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Common denominator in the beauty dramas + Tati & many other breaking their silence

Common denominator in the beauty dramas + Tati & many other breaking their silence

It is a first time I am releasing two posts in one day.

Things about certain someone that is often called Voldemort (because of his malicious intentions and doings) are finally resurfacing. People finally got tired of his manipulations and oppression and went off. And when I write „went off“, oh boi did it went off. It started from the smaller channels and continued with Tati Westbrook.

If you aren’t familiar with the first thing, here it is – Someone can make your career. That same someone can also break it

It all starts to come together now. In every possible drama there is only one person that is always involved. Many have spoken, but we still give the the benefit of the doubt. Many smaller channels talked about this but it is something else when a big channel does it. It goes straight to the mainstream media. Although, mainstream media is often twisting the truth, just like they did with Jenna Marbles and her leaving, they have a reach – just like big youtubers have.

The silence is over and people are tired of being blackmailed.

It is just starting.

I read something interesting:
I really don’t think Tati is a snake. She has entirely too much to lose by saying what she’s said. Maybe she’s a bit too trusting or too naive. I can’t speak on the trauma she faced, and I don’t know how much of it factored into her decisions to now.

For people still trying to come on her and not to the other responsible master manipulator:

She’s only human. Her evident overall health declining speaks more than her words. She stated that in the end of the last year sat with James and apologized after he opened her eyes. There are many things we don’t see. If we nitpick every word we will miss the bigger picture.

People are calling out humans. When in reality, they do mistakes. Some of them take responsibility, some of them create fake evidence. Most of all, if you think all of them are full with drama, you clearly follow only them and most likely follow drama channels. Drama channels exist because people are watching them. There are so many small channels that have nothing to do with drama and only create all the time and nobody follows them because they lack just that essential thing – drama. SO, in part, people are to blame, not the creators.


And please stop comparing emotional health and how someones health is more important than someone else. I see many people involving BLM into this.

„That is how awareness and protesting works. Especially in a situation of petty useless drama when there’s more important things. And tati claims throughout that she is supporting and donating to BLM, but it contradicts with the fact that she’s deleting comments.“ 

You are wrong about this one. Protest where it is important. By coming for a woman that is clearly hurt, you are doing nobody a favor. If you think someones else health is useless, you are giving BLM a very bad name! Over the coarse of one year, she admitted that she lost weigh (as soon as I saw her it was evident), couldn’t get treatment about a subject that was hard for her and continued to decline with her emotional health. Granted, because of her video and someone elses manipulations James suffered a great deal but she admitted her mistake, took responsibility, apologized.

We do not need to spread more negativity towards them but to the master manipulator in this case! 


Have a nice one and don’t forget to do something good, however small it seems, it will seem big in others peoples eyes.
Antidote 😉
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Media milking the drama about YouTubers


Hy Readers

Up until 2-3 days ago, media didn’t care about YouTube and the drama surrounding it. It seems really hypocritical to care about them now when there are only bad things and incidents involved. Do people really care only about the bad things?

Where was this media writing about this people when they were doing some good things. They didn’t care! 

New York Times writing about some drama. E! news reporting on their news about this too. It is really interesting, especially because media didn’t care to write about these people and their good stuff up until they were involved in a drama and incidents so people really don’t know who they are writing about.

You have this HUGE audience, and instead of using it for good, you are using it to talk about only about the negative things! FOR CLICKS!

I could care less, but spreading only negative vibes and whet it is about bad things and ignoring everything good they’ve done only to get those clicks, that is not ok!

tati james.png

How do you feel about this?

Have a nice day,

and remember to do something good 🙂

The liking is over. The trolls are coming


Hi Readers 🙂

This topic is just too good to let go of. I mean, when there is something happening, it is only natural to be curious about it. Lately the beauty community was shaking over the Tati speaking up about James Charles. And with good reason. If you know to know more about the last fail that James Charles has done – Line up for the $500 ticket; James Charles did an oopsie  And if you want to know about the actual drama – Someone can make your career. That same someone can also break it.

There were the haters, the leechers, the memes and now we are getting to the trolling part. But by the time I post this, it will be all about Tati. It is already beginning. Of course she is going to be dragged. They are going to pick everybody, like it is expected form one person to sweep up the mess that is created over the years.

They say that she only calls them out when they’ve done something to her personally. Well I don’t see anyone else doing something about it, so why should she do that alone?

They expect one person to fix the „beauty community“ while everybody else is staying silent because was too afraid it will ruin relationships and are hypocrites? That is overreaching.

Also, YouTube has removed Tati’s video from the trending page. Doesn’t surprise me after PewDiePie being constantly removed from there. „Good job“ YouTube.

Please be civil about all of this. Bullying is not karma. 

