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They sold me expired vitamins

They sold me expired vitamins

Hi my Readers 🙂

I am currently traveling and because I will be doing that for long amount of time, I prepared. (YES – and I didn’t have internet for a long time so this is written so long ago but the topic is still relevant so I decided to post it anyways).  Last year I was definitely more prepared but this time I forgot so many things because I was little bit hectic and chaotic.

Last year I packed a regular size backpack and forgot nothing, and this year I had extra bag and forgot actually important things.

One of those things was magnesium. I use magnesium for the muscles when I am active for a long time.

I went from another country’s airport and decided to travel through the terminals to get magnesium from their pharmacy. And I did that. Except, they sold me 2 boxes of magnesium without even mentioning that they expire in one week. I’m not sure about the law and if they are obligated to tell but one week and they let me buy 2 boxes knowing that I am in an airport and am actually traveling so I won’t be able to return them. Not cool!

And I actually asked them to recommend a good one because they didn’t have chart on the boxes about how much magnesium they had.

What do you think about this behavior? Do you know if your country is obligated to tell about the expiration date or return them when they reach the point where you don’t have enough time to use them up?

Leave some thoughts if you feel like venting on this subject.

Have a nice one.

Living in Germany for 3 months

Living in Germany for 3 months

Hi my Readers 🙂

cologne germany deutschland koln koeln cathedral dom

When I started this blog, my intention was to spread positive vibes and to write once in a while about product but also include writing-type of a post. Well, this one is.

I am wondering if I should create another blog only for this series and continue with traveling tips and experience so write in the comments what are your thoughts on this 🙂

I absolutely love traveling and I think it will be a good idea to make a special blog about my experience 🙂

During the summer, I lived in Germany for 3 months. I spend the last summer too but it was nothing like this one. This time, there wasn’t a day where something disastrous didn’t happen and I have a lot to write about. I have probably forgotten about half of the stuf because – believe me – IT WAS A LOT!


So, I guess this is going to be only my introduction on this subject.

For now, have a nice day and I’m waiting on comments 🙂

100 persons that follow this blog & travel gallery

100 persons that follow this blog & travel gallery

Hi my Reader

When I was not able to write a lot, I got a notification that 100 persons are following my blog. That means that 100 persons are reading or at least looking at the pictures that I post and once in a while took some of the advices and the things I have to say seriously.

There is nothing much that I can do except hoping that you have a good day, every day. I can share a tiny tiny bit of my personal collection of pictures that I made whyle traveling or just going out on my balcony :D. Enjoy 🙂


Antwerp/Antwerpen, Balgium




Düsseldorf/Dusseldorf, Germany/Deutschland




100 fol.png


I like traveling and these are such a tiny amount of my travel collection of pictures.

If you are interested in more, leave me a comment and I will try to include a traveling guide, tips and shortcuts.

Have a nice one,

Antidote 🙂




Lithuania/Lietova, Düsseldorf/Dusseldorf, Germany/Deutschland, Belgium, Antwerp/Antwerpen, Europe

Products I’ve used (up) to clean the makeup from my face

Products I’ve used (up) to clean the makeup from my face

This past year I’ve been trying some new things to remove my makeup with since I have problem with my eyes. In this process I’ve tried few lotions and mycellar waters.

The first two I’ve tried are DM’s mycellar waters from Balea and this post is going to be about them.

The first one I bought was the purple one. It is for oily and sensitive skin. The only thing that I didn’t like about this one was that it was with alcohol. But, when I bought it I didn’t even read the ingredients. I used it anyway because I didn’t read the ingredients even after I started using it. It did a good job removing everything from makeup on my face, including the makeup from my eyes. It didn’t sting my eyes and didn’t cause any irritations.

Balea micellar water for combination skin and sensitive skin, 400 ml (pack of 2) – (German product)

IMG_5075 modified

DM Balea


Here are the ingredients.

IMG_5078 modified

The micellar water comes in 400ml bottle.

The second one I bought is the pink one. This one I bought because it was without alcohol. It is for dry and sensitive skin. It is still good, but it stings my eyes a little bit (not a lot). For me it felt that the one with alcohol cleaned my skin better, which doesn’t mean that this one did a bad job, o contraire. I continued using it and I even brought it with me on a very long trip that I will be writing more in the next posts. Balea – DM

Balea micellar water for dry and sensitive skin, 400 ml (pack of 2) – (German product)

IMG_5076 modified

DM Balea

The ingredients

IMG_5078 modified

I realize that they area bit smudgy

This micellar water comes in 400ml bottle.

Products I’ve used along the way

Since I traveled a lot and I visited a lot of friends, and I lived with roommates and we all used different makeup removers 😀 , I got to try different products.

The first thing that I tried was this removing water. It removed my makeup so effortlessly and without stinging my eyes so I went out and looked for it myself.

Rival De Loop – Rossmann
mizzelen technologie, jeden hauttup + pro-vitamin B5, wasserlösliches make-up
(every skin type + pro vitamin B5, waterproof makeup)


Picture from Rossmann’s official site, not mine

I ended up buying this (with no alcohol) and noticed that the other one was completely different that this one.

Rival de Loop – mizellen – technologie
pflegendes gesichtwasser, ohne alkohol, trockene & sensible haut
(no alcohol, dry and sensitive skin)


Picture from Rossmann’s official site, not mine

I could not even compare it with the one above so I used it for cleaning the rubber on my sneakers and my shoes. I must say, for that – it was reeealy good 😀

When I had to travel again, I ended up throwing it because I didn’t care for it…and I didn’t have that much space in my luggage just so I can use it for cleaning my sneakers 😀

The last thing that I tried along the way was this (I guess limited edition) micelar water. This is also really good option. It removes the makeup and does not sting my eyes. It says that it is with ginkgo and cucumber extract.

Rival de Loop – mizellen reinigungswasser, ohne alkohol, trockene & sensible haut
(no alcohol, dry and sensitive skin)

Augen, lippen & gesicht + ginkgo + gurkenextrakt
(Eyes, lips and face)        + ginkgo + cucumber extract


Picture from Rossmann’s official site, not mine

It also comes in 400ml tube.

There are more to come since I’ve bought more products so make sure to stay up to date with my posts.


*the last 3 pictures are courtesy of Rossmann’s site and I don’t own them.

Make someone smile today. It will make you happier.

Have a nice one,

Antidote 😉



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Autumn under my boots


Hi my Reader 🙂

          In these foggy days I am just waiting for the snow to fall to the ground from the clouds that I really can’t see from that fog that I mentioned earlier. Don’t get me wrong, I like the gloomy weather but it is a bit difficult to walk around not being able to see my shoes 😀 It’s so gloomy outside that the laundry was sitting there for 4 days and they were even more wet than before until I finally started to put few by few of my clothes all around my house so they can dry. In that note, I would like to share one picture that reminds us of the autumn that went through really quickly. We had really intense wind that left the branches naked looking in a record time.

             In this picture I’m wearing my boots I bought when I was on trip in Vilnius, Lithuania that was about youth exchange. They are really from New Yorker and I could have bought them in my country as well but it’s really not the same 😀 They are so flowery looking and remind me of spring but they sill look interesting in addition to this fallen leaves.

              Here is my autumny picture while I am waiting for the snow to cover the empty looking trees.

Autumn under my boots


Do something good today.

Stay positive =)

Regards from Antidote 😉