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Perfect time to perfect your eyeliner (and some blogs with eye makeup inspo)


Hi my Readers 🙂

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Since we are living this chaos and since many of us in the whole world are at home, I think that this is the perfect time to perfect our eye makeup game.

We all are wearing masks (if you aren’t and you are out and about, get one!) and all everyone can see is our eyes. Then why not work on our eye makeup game? Now is the time to burn some steam off while practicing our eye makeup.

Here are some amazing people that already are doing amazing:






Hopefully I included as much as I could remember and I will add more as they came up 🙂

You already know how I feel about the neutral makeup.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Now is the time to loosen up for the future! Use some color. If you don’t like it – you can always wash it off and try another color. Don’t be afraid to be yourself! We can see how short life is. Why not make the most of it!

I hope everyone is safe and are doing ok during this chaotic times!

Wishing you amazing day!


I’m done with the neutrals!


Hi my Readers 🙂

Scrolling through every social media, including wordpress (yes, I actually read what you guys post – everyone likes their work to be appreciated!), I was liking neutral looks to the point where my timeline and suggestions were filled only with neutral looks! Don’t get me wrong, I like neutrals, but I’m done with them. Especially those warm neutrals that it seems everyone are stuck with and are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

I get that most of the people are looking for work-appropriate looks. And let me tell you, there are so many options. Nobody is thinking of full glam or drag, but little color didn’t hurt nobody!

Also, this is more oriented towards the MUAs on social media that „hey guys, so today I’m going to do a simple neutral look that is so requested“. Oh, you mean the same neutral look that you did on your last 10 videos, pictures and blog posts? Cool. I mean, warm, because apparently cool tones are the „scary“ part when it comes to makeup.

What are people so afraid of? Especially when it comes to makeup? It gets off with a simple face lotion.

Why are people attracted only to neutral pallets? They have one, two or more, but they are still going to buy the next neutral pallet. If you weren’t only-neutral-toned person, it is probably the social media causing you to have 5 of the same palettes.

neutrals stop using neutrals makeup make up eyeshadow lipstick neutral tone lipstick neutrals warm neutrals cool toned neutrals nude nudes nude lipstick peachy nude peachy neutrals

I remember the first time I wore red lipstick. NOBODY was wearing anything but balm (or, I guess, looked like a balm but were probably again some neutral tones of lipsticks).

It gave me courage to be more confident and to be myself EVEN MORE.

Sure, I got some looks, but I can assure you: nobody remembers the time I wore red lipstick. Only me. Because people remember things for max of 3 days. And then it goes away. And nobody cares. Only me, because it made me confident for more experimenting with my makeup.

After I wore it, it became a trend and lipsticks became more common thing.

I was someone that wore different eye makeup every time I got out. I always matched my makeup with my outfit. But after AAAALLLL of those insta photos that I was bombarded with and videos that were made of only WARM neutrals, I kind of forgot about the colorful looks that I used to do every time I wore different color on me. AND I BLAME THE SOCIAL MEDIA! OK, I’ll calm down now.

Just imagine how your social media is influencing you? I’m always reading that people want to experiment more with their makeup, but are afraid. And that does the social media influencers do? Add on to that fear with doing and promoting ONLY warm neutrals, basic, and minimal (but caked up) make up.

Instead of being yourself, you are pushed away inside back into the box, which is the opposite of what you need to do! 

Don’t be afraid to experiment (if I type „afraid“ with two „f“s again….. -.- ) and most of all, don’t be afraid (here it is with the both f’s again -.- ) to be yourself.

Let me try that again.

BE YOURSELF and don’t let social media, neighbor or anyone else discourage you or shove you in that box! 


I have so much to write about, but I think that’s enough for now. Nobody will read this anyway.  So I might as well stop here before I write a whole book about this 😀

I really would like to know what is your opinion about this. Comment and share your thoughts. Do you have the same feeling?


Have a nice one.. and remember to be yourself. 🙂