Here is a tweet that I’ve come across and it actually has a good point:


If you want to read about this subject, please head over to – #KissAndMakeup anti-bullying campaign It may help.

As I said in THIS POST, I am in no way justifying his behavior, but there has to be limit.

Placing screenshots from a person that was only flerting with you, or just wanted to be sweet and polite afterwards because you rejected him and he didn’t know how to act, is not something you should tweet.
And only persons cheering that behavior is probably teenagers. As I saw the screenshots, he was only flirting. And in return he got screenshots. For what? To milk some attention out of it! NOT COOL!
There is nothing wrong with flirting. You could feel uncomfortable if you are not into it, but screenshots so you can milk some attention out of it…… NO!

People forgot how to interact and what is interaction. 


Bullying is not karma.png

Please remember this before go and attack someone you know only from the interneta dn feed to the cyber – bullying. Goes for James Charles AND for Tati.
Bullying is a serious subject! Don’t feed the monster that it is!

Have a nice one

Someone can make your career. That same someone can also break it


Hey Readers 🙂

I am not a gossip blog, neither was interested in the drama part of youtube. But some things are just too big to be left alone.

As the tiltle states, someone can make your career. But if you take it for granted and feel entitled? That same one can also break it.

Tati Westbrook is very well known and loved person on YouTube. It is funny how we focus on the bad, when we can focus on the good and writing this, I wanted to only mention her and write few words. But instead, I’m making a difference and making nice people the center of attention. Also, It is funny how we can think of so many unkind words but when it comes to compliments – we all look past them. So the focus on this post is: she has really pleasant voice, she is kind, understanding, smart and maybe more but from what is translated, as viewer – that is the summation. She has her own company – Halo Beauty. She knows how to compose a sentence without using the beauty slang and annoy half of the population 😀 OK, that was my lame attempt of a dad joke, but if you go on her channel, you can witness better ones 😀 Moving on…

She has such an impact and it is respected that with only one video, was able to stir up so much and make people think of their decisions.


I feel sorry for James Chalres at this moment because he is still a teenager that can’t handle everything that he is served with. I watched a video of him how lost he was on the red carpet of the Met Gala and even though he is the villain now, the immaturity got the best of him. It’s somewhat similar to a post that I wrote about bullying. If you care to read that – just click here and it will take you to that post #KissAndMakeup anti-bullying campaign. Here is an excerpt:

It’s possible that the anger that a bully contents is not towards those people and they are not the source to the „bullys“ problem. That „bully“ is a person too and is pouring and focusing his or her anger towards the wrong person. Living with all this technology is easier to become angry and to focus that anger towards wrong people and things.

I am in no way justifying his behavior, but am stating the possibilities. If fact, just 2 days ago I wrote about his events – Line up for the $500 ticket; James Charles did an oopsie. 

tati james c.png

This teaches us something very important: no matter how big you are – kindness always prevails!

Until my next blabber…

Remember to do something good.

Have a nice weekend 🙂

Line up for the $500 ticket; James Charles did an oopsie


Hi my Readers 🙂

This is a „delicate“ subject in the „beauty community“. Apart from me being fed up with all the drama, canceling and shadyness going on, being frank and stating honest opinions about anything enabled individuals to do whatever, and sometimes – not that nice.

Update: Tati speaks up about James Charles  – Someone can make your career. That same someone can also break it


Here it is: honesty.

When I have time, I watch interesting content on YouTube. A while ago, James Charles was coming up with some interesting ideas for videos. I wasn’t watching his content before, but I was intrigued now. I watched a few videos and I liked them. After that, I continued exploring other channels.

But, lately, something jumped up in my twitter feed: James Charles trowing something that will cost A LOT of money. At first, I thought this was just vultures over exaggerating things as usual. Boi was I wrong….. $500 for a ticket to something from someone that is actually something from everything but at the end – nothing in particular. I mean, makeup – artist? No (he is talented and self taught). Clothing designer? No. Singer? No. Especially because he doesn’t have a single song that is his. For what is he expecting people to buy this tickets? Even the least expensive one is way too much!

If you have read some of my content, you’d know how low the salaries in the country that I am coming from are. I mean, I cant even grasp that people are just buying $60 palettes without a as much as a blink of an eye(lid hehe). So this was even worst. I mean, even in well developed countries this amount is half, 2 thirds of a salary…

I can’t think of an excuse for this.

It’s all good, until it is way too expensive to afford a simple concerts to ACTUAL musicians. Is so bad that in comparison to the past, the prices to tickets has go so much that it is getting ridiculous.

I’m going to add some examples to tickets. Granted, these are without calculated inflation, but still. So many bands and quality in one place!



And if you google tickets from before this crazyness, you’ll see what I am writing about.

Those were my 2 – 3 thoughts. What are yours?

Have a nice one 🙂