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Instagram is down; a crisis


Today’s post is going to be about something different.

Two of the worlds largest social networks are down and seems like the world doesn’t know what to do. Panic is rised. The end is near. Internet apocalypse is peeking through.

At least it seems by all of the tweets I am seeing..

People don’t know what to do with themselves when there is no social media involved. Everyone is connected. Everything is connected. We don’t use physical thing anymore. Even board games are starting to be connected with apps.

How sad is this?

I’m always trying to spread awareness towards this addiction that are phones. People, babies and children used to grow up without phones and computers and now I’m seeing parent just giving phones to their children just to get them off of their heads. Meh forbid they pay attention to their child and push them towards the coloring books, actual toys or anything that doesn’t involve screen.

I’m was so shocked that many americans (not all, but many) don’t know a thing about history, theirs and others. They are judgmental when it comes to writing because are unaware that people can come from another country and their english is not their first language. They jump to conclusions and communicate only with emoticons (emotes). They don’t know a thing about Europe and think the everything is about America. They make a big dial when they see metric measurements, not knowing that imperial are used only in 3 countries and get so upset when they see metres and not feet. well, welcome to the world where all of the time the rest of the world is converting everything just to see what the hell are you talking about.

All of this is leading me to believe that the most common anxiety, panic attacks, introverts are like that because they are enabled. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that it is only because of that. But most of the cases I’ve seen, introverts are scrolling through facebook, not reading a book, learning something or doing something else.

Of course they wont get better over time with this behavior when they are not even trying to tone down with this obsession.

We live in a time where we need a really good motivation to leave the house, as oppose to few years back when we were out all of the time and didn’t need reason to get together with friends. It is alarming. All of that is causing this „new“ diseases to get out of control and the existent ones to get worse.

Domino, butterfly and every effect is shown throughout the years when it comes to diseases.


I can go on and on on this subject but is is best I leave some for some next time.

I would love to read your perspective on this subject. You can leave it in comments and we can chat.

I will end up with a really good tweet:

a thought of mine:

Instagram & facebook are down:

this looks like social experiment and it shows how dependent to social networks people are when it comes to entertaining themselves. It’s sad.


And something that made me laugh:


Source: https://www.stuff.co.nz

From extrovert to introvert to…how to beat the introvert in you


Modern days an technology something that we all need to think about how it is affecting our health. With simple click away, we stopped leaving our houses even for essential tasks like eating! If that is not concerning, I don’t know what is. The latest modern way of avoiding going out is stating „I am introvert“. Okay. And what are you doing about it? I know what I am writing here so stay with me.

Here is the explanation:

I, myself, used to be a person that had a day full of tasks. I barely had a time to sleep. That, for me, was perfect day. As I got disappointed about how my country is doing everything bad and squeezing out creative brains, I got discouraged. Started staying more at home and my tasks suddenly went down. Even if I had something to do, I didn’t wanted to do it as I knew nothing will change. That made me somewhat introvert. I didn’t wand interaction, especially with people that I know but I don’t really agree with them.

So, from someone that had perfect orating skills, made projects, appeared on many TV news about my projects, singer, violinist in orchestra and band member – I became someone that didn’t wanted to live the home.

One day, I decided to do something about that. I applied for intern in bank where constant interaction with people was a must. I applied for student visit in another country. I tried. I still think that my country is a killing the creative souls but at least I am trying to become myself again.

I’m here to tell you that it is a slow process but I believe you can manage to reverse or make it opposite of what it is by doing simple tasks.

Starter tips 🙂

In my last post I wrote about simple things and find useful posts from other bloggers that will help you with drinking more water on daily basis. Hydrating yourself is a start of a process to a going out as often as you can.

This other post about going out for simple tasks will help you go out more.

More simple tips and things 🙂

  • Go out for groceries. Don’t order over the phone.
  • Go out for 10min walk around the neighborhood. No internet. Only music.
  • Try to shop in stores, not online. Or at least window shop.
  • Visit something in your town that is interesting but you haven’t really thought about it.
  • Visit some picnic place. Further more, go out for picnic. Even by yourself. All you need is a book, or music.

Don’t allow yourself to sit on you couch every single day and evening. Make it a point to go out on a friday or saturday. Those are 2-3 hours of music that you like and possibly dancing allowing yourself to feel more free. And try not to be on your phone so much in those 2-3 hours. It will be hard at first but it is achievable.

For everything you want to write, comments are open. 🙂

Have a nice weekend!



