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Bought a cheap alternative to the tangle teaser


Hi my Readers,

Long time no….read…or something like that. 😀

Recently I bought a chep alternative to the famous “Tangle Teaser”. Since I havent use the original one, I won’t make a comparison but only will write my opinion, so If you are still interested – keep on reading 🙂

I’m constantly trying out new things and hyped products so you can also read about how wooden comb works.

To give you a perspective, the botom half of my hair is carefully bleached and that same half is turquoise as you can see in this post. So it is not that damaged except for the ends.

When I saw this blush, it immediately reminded me of the original, except it had handle. The color played a huge role in my decision to buy it 😀 It was really cheap so even though I had enough hair things, I bought it.

First impression: dry hair

Upon the first strokes I’ve noticed that because it is made out of plastic, it makes a huge noise while I was brushing. After that, I’ve noticed that it was not catching my whole hair since the bristles are so short (it may be the way it works). I also noticed that it is not detangling my hair really well even though I star at the ends and continue upwards. In fact, very small section of my hair was tangled and this brush was not able to detangle it.

Since the first use – I was rarely using it. I’m currently on vacation and I took only this brush only so I can use more often and give my opinion.

I was not that impressed, but then I tried it on wet hair.

First impression: wet hair

I washed my hair and when is wet, I almost never brush it, but this time was an exception because I needed it to dry faster and also wanted to try the brush on wet hair. It turns out that it brushes wet hair really good. It might have something to do with the conditioner that I used, but still, I was interested. Many of the brushes I have really pull my hair when is wet, but not this one. It might be something to do with the short bristles.

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As you noticed, the brush works really good with wet hair. I don’t recommend brushing the hair while it’s wet, but if you have to, try a brush like this.

Have you tried the original “Tangle Teaser” and some cheap alternative? I’m genuinely curious to know if it works different.

Have a nice one 🙂