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Can summer finally come… or at least spring


Hi my Readers 🙂

Finally something relaxing on this blog. 😀 But when you think about it, it is not. Damn…why did I thought about it…..

I am longing for spring to come. We had 3 days with sun but the nights were really cold. Other that that, it has been COOOLD! From the „first world problems“ – I have so much summer clothes that I haven’t even worn because it is so cold. It is mid may and we have to use the heater. And to think that Canadians were complaining to their winters – oh, you haven’t seen cold… 😀

By now, I was on my balcony surrounded with flowers and green trees with the sun causing me sunburn. So if someone is lucky to have sunburn – here is How to avoid and treat sunburn  🙂

storm weather clouds.jpg

And now for the „rest of the world“ problems 😀

When I come to think about this, it is global warming. We are contributing so much to this that we are changing the climate to no limits. We have tornadoes where they’ve never been, snow in summer and hot sun in winter.

With the technology that exists, we should be able to stop this, not enlarge it. But, I guess, there is no money in that…

I haven’t eaten some of my favorite fruits in so long because they are next to impossible to find, when I find them they are TOO damn expensive and even with that, they don’t taste the same. We used to have apricot tree, cherry tree and blue plums and now they are not producing much or they are dry because of the cold.

I live in country where agriculture used to be on top of the game. Now it’s so bad that is almost extinct. I am so sad. But I can’t dwell so I DO something about the climate changing.

If you want to know what are the simple steps to help our only Earth, I have already written about this subject. You can just slick on this link: Dreaming of a plastic-free world and it will take you to see the simple things we can do to help the environment 🙂

Until then: remember to do something good 🙂

Have a nice one 😉

The easter eggs are ready, so were the nails :)


Hi my Readers 🙂

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! And for those who aren’t – happy regular day 🙂

I saw a color wheel оn twitter last week from some samples but the colors were totally not going one with another. What my mind thought: perfect. Looks fun and just in time for easter 😀



Enjoy your day (or night) and remember to do something good 🙂

Antidote 😉

Spring doesn’t like us

Spring doesn’t like us

Hi my Reader 🙂 How about some laughing for today 🙂

Even thought spring refuses to come, I still rock the flowery look. Even my background is so flowery and colorful. Have you seen it yet?

I like the gloomy days but the thing with this weather is that is too cold. And cold is a thing that i really don’t like and I am always cold, even in the hot summer days. It supposed to be spring. If not, should be at least a bit warmer. This weather is not typical for this time of the year. But then again, global warming is real thing that we are doing nothing to prevent and the results are obvious.

Two days ago I was walking in the sun wearing only t – shirt and shorts. Today, while I am writing this, I am sitting with two sweaters and blouse underneath. And we expect the people to act „normal“? Naaah 😀

It seems like spring doesn’t like us.

It’s so unusually cold for this time of the year for the place that I live. It’s pouring rain and it’s snowing on the mountain – I can actually see how it snows. Climate is changing.

What to do in cold days? – lazy girl edition 

Lay underneath 3 blankets is something that I do so I can warm up just a little bit. It doesn’t always help so I do the next thing:

What is a blow dryer for a student you ask?
– A heating device, of course 😀

I already stored every heating device and when is necessary, I bring up the blow dryer. It warms my palms just enough to accumulate the warmness until I go underneath those 4 blankets. They were 3? Well scratch that. Now are 4 😀

Have some emergency series in waiting

Always prepare for the lazy days – when you just want to relax with a simple series.


And snack. Snack is good too 🙂


Tackle the pile of clothes 

Now is the time to get your piled up clothes from the week back in order…that is, if your fingers are not freezing and you can’t even fold. In that case, get back to the blow dryer 😀


Hot tea and coffee

Wake yourself up with hot coffee. Now make yourself a cup of tea and place the armchair next to the window so you can watch how the rain is pouring…and appreciate that you don’t have to be out at that moment. For those who need to go out, better luck next time. Do this things when you come back. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


So cold outside. I wanted to make some rainy-day and coffee picture but that didn’t go so well since I was so cold and ran back inside 😀


Did you notice my new socks (because that is why I took all this pictures and I made it impossible to notice them)? I really like them. I usually buy black and these confused me the first time I wore them. Thought to myself – what is this on the ground moving in the same pace as me…


Feed the outdoor animals 

The next day. Still raining. Just like the days before. Oh, and there is one birdie flying. I put some crumbles for them few times a day. And the place where I put them is always empty (and not because of the horrible wind that’s been going on for, as it seems, ages).
Even if I don’t go out to feed the cats and the dogs, there are still birds that just enjoy the crumbles. 🙂


Appreciation for boots that don’t leak  

I have A LOT pairs of boots. Two weeks ago, my last pair that wasn’t leaking – well, they drowned my feet. The rain was very heavy and my socks were wet up to my ankles. Now I have to find another pair of boots that aren’t leaking but I can’t do that because all of the shoe-shops already took away their winter collections and I am the type of person that I need to inspect everything about the shoe before I bye it. That is why I don’t shop for shoes online.

The most important 

Play some good music and dance around your home. After all, there is only one life and you are leaving it. So, make the most of it 🙂

Hope I made someone smile 🙂

Have a nice weekend 😉

I’m gonna go and drink this delicious mixture of cocoa and milk 🙂


Antidote 😉

Happy Spring Equinox and International Day Of Happiness

Happy Spring Equinox and International Day Of Happiness

And did I make a pause…

Well, it is what it is and when I am back, I hit my blog with few posts in a row, and this time won’t be different 😀 I still like to read your post and thoughts so I’ve been doing that even though I wasn’t posting a lot lately.

Hi my Readers 🙂

I couldn’t post anything because I had computer malfunction..again. Now I bought the part in question but the problem with my monitor flickering is gone. Imagine that, right when I bought the extra part. But I think that the problem is the bad electricity. This is the case in the last few years since 2 giant corporations got together and merged their „forces“ to become one big of problem one hell of a pocket pickers with horrible product. Since that happened, most of my electric apparel has gone with at least one defect, had replaced the power supply for my PC 3 times, and don’t even get me started on the light bulbs that are exploding out of nothing and the times glass has hit me near to my eyes while I was turning my table lamp on. Two of my light bulbs exploded yesterday. Not fun.


But, enough about my hazardous electricity and let’s get started about something that is happening today. Today is the spring equinox and is International Day Of Happiness.


Happy Spring Equinox Day! 🙂

Let’s celebrate the first day of spring and spread the happiness with some good spring photos. It’s International Day Of Happiness!

In that name, I am sharing this photo with you so you can grab some of this sun beaming even if it’s pouring buckets where you live. Where I live the sun is shining but is too cold for some outdoor activities. But at least I have this photo from few days ago to share it with you. 🙂

spring in blossommm

On this day I dare you to be happy!

Have a nice day 🙂 

Regards from Antidote 😉