YouTubeRewind 2018


Hi my Readers 🙂

Today’s topic is going to be a bit unusual.

I am more than certain that you know what YouTube is. And with that, I I more than sure that you watch videos on this platform.

YouTube Rewind is a project that started back in 2008 and sums up what has been watched the most. It represents videos and activities that are the most engaged with in the past year. The idea is really interesting and involves A LOT of creativity to recap the whole year in only circa 8 minutes.

But, since last year, it has been bad. I was so unamused by what they did and how they presented it.

This year’s video is another level of forced stuff. They flopped YouTubeRewind again. They started with the bad rewind last year, and continued the trend this year. I guess that’s what happens when creativity is controlled.
When I think about it, youtube has become so bad the past 2 years so is actually accurate.

Looking at the numbers, YouTubeRewind has never had such a bad ratio. YouTube, should listen to watchers. They are not happy with some of the decisions they have made.


Screen taken from YouTube


And this is only 3 hours after they posted the video.

After all, you can’t limit or force creativity. Or you might end up like this. 🙂



Also, I am hoping you have informed yourselves on the Article13 and #SaveTheInternet campaign. If you don’t know, it is European version of NetNeutrality only worse. So it is extremely important to inform yourselves and share this. None of the bigger corporations and media haven’t shared anything on this only because they benefit from it if it is voted for. Here is more on this topic: European version of NetNeutrality, only worse; no more blogging

Here are some reads (I found only few, surprise, surprise):


The CEO of YouTube herself is concerned and warns about this issue. She asks creators to „take action’ against EU copyright law“.

Have a nice one 😉

European version of NetNeutrality, only worse; no more blogging

European version of NetNeutrality, only worse; no more blogging

Hi my Readers

This post is going to be about really serious subject that is going to affect the Internet in whole on all of the continents, not only Europeans. Because if it is implemented on one continent, It can be easily implemented in all of the others.

Imagine your TV programs saying that they are showing a movie or a music video but instead you get this in mute:


This picture could be the internet if this continues.


You wonder why you still don’t know about the European version of  (only worse)? That is because big media and big stakeholders are not posting about Article13 for one reason only – it is in their interest. It is already voted for and it is expected to be finalized by the end of this year, IF IT IS NOT STOPPED. Big media and conglomerates will have the monopoly over what could be shared on the internet. That means:


  • no memes
  • no gifs
  • no freedom of speech
  • no blog posts too

And this could happen by 22 of January! This year!

„Every small company, creator, artist who make their own content won’t be able to upload their content anywhere because they don’t belong to big companies and big companies will only allow whatever suits their needs and whatever benefits them. so no fan art, original art etc.“

The lines of „what is copyrighted“ can be blurred to the point where you can’t even post a selfie if you have tattoo because the tattoo is copyrighted to the tattoo artist!

How will the blogosphere be affected?

Taking pictures of products means that those products are copyright affected and therefore your post could be banned.

How will the rest of the world be affected? 

Europe created content won’t be able to be viewed in USA and vice versa.

So, imagine how many of the traffic could be lost.

That means that if you live in USA, Canada, Africa, India, China, anywhere except Europe and you create something, people from Europe won’t be able to see it. And if this happens it is only question of time when this could happen to YOUR continent/country.

As Europe helped with  to USA, help European citizens to save their internet and   and spread the word because as I already wrote, big media haven’t made a single article about this.


Here is what you need to know about   




Even the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki  is concerned and warns about this issue. She asks creators to „take action’ against EU copyright law“.

Please inform yourselves and share and make people aware of this bizzare attempt of censorship.  


BIG content creators posting one video in two months and their subscribers hate

BIG content creators posting one video in two months and their subscribers hate

Hi my Readers 🙂

I’ve been writing a lot lately but I figured – since I’m having the place, I might as well write what I think 🙂

I’ve been watching YouTube since long time ago. I’m noticing that not only the algorithm, but also the content creators are faulty of some things.

play button

Here it is:

I get that not everyone is always feeling like creating content. I am one of those people – if I don’t have the energy – I might as well leave it and don’t create some bad content as opose to the days where I create even 7-8 posts at a time and at one sitting.

I’ve noticed that big names are getting so much hate and that is another drawback. I get bullies too – the don’t have enough attention in their life so they have to hide behind anonymity just to write bad things to others. I will never get non-constructive criticism and hate. What is the point of spreading hate when you can instead comment something nice and brighten someone’s day. Jealousy? Oh you poor jealous haters that can’t feel fulfilled with their own stuff so they have to bash other’s just to feel good. You must be really sad person.

