles (those wooden thick things that suppose to be bristles) that aren’t bending, it causes breakage to the hair and damaging it extremely.

I went back to using an ordinary comb and during and after the first combing and shampooing noticed a huge difference and I’m happy that I found out that the problem was the comb. I will never get those damaged fibers back, but I sure can prevent someone else to do the same as I did.

I hope that you will find this opinion helpful.

Remember to do something good today.

Stay positive 🙂

Regards from Antidote 😉