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Decreasing sugar intake


Hi my Readers
Another inner-beauty related post. This one is going to be about sugar intake. The processed one.

As someone that used to drink the coffee with 3 and a half teaspoons of sugar, now I can see that that was kind of addiction to sugar. Once I’ve noticed that, I tried to decrease it. It wasn’t easy but I did it.

How I started

I tried Natreen – it took some getting used to but it was helping. I don’t remember how much I was taking but it was a lot – which was still bad. But over time – I decreased it so much that eventually started to drink my coffee without sugar. Tea – also without sugar anyway because with sugar you can’t taste the real smells and aromas of it.

If I knew about stevia which I think is way better than natreen because it was natural, I would have tried that instead.

How I continued it

Was eating everything else. Unprocessed sugars were more than OK. I ate cakes, chocolates and sweets. As long as I didn’t ate too much it was OK because my body didn’t crave it as much as it was.

After that? 

I’ve noticed that I wasn’t craving sugar anymore. I made different kind of coffees and were perfectly ok for me to drink them without any sugar.

I noticed that my body changed and didn’t look like I was bloated anymore. My hands weren’t looking as chonky 😀 and my face din’t look as puffed. I also seen difference on the side of my waist and the stomach.

Why Am I writing this now: 

Because I’ve noticed that> I started drinking my coffee with ice cream (I drank a lot because I was working, constantly chugging coffee to keep me energetic and started adding ice cream to cool it down faster so I cat just chug it right away). I also started to put little amounts of chocolate in my instant coffee. Since then, I started wanting sugar more and more. I’ve noticed that it is starting to affect my mass and with this isolation thing going on – it is very noticeable to me.

Lately, since I can’t turn to natural remedies that help my energy, I started using coffee as substitution to them and I’m not enjoying as I used to. I decided to dial it back and make it an event, rather than just an energy boost.

Something to keep in mind: 

It is not considered good to cut it all at once because it can cause shock to the organism.


Another post I’ve made about this type of things is Quick tips on drinking more water


With this I am sharing a photo that I did a while back that contains no edits or filters (only made it little for those with laggish devices to be able to open it – like I do for every photo I upload here and am aware that sometimes I compromise the HQ of the photo).


sugar chocolate macro cocoa proffesional photography

Feel free to share your opinion on this subject.

Have a good one,