Essence eyeliner comparison

Essence eyeliner comparison

Hi my readers 🙂

Recently I bought the new version of the Essence eyeliner. Before I used the regular version, after that I used the waterproof and now the new one. I didn’t see much of a difference between the regular and the waterproof and plus I bought them in Germany, the origin of this brand. This last one however, I am noticing very big difference.

Essence liquid ink waterproof eyeliner with soft bristle does not stay as long, disappears on the parts where my skin touches and the rest of it crumbles very easy. Tried it over eyeshadow and without shadow and the result is the same.
The previous one stayed better than this one. I don’t know if there is something to do with the country I bought it from but it is possible since there are many differences with many products.

The previous had has bristle wand and was thicker but there wasn’t a problem when I was creating a precise wing.

The new version has soft and thinner bristle. No problem when it comes to applying it but like previous stated, it does not have the same longevity.

I still have the previous ones just in case I reuse the wands and I guess I am actually going to but for applying and after that I will reuse it for nail art.

To top it all off, the old version had 4ml and the new version has 3ml and it is the same price.

Few pictures of the wand and some swatches:

Just a week ago I bought the felt tip one and after several uses I will write about those too.

Have you tried this one and have you tried the previous versions for comparison?

Wishing you a great end of the weekend 🙂
Antidote 😉


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