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Very peri bye to the Pantone color of 2022

Very peri bye to the Pantone color of 2022

Hi my readers

As we are entering the new year, I would like to wish you all well, good health and much happiness.

Before I say bye to the color of the year of 2022, I have to say that that was kind of one of my favourite colors. As you may even notice is one of the color in the symbol to my blog. I was especially happy to learn that Pantone decided to choose that color (and the shades around it) because I already had everythitn that includes that color…including my hair.

I will share some pictures from the color (and the shades around it) and let me tell ya, this is just a glimpse of everything lilac, purple, very peri that I have in my collection 🙂 You might catch a glimpse of the color of the year of 2023 as it is a color that really suits me and luckily I like it too 😀

Had a surprise visitor for the last few items so I decided to leave this photo anyway 🙂

Don’t worry, the shoes are indoor shoes that I use for workout, they are very clean, I made sure of it..trust me 😀

This color will surely stay, but we will be welcoming the new one with open arms, since, as I said (and you will see) is the colour that I wear so often.

Have a good one

Antidote 😉