Matcha Latte – DM’s matcha latte

Matcha Latte – DM’s matcha latte

Hi my Readers đŸ™‚

For a while I wanted to try how does a matcha taste. I imagined it would be a lot like other leavy things taste like but it became so popular for a while, that I decided to try it.
Living where I live, not many options were available. Even the ones that were – weren’t trustworthy. For a while I have forgotten about the idea of matcha and matcha latte but one day I was looking through the food section in DM and saw this.

GrĂ¼ner tee matcha latte contains 6 packets of 12 grams of mixed powders.

The ingredients are listed as:

And the outside of the packaging looks like this


It tastes more like green tea but with touches of artificial milk. It contains sugar so if you like sugar, you have full thing that you can take away with you to work, travelling or just to keep it with you just in case.

I personally prefer if this things do not contain sugar because that way I can choose for myself whether I want to add it or not.

Do you drink matcha or have you tried matcha latte? I would like to compare the experiences and if it is better to try it raw (I think that raw is always better).

Until the next time

Have a nice start of the week and remember to do something good today đŸ™‚



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