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I wannna wear makeup.

I wanna wear lipstick without smearing it off of the mask.

I wanna wear dresses and skirts.

I wanna drink bear in the club.

I wanna dance.

I wanna sing from the top of my lungs to a song that I like that some band plays.

I wanna sing in a band.

I wanna band that makes songs.

I wanna go to the sea.

I wanna swim in the sea.

I wanna walk on the crisp stones on the beach.

I wanna walk the heavy sand on the shore.

I wanna feel the salt from the sea on my mouth.

I wanna sing with my friends.

I wanna see my friends that live in every possible country.

I wanna live in another country.

I wanna enjoy my life, not survive it.

I wanna surround myself with people with different views.

I wanna learn from other people.

I wanna embrace people’s differences.

I wanna food, clean water for everyone.

I want the sun fo cover everyone equally.

I wanna peace for everyone.

I wanna inner peace for everyone.

I wanna…..


Writing and expressing


Lately, I really wanted to write, but I’m having hart time finding the inspiration. So, apparently, I am making inspiration up.

I used to enjoy writing very much. Used to be really good and wrote interesting short stories. And my style was (and still) is good. Was even published in one of the local newspapers. It was when for a short period of time I didn’t have internet at home and went to an internet cafe to send it to the newspaper. And they published it. I got a lot of attention from my teachers and people were stopping me on the street to express their gratitude that someone picked an interesting subject to be the center of attention.

I got many of my stories shut down with many domains taken down because of lack of funding. I had few of them on a fb profile that now is locked. I had many on a forum. But al of them are not available to me anymore and I think that discouraged me to make more of them. I am especially sorry for one of them and got a lot of attention from many people.

I thing that is the reason why I choose to write about a (for me) distracting and not that important thing – like this blog.

I miss creativity. A lot! The current situation with my creativity is limited to my clothing that I don’t have place to wear it – even before the world shut down. I really want to express my inner spark through my creativity but from day to day that is looking more and more impossible because some peoples minds are very limited and „outside the box“ is less and less appreciated. After a while, living in a place that appreciates nothing except sheeps that are taken to a voting poll and poltroons that exist only for politics and to get by. I am very offended by that! And it is really taking toll on my health. Because:  what is creative soul without a place to express it!

A photo taken from me right before the world stopped with absolutely no filters:

nature tree sky

Happy Spring Equinox and International Day Of Happiness

Happy Spring Equinox and International Day Of Happiness

And did I make a pause…

Well, it is what it is and when I am back, I hit my blog with few posts in a row, and this time won’t be different 😀 I still like to read your post and thoughts so I’ve been doing that even though I wasn’t posting a lot lately.

Hi my Readers 🙂

I couldn’t post anything because I had computer malfunction..again. Now I bought the part in question but the problem with my monitor flickering is gone. Imagine that, right when I bought the extra part. But I think that the problem is the bad electricity. This is the case in the last few years since 2 giant corporations got together and merged their „forces“ to become one big of problem one hell of a pocket pickers with horrible product. Since that happened, most of my electric apparel has gone with at least one defect, had replaced the power supply for my PC 3 times, and don’t even get me started on the light bulbs that are exploding out of nothing and the times glass has hit me near to my eyes while I was turning my table lamp on. Two of my light bulbs exploded yesterday. Not fun.


But, enough about my hazardous electricity and let’s get started about something that is happening today. Today is the spring equinox and is International Day Of Happiness.


Happy Spring Equinox Day! 🙂

Let’s celebrate the first day of spring and spread the happiness with some good spring photos. It’s International Day Of Happiness!

In that name, I am sharing this photo with you so you can grab some of this sun beaming even if it’s pouring buckets where you live. Where I live the sun is shining but is too cold for some outdoor activities. But at least I have this photo from few days ago to share it with you. 🙂

spring in blossommm

On this day I dare you to be happy!

Have a nice day 🙂 

Regards from Antidote 😉

29 – th of February

29 – th of February

Hi my Reader 🙂

29-th of February only happens once in 4 years. And only happens once in 4 years that I get to call it “one whole month after my Birthday” 😀 Also, it is my 20th post 🙂
I really wanted to make it memorable and make a post, but instead of making a beauty post (that I really didn’t have time to do because my PC was getting some pimping 😀 ), I decided to go with this picture of the sky that I took few days ago. Scarlet sky with blooming almonds in the shadows. I hope that you are having a wonderful day.


Scarlet sky, almond in bloom

Remember to do something good.

Stay positive 🙂

Regards, Antidote 😉