CD Granatapfel Deo Roll-On

CD Granatapfel Deo Roll-On

Hi my Readers 🙂

Deodorants are not something that I am using without thinking about all the ingredients in them. For some time now I am trying to be careful of what I am using and only use „something stronger“ when I need to. In my country, there aren’t many available options and when I want to order online there are many deodorants that are too expensive so if I end up not using them, it is pointless to give so much money + shipping.

Recently I traveled to another country and there I bought an option that seemed ok for me. I used to use their deo-stick that was actually very good, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it anywhere so it seems to me that is discontinued. Knowing that that was good for me, I bought the CD Granatapfel Deo Roll-On. It smells fruity (although not my best preference for a roll-on).

I hoped this one will be somewhat good but that was not the case. It lasted only about an hour until I notice that I have to reapply so I felt very insecure about it. I tried drying it completely and then apply another layer but that didn’t work either. So when I went shopping, that experience was very unpleasant for me. Even going out was a problem since I had to reapply it a lot, and also is not the best feeling when you have to reapply but it is roll on.

At least it didn’t stained my clothes (I usually wear dark clothes).

I do not recommend this roll on for summer. Maybe for the winter it will be better but since I traveled, I threw it away so there is no way to find out.

Have you tried it? And if you have, what is your opinion on it?

Have a nice one



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