Media milking the drama about YouTubers


Hy Readers

Up until 2-3 days ago, media didn’t care about YouTube and the drama surrounding it. It seems really hypocritical to care about them now when there are only bad things and incidents involved. Do people really care only about the bad things?

Where was this media writing about this people when they were doing some good things. They didn’t care! 

New York Times writing about some drama. E! news reporting on their news about this too. It is really interesting, especially because media didn’t care to write about these people and their good stuff up until they were involved in a drama and incidents so people really don’t know who they are writing about.

You have this HUGE audience, and instead of using it for good, you are using it to talk about only about the negative things! FOR CLICKS!

I could care less, but spreading only negative vibes and whet it is about bad things and ignoring everything good they’ve done only to get those clicks, that is not ok!

tati james.png

How do you feel about this?

Have a nice day,

and remember to do something good 🙂

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