So I get content creators.

Still, I blame the subscribers: why whine and criticize (hate is much appropriate) content creators when you can watch aaaaall of the other’s creators that really try and have 5000-50000 subscribers. I watch some content creators that post 2,3,5 or even 7 times a week and they don’t have enough credit for their work. I mean, life, but still. I get that people have favorites but just get over the fact that those don’t like to post for variety of reasons.

5 videos in 4 months while some post 5 videos in one week? Take a hint. And don’t hate! What is the point of hate? You feel bad, they feel bad, random reader feels bad and you achieve nothing.

Instead, exchange the time for hate for another content creator’s video.

There. I can write and write but this sums my long thoughts. But after all, nobody bothers to read anything but they still want their readers count to go up.

Newsflash: you are selfish and two-faced if you do this.

OK, I’m done with my rant.

Do something good today, read someone’s blog, watch some small youtuber’s video. 

Bye from Antidote 😉

Somehow I got blocked by a „famous“ beauty person

Somehow I got blocked by a „famous“ beauty person

Hi my Readers 🙂

Yesterday I was scrolling through my tweets and noticed something: from all the beauty persons that I follow, there was one’s posts that I haven’t seen for a while. I clicked on the profile and gave me message that that person blocked me.

From all the things in the world, there are few that I can tell for sure that I am – politically correct, fair and considerate. Especially when it is about some subject on the internet. And always advocate about being correct towards everyone.

I respect everyone. So imagine the shock when I see someone that doesn’t even know me – blocked me.

Then remembered that once posted a link from a magazine that featured this beauty person and tagged the person. I thought that this person hasn’t seen the post and that is why I tagged it because was being supportive of someone else’s work. And now I can assume that that is the reason that I got blocked. Why? I have no idea since the post only contained the link and smiley face.

I know that everyone is surrounded by rumors and drama but I tend to stay out of it since I don’t know this people in real life. But after this, I got confirmation that the thing that are said are not only rumors.

Why should you bother to block someone that don’t mean you harm? You seek to be equally and rightfully treated on the internet by everyone, but here you go and do the exact opposite of what you preach.

Just wonder what would’ve happen if I actually wrote critically (not insulting!, just something constructive) towards the work of this person, because, of course everyone accepts only good words, not constructive criticism. Of course everyone is right especially when they reach some number of followers.

Not going to revile the name of this person because knowing how shallow brain works, it could come out as a way of promoting my blog. And to that I would say: what blog? This one? That I wrote on so rare and I write because I really like this not like you – doing it just for the money?
But, luckily I’m about to avoid that.

I was just surprised by being blocked by someone that claims to be something that it is not. I am not affected in any other way. But this person surely lost someone that was supportive. I’m sure that this was done to someone else and I’m here to write that not everyone deserves our time.


Beauty and the „community“….


I am interested about your opinion on this subjects. Comments are always welcome 🙂


Have a good start of the week,

Antidote 🙂

If you thought your neighbors are bad…

If you thought your neighbors are bad…

You think there are some bad neighbors out there? Wrong! There are some really bad, worse that you can imagine neighborsmine!


I didn’t have internet for 2 months because my neighbors didn’t wanted me to have. And get this – when they wanted to do any changes and to have internet – I WAS THERE FOR THEM AND I GAVE MY PERMISSION! I was so mad for 2 months for that. And it came in really bad moment because many bad things has happened around me including some deaths. My grandmother that because of very bad medical care in my country me and my family had to take care of her and get this – she used to be nurse right then when the hospital in my town was setting its base. For her not to have proper care was very disappointing. And I found that she has pains in her leg when I went to give her cake for my Birthday. And get this – the medical team that came to check her said that the pains were because of cold, and the reality was that she broke a bone. The incompetence….  Aunt that I really cared for (she loved cats, just like me) died young. The dog in my neighborhood that I was caring for was poisoned. My cat, the nicest and the smartest cat was driven over and died and later that day found out about my grandma. Some other bad things happened and I wasn’t able to distract myself with the content on internet, not even post on my blog.


Enough about bad stuff, I had more than enough.


The next post will be about more relaxing stuff but I had to write all of this down as a therapeutic way and to give you the “why” I was not on the blog for so long.

Here is one picture from the cat that I really miss. There will be more….