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They sold me expired vitamins

They sold me expired vitamins

Hi my Readers 🙂

I am currently traveling and because I will be doing that for long amount of time, I prepared. (YES – and I didn’t have internet for a long time so this is written so long ago but the topic is still relevant so I decided to post it anyways).  Last year I was definitely more prepared but this time I forgot so many things because I was little bit hectic and chaotic.

Last year I packed a regular size backpack and forgot nothing, and this year I had extra bag and forgot actually important things.

One of those things was magnesium. I use magnesium for the muscles when I am active for a long time.

I went from another country’s airport and decided to travel through the terminals to get magnesium from their pharmacy. And I did that. Except, they sold me 2 boxes of magnesium without even mentioning that they expire in one week. I’m not sure about the law and if they are obligated to tell but one week and they let me buy 2 boxes knowing that I am in an airport and am actually traveling so I won’t be able to return them. Not cool!

And I actually asked them to recommend a good one because they didn’t have chart on the boxes about how much magnesium they had.

What do you think about this behavior? Do you know if your country is obligated to tell about the expiration date or return them when they reach the point where you don’t have enough time to use them up?

Leave some thoughts if you feel like venting on this subject.

Have a nice one.